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How to watch MLB on Kodi

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and with the 2017 MLB season already taking place, millions of fans are focused on making sure that they don’t miss any game. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can rely on Kodi to follow all the action of the Major…

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Usenet vs VPN

Usenet is a reliable technology that allows you to download data safely. However, for around the same price of a Usenet subscription, you can get a VPN to secure not only your torrent downloads but also your browsing activities, your online conversations and all your internet traffic. VPN services provide a convenient tunneling system that…

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How to turn your Mac into a VPN secured WiFi router

Security and privacy can’t be taken for granted, particularly when you are connected to the internet. In order to enhance the security of your online activities, using a VPN is the most practical solution. You can subscribe to a VPN service from a reliable provider. This solution will keep your internet connection safer and most…

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Best VPN with ad blocking

There are multiple threats that could compromise your privacy when you connect to the internet. Everyday we face new dangers and we are now aware that the safety and anonymity that we once thought that internet could offer, were nothing but an illusion. However, quitting internet for good is not the option given all the…

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Best NYAA alternatives to download Anime was the preferred torrent source for anime fans, but unfortunately it was taken down recently. Even if you try to access the subdomains like and, you will come across and error as these have also been shut down. Thankfully, there are other options available that will allow users to continue enjoying their…

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How to unblock Torlock

In spite of numerous attempts to crack down on Torrent websites, millions of users around the world still relying on this solution to access media content. Although not all the content available on these websites is subject to copyright, the vast majority of it consists of movies recently released and TV shows that are currently…

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How to watch TVB online from outside Hong Kong

One of the most popular commercial TV stations in Hong Kong is TVB, which stands for Television Broadcasting Limited. The company is known for creating a wide range of programs in Cantonese and its exclusive productions are enjoyed by a large audience in Hong Kong. TVB launches new series regularly and it also offers the…

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Usenet Vs Torrent

Transferring a large amount of data is not an easy task and it can involve a lot of time, as well as some security issues. However, the process was made easier with the appearance of Torrent and Usenet technologies. Both solutions offer great advantages, as well as their own downsides. In order to know which…

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