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Best VPN for Minecraft

Simple and yet highly addictive, Minecraft has become a legendary title in the video game industry. Minecraft is a sandbox game, where players create their own experience by building and changing the world around them as they wish. There are no set rules or goals, so you can play following your own imagination. There are…

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Best VPN for Tapjoy

There are different ways to make money online or to earn cool rewards thanks to marketing strategies that focus on taking advantage of the communication and entertainment power of internet. Created in 2007, Tapjoy is a mobile advertising solution that gives users the possibility to discover new apps and earn rewards. With Tapjoy, app developers…

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Best VPN for Funimation

We previously covered the best VPN services for Crunchyroll, a very cool streaming service that caters for anime fans. Now we will talk about Funimation, another fantastic option to watch popular anime series and movies online. Founded in 1994, Funimation is a US-based streaming and distribution platform dedicated to bring top anime titles from some…

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Best VPN for Hotstar

While Hollywood produces a large amount of movies each year, it is likely that Bollywood, its Indian counterpart, takes the lead in movie production. It is estimated that at least 1000 movies are produced in India every year and their popularity is growing outside the country. Many movie theaters across the world give audiences the…

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Best VPN for VUDU

Vudu is a streaming platform owned by retail giant Walmart, which operates in the United States. The service offers a wide selection of content, including the latest episodes of some of the most popular TV series. VUDU’s catalog also features blockbusters and successful independent movies that have been just released on DVD. One of the…

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Best VPN for Ace Stream

Ace Stream is an advanced media platform that will allow you to access a large selection of content available on internet. It aims to provide a high quality streaming experience for broadcasts, shows and storage of music and video content. The software features different features that will suit everyday users, as well as those who…

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WiFi hotspots are notorious for being hotbeds of illicit activity, especially for carrying out attacks by hackers. Without the proper security software, you could be setting yourself up for a huge fall, and playing right into a hacker’s trap. So the next time you settle down in a cozy coffee shop and log into the…

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The Best VPNs for OpenVPN

OpenVPN is an incredibly popular connection protocols among leading VPN services. However, there are still a rare few providers that, for whatever reason, don’t offer OpenVPN connections. Personally, I view the lack of OpenVPN service as a red flag, because almost every competent and quality provider uses it. One of the reasons OpenVPN is so…

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