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Powerful Keylogger Targeting Skype and Webcams to Steal Passwords

One keylogger known as iSpy has been in the last few months under close monitoring after researchers noticed that the keylogger was under demand on the Dark Web. The keylogger is being sold at just a mere $25 to $35 probably the reason why it is on demand. However the main reason that the keylogger…

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Krebs on Security Website Faces DDoS attacks Which Take Down Whole Server

Even security researchers do face difficulties with the cyber attackers they do research on. Last week, popular security researcher, Brian Krebs had his website, Brian Krebs On Security hit with some record cyber attacks which led to the website going offline. Thankfully, for Krebs, everything did eventually turn out good after he got help from…

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Apple mistakenly weakens backups on iTunes with iOS 10

Apple has improved the user experience on its Apple devices through their recent iOS 10 updates, but it’s not all rosy. The tech giant mistakenly introduced a flaw in the new iOS 10 update which made it easier for the password crackers to use brute force methods to get data backed up on iTunes. Apple…

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Deciphering who hacked Yahoo, Russia or China?

Yahoo recently disclosed that they were victims of a hack that happened back in 2014 which resulted in close to 500 million accounts being compromised. The company also claimed that the hack was state sponsored which has raised questions of which country targeted them. The usual suspects when it comes to state sponsored hacking such…

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VPN vs. Proxy vs. Smart DNS – How do they differ?

Many beginners get confused when comparing understand proxy servers and VPNs for the purpose of masking or changing one’s IP to a different location. Both can be used to bypass geo-restrictions on content and websites from countries where certain services are blocked. In turn, the two are sometimes misidentified as being the same, which is quite wrong.…

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New law will make it legal to hack any car in the US

Cybersecurity experts have been saying that the modern car should not be car with a computer in it, and their fears are shown through by the hackers who constantly try to hack the cars software, and doing other various things such as shutting off engines, tracking riders and also disabling brakes. However, the issue of…

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iPhone unlocked with $100 worth kit, throwing egg in FBIs face

One computer scientist from Cambridge University may have showed that the FBI might have paid in excess to unlock the iPhone of Syed Farook, the San Bernardino shooter, after he managed to bypass the passcode with only store bought kits which had cost him $100. Using a technique known as NAND mirroring in tech circles,…

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UK banks at risk of data stealing Qadars Trojan

A Trojan that has been on the market for close to three years now and believed to have been built by Russian cybercriminals is now targeting most of the UK banks. The Trojan’s name is Qadar, and it is believed to have been around since 2013. According to researched data, the trojan seems to have…

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