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$3 million raises by HYPR to protect user biometric data from hackers

There has been a lot of hacks and breaches over the past few months that it is hard to count how many there have been. Hackers have been getting user data that they use to login to their accounts and that has been increasing lately. Luckily, there has been always measures you can put when…

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New malware about elections wants you to pay $50 to be able to vote

A bogus computer scam which charges interested parties to pay $50 to be able to vote in the upcoming US election has been dong the rounds lately and frankly, it’s insane. The campaign is falsely being promoted under the CIA name and it is being dubbed the ‘Official CIA Election AntiCheat Control’. The security team,…

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ATM Malware: Millions of Debit Cards blocked by State Bank of India

Debit card holders for the State Bank of India have reported that they noticed that their cards had been blocked even though they had done nothing wrong at all. Apparently, the card blocking exercise had been done as part of the biggest card blocking and reissuing mandate which was put forward by the State Bank…

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The Adult Friend Finder service has been hacked again

The online hookup website, Adult FriendFinder might have faced another hack again. One hacker known as Revolver or rather 1×0123 said that he had been able to breach the website and managed to post some two screenshots which also showed that he might had some access to some of the areas infrastructure of the website.…

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Chinese Hackers Target European Drone Maker, Energy Firm

A cyber attacker who has been making an advanced persistent threat on one European drone maker has been spotted and is believed to be based in China. The cyber attacker is also believed to have been going against a subsidiary of a French energy management company. ThreatConnect, a threat intelligence firm managed to analyze the…

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Republican donor website took their information as it was affected by malware for six months

Hacking attempts at anything election related has been on the rise lately as the race to the November 8 election starts to heat up. During the final stretch of the election run now, many more leaks and hacks to the campaigns are being revealed and now another one affecting the Republican party has been unearthed.…

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492 ATMs Have Been Attacked in the First Half Of 2016

It’s not only malware that can be used against the physical hardware even though when it’s loaded with so much sophisticated software. Sometimes, for criminals, the best way to get what they need they resort to physical methods. Call them old school tactics if you will. Reports coming out of Europe show that several ATMs…

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Facebook Bug Bounty Program has seen the company pay out $5 million in bounty

It’s been five years since the launch of the bug bounty program at Facebook and the company has revealed some statistics of the program since its inception. The social media network said that they had paid about $5 million dollars as rewards to various white hat hackers who have helped them uncover some vulnerabilities in…

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