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Google login page is now at risk of being used for phishing attacks

A fault in the Google login page was recently discovered which could allow hackers to steal users’ login data from the login page. Apparently, Google is not even slightly worried about fixing the problem. Aidan Woods, the security researcher who made the discovery, wrote on his personal blog that when he discovered the bug, he…

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Defcon experts say that future cars will definitely be hacked

The use of the Internet on cars has seen some increasing worry about hacking of cars. The area has been of concern to the FBI and one state, Michigan, has already put measures to counter any hacking attempts on cars. Now, a report by some of the experts at the hacking who were at the…

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Website Security Testing Tool Launched by Mozilla

Mozilla has launched a free website security testing tool which will allow developers and admins to find out if they are indeed using their tools to their full potential. A free website security testing tool has been made available by Mozilla which allows website developers as well as administrators to find out if they are…

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New Vulnerability found in Medical Device Tech could make Hackers Rich

A unique and surprising course of action has been taken by a cybersecurity company on finding serious vulnerabilities in medical device tech. Ethical hacking as a practise proves to be beneficial for those involved quite frequently. It allows the vulnerable companies to address the sensitive issues and the hackers to receive credit for discovering the…

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New Android Malware Discovered that Leverages Twitter Account

A new Android Malware, called Twitoor, has been discovered, which uses a Twitter account for command and control. A new Android malware has been detected that uses a Twitter account in place of a traditional command-and-control (C&C) server to control the victimized devices. The malware has been named Twitoor by Lukas Stefanko, the ESET malware…

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19 percent of retail shoppers would abandon a hacked retailer

A recently conducted survey showed that at least 19 percent of shoppers would be willing to leave a retail shop solely because they have been a victim of a cyber hack. The survey which was named the 2016 KPMG Consumer Loss Barometer report actually surveyed about 448 people all from the United States, and it…

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Almost a Year on, Millions of Android Devices Still Vulnerable to Stagefright

The researcher who discovered Stagefright last year has revealed that even a year later and with all the attention that the vulnerability attracted, millions of Android devices are still vulnerable to it. Joshua Drake discovered the Android Stagefright vulnerability last year, revealing how Android devices were susceptible to a remote attack that could allow the…

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New OS X Malware Found by Malwarebytes can easily fool ignorant users

A new OS X malware has been reported by Malwarebytes that can easily fool ignorant users into visiting a fraudulent website and downloading fake software on their Mac. Mac users are no longer under the illusion that their MacBooks are immune to virus and malware. However, many Mac users are not as careful and vigilant…

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