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How to share unlimited 4G data with your router

Over the last year, unlimited 4G plans have become easier to find, at least in the United States. Wireless carriers are understanding that people are more interested than ever in getting the best value for money. This is why, the option of using 4G unlimited data for your home online connection sounds very appealing. It…

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Nowadays, watching television shows are no longer limited to television sets. With the rise of internet and technology, comes the comfort and the accessibility of being able to watch movies, TV shows and the like on your PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc. through online viewing. A popular and well-known website, the Couchtuner is where…

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Many people wonder if a VPN uses data and also, if it is possible to use a VPN to get around data caps. It can be difficult to understand how data usage works, but here, we will try to clarify things and help you to get an answer to the most common questions regarding VPNs…

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NordVPN vs TorGuard

Years ago, the idea of being spied on by the government or large corporations sounding far fetched and those who were concerned about being under surveillance were seen as paranoid. However, we know now that government organizations and major companies do indeed monitor our communications and online activities. That is not all, cyber criminals are…

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Staying focused on your studies is important, but everybody needs a little break from time to time. If you are feeling overwhelmed after a long lecture, or need to relax a bit after a stressful exam, watching your favorite movie or a good movie can be the best choice. With a Netflix subscription, you can…

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Most of the top sporting events are only available through premium channels, but live streaming options offer a convenient alternative for those who have decided to cut the cord. Kodi is perfect for fans who want to enjoy exclusive matches, major competitions, the most anticipated fights and any events taking place in the world of…

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FTP Backups on DD-WRT

In order to avoid loss of important data, Backups are essential and while there are different methods available, there is still a risk of losing work documents or valuable personal files, if the necessary steps are not taken. For instance, you may create backups on a local drive but that may not be enough to…

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TOR over VPN vs VPN over TOR: Which one is better?

If you are a privacy conscious internet user, you are probably familiar with TOR and VPN services, but did you know that it is possible to combine these two technologies? There are two main ways in which it is possible to use The Onion Router and a VPN together: TOR over VPN and VPN over…

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