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Is SportsDevil Safe and Legal?

Kodi users who love sports and want to witness all the action of the biggest tournaments, championships and special events, can rely on SportsDevil, an add-on that offers access to an incredible selection of live streams of NFL, NHL, UFC, MLB, NBA and all major sports leagues. With SportsDevil, you will be able to watch…

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Best VPN for BobbyHD

After a hard day at work or school, many of us just want to relax watching a good movie or catching up with the latest episodes of out favorite TV shows. This can also be a good plan during the weekend when the weather is not great and you don’t feel like going out. In…

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Update: AlwaysVPN is still offering services for existing customers, but currently they are not accepting new orders. Many internet users around the world understand the importance of security and the demand for technologies that protect our online data is growing. As a result, there is a healthy offer of options designed to help you to…

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Cartoon Crazy Kodi addon: Is it legal and safe?

There are many channels focused on offering entertainment for kids, but if you don’t have a cable or satellite TV subscription, you may need to spend some time looking for good quality options that are available online. Since Kodi is a popular solution for cord-cutters, it is likely that you want to use an addon…

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If you love sports, you probably don’t want to miss any game or competition. The problem is that sometimes you are not near a TV or you can’t find a channel that broadcasts the event. Thanks to the internet, sports fans have access to a wider selection of options to ensure that they don’t miss…

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How to get low rates on Skype using a VPN

While new options have made their way into the market over the years, Skype is still the most popular VoIP solution in the world. It supports over 40 languages and it works with multiple devices and platforms. Skype supports high quality voice calls, video chat, file sharing and text messaging. In addition, Skype lets you…

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You have probably heard about ports in the context of computer networking before, but may not be sure about what they are or how they work. Let’s start by saying that a port acts as a communication endpoint for every specific application or process. Only one process can be linked to a specific combination of…

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How to watch Netflix in China using a VPN

Netflix is the leading premium streaming solution in the world thanks to its varied library of content and the fact that it is available pretty much everywhere. In 2016, Netflix launched its service globally, offering people in most countries, the chance to access the service. However, there are a few places where you won’t be…

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