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How to Encrypt Folders in Windows 10?

Security is one of the most important factors that one has to consider whenever surfing the net or even just plainly using office, school or home laptop and PC. Aside from that, it is also important to ensure that your kids will not be able to see nor access things that they should not be…

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How to Unblock Instagram using a VPN

Instagram demonstrates that a picture is worth a thousand words as this popular app offers a platform where users can upload their photos and videos. The images available cover an extensive selection of subjects. You can fin anything on Instagram, from architecture gems to photos showing what people ate for lunch. Instagram users can gain…

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Best VPN for Free Internet

Online freedom is threatened every day as government agencies, large corporations, media services and local networks place restrictions on the content that we can get access to. Censorship and geo-blocks prevent internet users from enjoying all the content that they want, and the problem is not only affecting those who live in countries where oppressive…

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How to Watch Cobra Kai Season 2 Online

Cobra Kai season 1 has been a huge success with its numerous viewers. With it making a noise and with it being talked about, many are starting to become more and more curious. Now that Cobra Kai is on its second season, everyone is on their toes just to watch its episodes as soon as…

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Best VPN for Shanghai

Online freedom is not a right that people in China can enjoy, due to the heavy restrictions implemented by the government. The Great Firewall is known all over the world as a synonym of censorship and strict control over the internet. Although due to the restrictions applied by Chinese Authorities, there are many websites blocked…

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How to watch Whyte vs Rivas live online

Professional boxing has a lot of following around the world, with names like Oscar Rivas and Dillan Whyte gaining notoriety for their powerful moves and winning punches. This is why a fight of these two champions gathers a lot of attention. All eyes would be on the heavyweight professional boxing match held in London, United…

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How to fix Apex Legends Lag

Apex Legends is still quite new, but it has already earned fans around the globe. This game created by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts is a welcomed addition to the gaming industry thanks to its wonderful combination of unique characters, epic battles and the variety of options to explore. Apex Legends is available…

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Best VPN for Mubi

There are so many online entertainment options available nowadays that it can be difficult to decide what to watch. You could end up spending more time trying to choose a movie or a TV series to watch, than actually watching one. This is when a solution like Mubi can help. is designed to help…

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