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Most of the top sporting events are only available through premium channels, but live streaming options offer a convenient alternative for those who have decided to cut the cord. Kodi is perfect for fans who want to enjoy exclusive matches, major competitions, the most anticipated fights and any events taking place in the world of…

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FTP Backups on DD-WRT

In order to avoid loss of important data, Backups are essential and while there are different methods available, there is still a risk of losing work documents or valuable personal files, if the necessary steps are not taken. For instance, you may create backups on a local drive but that may not be enough to…

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TOR over VPN vs VPN over TOR: Which one is better?

If you are a privacy conscious internet user, you are probably familiar with TOR and VPN services, but did you know that it is possible to combine these two technologies? There are two main ways in which it is possible to use The Onion Router and a VPN together: TOR over VPN and VPN over…

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Better Call Saul is a successful spin-off of the legendary TV series Breaking Bad. In 2015, Better Call Saul premiered in Netflix and it became an instant hit among Breaking Bad fans, and it also attracted the attention of those who didn’t watch the original series. The story focuses on the transformation of Jimmy McGill,…

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Kodi continues growing in popularity and functionality. This impressive media player works as a comprehensive entertainment center with thousands of add-ons that offer the chance to access a fantastic variety of content. You can enjoy Kodi and discover its benefits on your computer, tablet, Smart TV or smartphone. In order to ensure that you get…

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How to become untraceable online

Online safety means more than just adjusting the security and privacy settings of your Facebook account, clearing cookies or deleting your browsing history. While these basic measures to protect yourself are still valid, there are other things that you need to do in order to ensure that your information is truly safe. The truth is…

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ExpressVPN and NordVPN are both leading names in the VPN industry and they are regularly featured in lists that focus on the best providers available. These popular VPN services are known for their high quality, but there is one that gets ahead in terms of speed, security and value for money. We will go through…

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How to Install AdryanList Kodi Addon

AdryanList is a popular Kodi Live IPTV addon that is specialized in streams in Spanish, although you can also find options in English. There are many sections available that allow you to enjoy a variety of content. It is particularly good for sports fans since it supports access to crucial events, matches and news that…

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