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How to access Napster from any location

unblock napsterBack in 1999, when Napster was launched, it caused a massive stir in the music industry. It was a groundbreaking P2P file sharing internet with a focus on offering music in digital format and for free. At the time, Napster faced opposition from bands, music executives and anyone who was concerned about copyright infringement. Over time, the service was unable to continue operating, but it was eventually acquired by Roxio and re-launched as an online music store. Later, Napster became the new game of Rhapsody and it was transformed into a on-demand music platform that gives subscribers access to over 40 millions of songs. There are many chances to discover music, through two paid plans: Premier and unRadio.

unRadio is the cheapest option and it works a personalized radio service based on your favorite song or artist. You get unlimited skips and can enjoy music with high quality and without ads for $4.99 per month. Napster unRadio also lets you download up to 25 songs so that you can listen to them offline and it offers a 14-day free trial. Napster Premier costs $9.99 per month and it lets you download all the songs that you want. It also offers an ad-free experience and a personalized listening experience based on your favorite music. You can also skip as many times as you want and get access to any song in the catalog. Napster Premier also lets connect with friends and other users with similar music taste.

You can listen to music via Napster on your computer, home audio devices and also on your mobile devices since Napster offers excellent apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Napster has an extensive list of devices supported and it offers an incredible selection of music. However, when it is limited when it comes to availability and at the moment, it is only possible to access the service in 32 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. Although this covers several major markets in different regions of the world, there are still many countries missing. If you try to access Napster from a location that is not supported at the moment you will get an error message.

How to access Napster from anywhere

Unless you are in one of the 32 countries that are currently supported, you will get an error message when you try to stream music on Napster. The message will simply let you know that Napster is not available in that location yet. While Napster plans to expand to other countries, many music fans don’t want to wait until the service becomes available in their location. Thankfully for them, there is a solution to defeat the geographical restrictions and stream music on Napster from anywhere. You can unblock Napster from any country with the help of a VPN service. All you need to do is to connect to a VPN server in a country where Napster is currently available. Let’s say that you are in Slovenia, one of the countries that is not currently in the list. In that case, you can simply connect to a server in Italy, for example, since this is one of the locations supporter by Napster.

With a VPN, you can overcome blocks and not only that, you can share data remotely via public networks and will also be able to browse the internet anonymously. When you connect to a VPN server, your data is redirected through an encrypted tunnel that prevents others from seeing what you are doing online. Using a VPN also hides your real location and identity since your IP address is masked. By connecting to a server in a country where Napster is available at this time, you will be able to access millions of songs. A VPN is a convenient solution also if you are a Napster subscriber who travels to a country where the service is not supported. You can connect to a server back home and enjoy your favorite music. Just follow the below steps:

1. Download and install the VPN app on your Windows, macOS, Android or iOS device
2. Open the VPN app and log in to it using your VPN account
3. Connect to a VPN server in a location where Napster is currently available
4. Then you can access Napster from any location, even if you are in a country that is not supported by Napster.

You will find several VPNs in the market, but if you want to get the most out of these services, make sure that you subscribe to a high quality VPN that is fast and that has a large network that lets you overcome restrictions. Here is the list of options that we recommend.


ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable VPN providers out there as it combines high quality software, fast speeds, strong encryption and amazing features to secure your traffic and give you online freedom. You can stream music easily since ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries, including most of the locations where Napster is available. ExpressVPN is also fast and it doesn’t keep logs of your activities.


NordVPN is know as a highly secure service that protects your data from eavesdroppers and other threats. But there is much more, NordVPN is also a fast VPN that is ideal for streaming. At the moment, this VPN has over 5000 servers in more than 50 countries. You won’t have any issues bypassing restrictions and getting access to Napster from anywhere. NordVPN is a zero logs provider that is also very affordable.

Private Internet Access

Commonly known as PIA, this VPN is a reasonably priced provider that also offers a high standard of security. It includes SOCKS5 proxy in its plans, which is a convenient tool to overcome restrictions without sacrificing speeds. Private Internet Access lets you connect to more than 3000 servers in over 30 countries. Thanks to its effective combination of features, PIA is another good choice for Napster and it doesn’t keep logs of your activities.


Surfshark is another great choice for Napster since it enables you to access hundreds of servers in many of the countries where Napster has support. Surfshark has easy to use software that works on all major platforms so you won’t have issues unblocking Napster at home or on the go. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it offers fast and reliable performance.