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Best Android VPN Apps

androidVPNs are essential to enjoy a secure and versatile experience when you browse internet. They will keep your information safe when you use public Wi-Fi and will help you to protect your privacy no matter where you are. Thanks to a VPN you will also be able to unlock content and applications that are not available in your location. VPNs are an effective way to bypass geo-location restrictions and secure your connection. This list includes some of the best VPN services that work on Android and that will help you to enjoy everything that internet offers without compromising your data.

Best Android VPN Apps

Private Internet Access

PIA has a simple interface that supports a wide range of useful features that will maintain the security of your internet connection. You can enjoy great speed and reliability thanks to the data compression technology that allows you to browse internet faster. When you choose Private Internet Access, you get high level encryption, protection for your privacy, access to nearly 3000 servers in 18 countries (including Russia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Israel and Brazil) and support for multiple devices for just $6.95 per month.

VPN Unlimited

This is a comprehensive VPN solution for anyone that is looking to access internet securely from their mobile device. VPN Unlimited is a great option for Android but it also works on other platforms like iOS and Linux. They have servers in 19 countries including Japan, Ukraine, Finland, Netherlands, United States and Canada. You can try the service for 10 days for just $1.99 or get a 3-year plan for $64.99 USD.


This VPN solution from Golden Frog is known for its impressive speed and advanced features like Chameleon, a technology that can effectively overcome censorship filters, ISP blocks and geo-location restrictions. They have servers in South Korea, Lithuania, New Zealand, Colombia, Finland, Indonesia, Sweden, Costa Rica and Czech Republic. VyprVPN also includes secure cloud storage and the Premier plan costs $10 per month.

Fast Secure VPN

Fast Secure is a no frills VPN service that offers a straightforward interface and a simple service to enhance the security of your internet connection. It is a good choice for bypassing restrictions that prevent you from accessing applications and content in your location. If you are looking for a free and basic VPN service that offers high encryption, Fast Secure VPN can be the answer. Just keep in mind that the free version is not up to speed so you may want to upgrade to a pay plan that starts at $2.5 per month.


Ease of use is one of the main advantages of choosing FinchVPN. They have servers in South Africa, Singapore, France, Spain, Australia and more. They also offer high level encryption and a no logs policy that will appeal anyone who is conscious about their privacy. This is another VPN provider that offers a free plan, although it is not the best solution if you need a fast service. The paid plans start with the Pro which costs just $1.61 per month and offers 25GB per month.

HideNinja VPN

HideNinja is quite popular and it has become a favourite for users that need to change their IP in order to access the content that they want, regardless of their location. Hideninja VPN is simple, convenient and works well. It is a great solution to add security to your connection when you need to use internet in a Wi-Fi hotspot. The downside of the free option is that it includes ads, but apart from that, Hideninja is a solid VPN. Plus, you can upgrade ($2.99 or $19.99 for the Pro version) to enjoy all the features without annoying advertising.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot has gained recognition as a solid VPN app thanks to the great set of features that it provides. It includes Smart protection, which establishes automatic connections to the VPN that is right for you , based on your network. The interface is appealing and uncomplicated, plus the service offers great quality and performance. The free version is reliable, but it comes with limited bandwidth and ads. To get a better experience, you can upgrade to the Elite version for $4.99 per month.

OpenVPN Connect

Most free VPNs are only limited versions of premium services, but if you want a completely free VPN to run on your Android device, OpenVPN Connect is an option to consider. The fact that it is open source, means that it is less likely to be compromised with intrusive technology. Its level of security can be inspected by anyone, which prevents backdoors being installed. Open source technology like OpenVPN greatly reduces the possibilities of any infiltration. OpenVPN Connect supports advanced features, but it is important to keep in mind that it is a solution that is more suitable for those with technical knowledge and you will need to set it up yourself.


This is one of the highest rated apps available, thanks to its simple and sleek interface, combined with a reliable performance. SufEasy features high level encryption and access to multiple locations to ensure that you can bypass censorship and geo-location restrictions. The free version offers 500MB of data per month, but you can earn additional data by referring friends, following SufEasy on Twitter or switching between locations. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can get unlimited bandwidth and features like Ad tracker removal for $2.99 per month.


SpeedVPN is a free VPN solution that offers convenience and an easy to use interface. In order to use SpeedVPN, you don’t need to sign up and although each connection only lasts up to one hour, you can re-establish the connection whenever needed. The system works this way to ensure that bandwidth is freed up in case someone is not actually using the service. It’s important to keep in mind that this VPN is exclusively designed for browsing, checking your email and other tasks that don’t take a lot of bandwidth. It wouldn’t be an option for streaming or accessing torrent services. However, it is free an works well.


Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN is known as one of the providers that you can trust when you need a service that is easy to use and efficient. The Android app offers great speed and reliability, as well as a practical way to secure your connection when you use Wi-Fi hotspots. You can access your favourite websites and applications from your smartphone without worrying about third-parties accessing your information. The Android app gives you access to multiple servers in countries like Norway, Serbia, Egypt, Slovenia, Taiwan and Kenya. One month of PureVPN costs $9.95 but the yearly plan slices it down to $4.16 per month.


TunnerBear is a Canadian VPN provider that stands out for its charming marketing and its user-friendly service. It is a great option for new VPN users as it is very easy to use and supports all the features that you will need to enjoy internet securely and without geo-locations restrictions. If you opt for the free plan you will get 500MB per month, but you can get 1GB of data if you promote the brand on Twitter. You can also upgrade and pay $6.99 per month for the Giant plan, which gives you unlimited bandwidth and support for up to 5 devices.


This provider has been offering VPN services since 2008 and it aims to offer and affordable, secure, consistent and fast service. It has servers in United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada. All the plans offer unlimited bandwidth, access to the whole network and top-grade encryption for your data. While the number of servers is limited when compared to other services and it is not an ideal option for torrents, it works well for online browsing and streaming service. The monthly plans costs $7.95.

HideMan VPN

Many users have chosen Hideman VPN as their solution to secure data and avoid censorship. The app has a clear interface that allows you to switch between locations in order to access applications and websites that are not available in your country. The free version offers access to servers in Romania, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, France, Netherlands and more. If you want to get access to servers in popular locations like the United Kingdom and the United States, you would need to select a paid plan. There are mobile solutions available from $2.9 per month.