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Best IRC clients

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is a protocol that facilitates communications between multiple computers connected to a network. With IRC you can send private messages to specific users, transfer files or join chat rooms. Although the protocol has lost popularity over the last few years and it is considered by some as obsolete, the truth is that many people are still preferring it over other options. If you are a fan of IRC and want to find the best clients available, you have come to the right place. We’ll go through the most convenient solutions and you will find options that suit both mobile and desktop platforms.


AndroIRC is considered by many as the best option for Android thanks to its great set of features that facilitate chats over IRC on Android tablets and smartphones. Even if you have never used an IRC client before, you will get used to AndroIRC very qucikly because it is very easy to use. The quick start wizard is designed to simplify the process and after connecting to a server, you will be able to join a channel by tapping the Plus icon that is found on the top right. Then you can specify the channel you want to join and that is all. Thanks to the dual column interface, you will be able to switch between channels and servers with a single swipe. AndroIRC also offers multiple server connections, file transfers, proxy and SSL Support, as well as a compact mode that lets you use less space on the screen.


mIRC is widely used by those who prefer IRC and given the great set of powerful features that it offers, it is easy to understand why. Ease of use is one of the reasons why mIRC is so popular. In order to establish a connection, you just need to enter basic information such as email and nickname. There are many random global IRC servers available that are already configured with mIRC and you can easily connect to them. The features supported include the possibility to connect to multiple servers, a variety of configurable buddy lists and support for simultaneous file transfers, just to name a few. It is compatible with Windows.


Mac users can rely on Textual, a powerful IRC client that is easy to use and that offers a fantastic interface that looks amazing on Retina displays. Apart from being visually stunning. Textual is a lightweight, yet comprehensive solution that offers all the features that you would expect from an advanced IRC client, including IPv6 support. It is also compatible with IRCv3 specifications and it comes with a variety of keyboard shortcuts. Textual also features auto-completion for nicknames and commands, as well as full text formatting and the option to synchronize your preferences with iCloud. In order to keep your privacy protected, Textual uses Off the Record Messaging technology.


Fast and feature-rich, WeeChat is an excellent choice for Linux users who want efficiency and reliability for their chats. It is extremely lightweight and with the help of the multiple plug-ins and scripts available, its functionality can be adjusted and extended to suit your needs. You can decide how you want to use WeeChat and select the additional plug-ins and scripts that will help you to get the performance that you want. These add-ons can be loaded and unloaded as needed, in real-time. The features supported by WeeChat include incremental text search. dynamic line filtering, 7 scripting languages and multi-server capacity. In terms of customization, WeeChat allows you to adjust the colors of the nicknames in a chat, based on their current status. You can also customize background.s


IceChat is a lightweight IRC client that works on Windows and it can be configured in only a few minutes. It can connect to multiple servers and channels simultaneously, giving you flexibility to talk to your friends in the way you prefer. The client is powerful and you can find a wide selection of servers around the word, that have been previously configured with IceChat. You just need to enter a nickname, select the IRC server you wish to connect to and you will be able to start chatting straight away. IceChat also gives you the possibility of configuring custom server settings. It is free and works on multiple Windows versions, from Windows Vista up to Windows 10.


This IRC client for iOS offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface and it comes with a great set of features that will help you to enjoy IRC chats on your iPhone or IPad without issues. Palaver fully supports push notifications and it offers IRCv3 capabilities, as well as ZNC integration. It stands out for its efficient and simple search option, which allows you to look for nicknames, channels and user commands. You can find what you want within seconds thanks to the practical auto-completion function. Palaver also comes with SASL support, allowing you to identify to IRC networks securely. You can select from a variety of themes and styles and your preferences can be synchronized via iCloud. It is also possible to customize user mention notices and highlights using the alerts of your choice.