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Best VPN for Asia

Asia vpn mapAsia is a vast continent that is rich in resources and tradition. The cultural diversity and thriving economy in many regions, make Asia an appealing destination for tourism and business. However, since there are many countries in Asia in which access to internet is subject to strict censorship, users need to consider using a VPN to enjoy an unrestricted browsing experience. With a VPN, users that live in Asia can access websites and applications that are blocked in their region or that are only available abroad. These include popular services like Netflix, Skype, Twitter and BBC iPlayer.

A VPN ensures that your online browsing is unhampered by government censorship, ISP blocking or geo-location restrictions. It is a technology that can give you freedom to watch videos in YouTube, visit international news websites and communicate with people from across the world. Users in Asia that want to access all the services and content that internet offers, can count on a VPN to make that happen. While being able to use popular social media websites such as Facebook and watching TV series online are some of the most common reasons why people in Asia use a VPN, this technology provides other great advantages.

You can use a VPN to protect your privacy and to ensure that your connection is secure. This is very important, particularly in countries where the government applies strong surveillance over its people and where opposition can face severe punishment. Many activists rely on a VPN service to express their opinions without fear and to share with the world their concern about the political situation in their country. A VPN can disguise your identity, giving you the option to say what you need to say or to visit websites that are banned in your location, without restrictions and without exposing yourself. Whether you want to enjoy a versatile internet browsing or need to defend your rights, a VPN is a great solution and these are some of the best providers to use in Asia.

Best VPNs for Asia

Private Internet Access (Read Review or Visit website)

With great features, strong encryption and a solid no logging policy, Private Internet Access has become one of the leading providers in the industry. Their service offers excellent speeds and options like DNS leak protection to guarantee the security of your connection. Private Internet Access service is a great choice for users that want to access online content without restrictions.

PureVPN (Read Review or Visit website)

If you are looking for a VPN solution to protect your privacy online while enjoying unrestricted access to content from websites like YouTube, Hulu or Netflix, PureVPN is a great option. PureVPN customers can count on a fast and reliable service, useful tutorials and top quality support. While they do not have a privacy policy, the company is based in Hong Kong where there are no mandatory data retention laws. Their service offers high quality and is easy to use.

BlackVPN (Read Review or Visit website)

BlackVPN was originally set in the United States but in 2012, the company moved to Hong Kong to prevent NSA monitoring and infiltration. This demonstrates why this company is one of the most reliable options for users that are concerned about their privacy. Ten per cent of the sales of their Privacy Package goes to the EFF, an organization that works to protect online privacy. BlackVPN also offers great speed, making it an ideal option for users that want to stream media content.

IPVanish (Read Review or Visit site)

Thanks to a strong background working with internet security services and the fact that they manage their own network, IPVanish is one of the most reliable VPN solutions available. Apart from offering top security with 256-bit encryption, their service provides excellent speeds. The company has servers in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the west coast of the United States, which means that users in Asia will be able to connect to a secure server near them.

ibVPN (Read Review or Visit site)

Invisible browsing VPN offers affordable prices and useful features that will allow you to enjoy security and flexibility while you browse internet. They company is committed to protecting your privacy with a solid no logging policy. With ibVPN you can access over 80 servers in 34 countries and use more than 2000 dynamic IPs. Their options include dedicated feature for torrent downloads and routers pre-configured to work with their service.