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Best VPN Providers with Dedicated IPs

Updated on: 22/02/2016

static-ip-vpnDepending on your needs, there are different aspects that can be considered as decisive when looking for a VPN service. Apart from security, reliability and price, there are additional options that some customers expect from their VPN. A dedicated, or static IP address is a feature that many people prefer because it can be very convenient when playing games, or using online banking services. There are websites that would not allow you to connect if you use a dynamic VPN service. With a dedicated IP address, you can protect your identity and keep your connection secure, without experiencing issues when login to certain services and websites. Here we will go through the best providers that offer dedicated IPs.

Best VPNs for Static IP

PureVPN (Full Review)

PureVPN is one the providers that give you the possibility of using a dedicated IP. This Hong Kong based company is recognized for its advanced technology and efficient service. Apart from offering a powerful tool to protect the security of your data, and to give you flexibility to browse internet, it allows you to have a fixed IP assigned only to you. This dedicated IP disguises the static IP that your ISP has assigned you. PureVPN’s dedicated IP VPN ensures that you can access all the websites you need, without exposing your actual identity. The dedicated IP supported by PureVPN, offers Split Tunneling, Internet Kill Switch and other features that enhance the security of your connection. One year of PureVPN costs $49.95 and you can get a dedicated IP for an extra fee of $4.99 per month.


NordVPN (Full Review)

Based in Panama, NordVPN is known for its solid no logging policy and the top security that they offer for its customers. Features like kill switch and Double Data encryption ensure that your information is safe whenever you are connected to internet. NordVPN also provides a highly private solution called Tor over connection, which encrypts your traffic and adds a double layer of protection by directing it over NordVPNs servers and Tor. This is a great option to protect the security of your information, although it would not be the most effective option for streaming or online gaming. NordVPN also gives you the possibility of having a dedicated IP address in Chicago, United States. You can request this feature by email and the support team will assign it. You will need to have a valid VPN account (the yearly price is $48) and then you can get the dedicated IP address for $40 per year.


StrongVPN (Full Review)

StrongVPN has a vast experience in online security services, which enables them to offer superb speeds and a solid VPN service. Customers that choose StrongVPN can enjoy excellent technical support, top technology and security for their connection. StrongVPN offers great performance and a reliable solution to defend your online privacy. Users who need a Static IP can subscribe to StrongVPN’s OpenVPN plans, which costs $30 for 3 months. This will give you access to US servers with Static IPs in cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. There are also static IPs in UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Japan.


Astrill (Full Review)

Established in 2009, Astrill is another provider that has dedicated IPs available for anyone who needs to use the same IP address to access online payment, or banking services, as well as online games. Astrill has gained popularity thanks to its strong set of advanced features and its excellent customer service. The company is based in Seychelles, which allows them to provide a solid privacy policy and to give you peace of mind when browsing internet. Astrill also offers users the possibility of having an exclusive IP address. A dedicated IP will ensure that you don’t experience any issues when trying to access websites that block dynamic IPs. Astrill’s Private IP service provides a dedicated IP that is only used by you, access to all ports and the possibility of hosting any kind of service on your private IP, on any port number. One year of Astrill costs $69.95 and a Private IP is available for $5 per month.


TorGuardĀ (Full Review)

TorGuard provides a wide worldwide coverage of over 43 countries and support every platform. The service offers dedicated static IPs as an option. They maintain well over 1000 servers to keep transfer speeds has high as possible. They are also noted for providing proxy and encrypted email services with available bundles for extra savings. Additional to accepting Bitcoin, they offer a total of 80 payment options for many ways to pay anonymously. All plans offer a 7 day refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.