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Best VPNs for MovieBox / Showbox

You may have heard about ShowBox, the streaming app that allows Android users to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters, independent productions, TV shows and more. As you can imagine, ShowBox is a nightmare for services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video because it offers access to copyrighted content for free. The app offers an extensive selection of movies and TV series in a wide range of categories, but unlike paid services, its content is not licensed.

MovieBox is the iOS version of ShowBox and it works exactly in the same way as its Android counterpart. MovieBox offers an appealing and clear interface that gives you quick access to the catalog of films and TV shows available. The app uses P2P torrents to bring your movies and TV shows that can be streamed directly on your iPad, iPhone or use AirPlay to watch on your TV. While ShowBox and MovieBox are basically the same app, the latter is aimed at Apple devices and its installation is a bit trickier and requires you to follow a few steps.

First of all, it is likely that you will need to jailbreak your device since MovieBox is not approved by Apple and as such, you won’t be able to download it from the App Store. Jailbreaking is a process that removes the security restrictions implemented on iOS devices. Once this process has been completed, you will be able to install third-party apps like MovieBox from Cydia, which is known like the “App Store for jailbroken devices”.There are different options available to get MovieBox on your iPad or iPhone and some alternatives like CinemaBox promise to offer the same experience without jailbreak required.

Why do you need to use a VPN for MovieBox?

In spite the some countries, the regulations about streaming copyrighted content are not strict, the way in which MovieBox (obtaining data from torrents) means that those using the app may still be targeted by copyright enforcement organizations. Services like Netflix aim to tackle online piracy by offering licensed content for a relatively low price. However, the selection is still limited, particularly outside the United States, which explains to some degree, why users continue preferring torrents and unlicensed streaming services.

The problem is that there have been many cases in which users who have shared copyrighted content, have faced hefty fines and even jail sentences. Some countries take a harsh approach towards copyright infringement, which is why users who decide to use apps like MovieBox, need to take measures to prevent any issues. Using a VPN is the most convenient solution to avoid being targeted by fines and legal consequences. With a VPN, your traffic is protected from eavesdroppers and not even your ISP will see what you are up to.

It is important to choose a VPN that offers a good level of security and that at the same time, supports good speeds for streaming. You also need to look for a VPN provider that has a high quality mobile app for iOS, since this is the platform in which you will be using MovieBox. More importantly, you need to choose a VPN service that allows P2P in its network and that doesn’t keep logs of your online activities. The providers in our list meet all the criteria. They have been highly rated thanks to the quality of their service, their good speeds and their solid privacy policy, which makes then ideal for MovieBox.


Fast, reliable and very secure, ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for a variety of tasks, including MovieBox. They have top quality mobile apps and thanks to their impressive speeds, you will be able to stream content on the go. ExpressVPN gives you access to servers in 87 countries and their privacy policy establishes that your online traffic is not logged. They are based in the British Virgin Islands, which is a good location for privacy.


NordVPN is one of the strongest options in terms of security and privacy. Apart from offering advanced solutions to protect your data such as double encryption and Tor over VPN, NordVPN has a zero logs policy. Since they don’t track or keep any aspect of your connection, there won’t be any information that they can provide, even if contacted by copyright enforcers. Plus, they are based in Panama, where data retention laws are lax. They have servers in over 50 countries and accept Bitcoin.


With one of the most impressive networks available, PureVPN is another fantastic option for MovieBox. You can access hundreds of servers distributed across 141 countries, which means that you are always likely to find an option that suits your needs. Their iOS app offers top security, great design and practical features like split tunneling. PureVPN doesn’t log your online activity and you can enjoy good speeds for streaming.


VPNArea is a Bulgarian provider with an extensive network hosted in Switzerland. They have servers in over 50 countries and they are known for offering a strong no logs policy. Your data will remain private and you will enjoy high technology through their excellent apps. Their features include DNS leak protection and IPv6 leaks protection. The speeds supported by VPNArea are quite good and their high encryption will keep your data secure.


IPVanish allows you to connect to servers in over 60 countries and since the provider runs its own network, the speeds are excellent in most cases. They have a no logs policy that promises to keep your information private. They allow P2P in their network and their customer service is professional and efficient. IPVanish also offers reliable mobile apps and in fact, it is one of the few services that have offered this option from the start.