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BTGuard Review

Review of: BTGuard

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On November 14, 2014
Last modified:February 2, 2016


BTGuard’s VPN service can offer strong security for your internet connection and it is also recognized for preserving online anonymity. The company is listed by popular P2P news website TorrentFreak as one of the providers that is serious about protecting the privacy of its customers, which means that anyone that requires a VPN that can keep their identity safe will see in BTGuard an ideal solution. This provider has a solid experience in online security services and since it is based in Canada, it is not subject to data retention laws, ensuring that your information is not stored or monitored.

BTGuard enhances the security of your connection, preventing eavesdropping and maintaining your identity hidden. You online browsing history, downloads and communications are exposed to scrutiny from large corporations or government organizations. However, a VPN service like BTGuard, could give you peace of mind and help you stand against censorship and surveillance. We explored the features and other crucial aspects of BTGuard’s service to learn more about its advantages and areas that could be improved.



BTGuard caters for users that are mainly interested in protecting their anonymity while using Torrent services and for those who are concerned about their privacy and want to ensure that their data is secure. If you are in the first group, you can opt for the BitTorrent Proxy plan, which will allow you to avoid geo-location restrictions and to share files without compromising your identity.This plan is not a VPN service, but it helps you to remain anonymous as your real IP is covered by a proxy IP, ensuring that your identity and location are not revealed.

BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy gives you freedom to browse internet without limits because you are not subject to geo-location restriction or blocks imposed by ISP providers. Using BitTorrent Proxy also enables you to overcome bandwidth throttling, making it an ideal and complete solution for streaming content, downloading and sharing files online. This plan is available for $6.95 USD per month, $20 for three months, $36 for six or $64, if your extend your subscription to 12 months. The main benefit of a proxy service is that it lets you enjoy a satisfactory speed, while a VPN tends to slow down your connection due to the encryption that is applied.

The downside of a proxy is that it does not offer security for your information. If you want a complete service that provides security and data encryption, your best option is the VPN plan. This package is not only designed to hide your identity and give you access to content that is not available in your location. It also protects your privacy, keeping your emails, browsing history and activities safe. Even if someone manages to sneak into your connection, they would not be able to see your information as it will be encrypted. For full protection, you can pay $9.95 USD for one month, $29 for three, $52 USD for six months and $92 for one year.

BTGuard works with Windows, OS X. Ubuntu, Linux and DD-WRT. It is also compatible with Android and iOS. This extensive compatibility means that BTGuard’s service can used in desktop computers, laptops, smartphones tablets and even routers. Although they do not have a customized VPN client, the website includes tutorials to set up the service on different platforms. The protocols supported are two well-known solutions: OpenVPN and PPTP.

PPTP is a very practical option that can be configured easily and doesn’t require additional applications to be implemented. It is a convenient for mobile devices, but it is generally considered as a weak protocol, specially when compared to OpenVPN. This open source protocol is the most reliable solution and it is less vulnerable to third-party infiltration. OpenVPN offers great flexibility and it is practically impossible to block, but it is not as easy to set up as PPTP. To make your connection secure and keep your data protected, BTGuard uses 256-biy AES encryption.

One of the most attractive aspects about BTGuard is their privacy policy that ensures that no personal information is collected. No logs of your online activities are kept, so you can browse internet without fear of having your privacy invaded.


Location and Performance

BTGuard’s network is quite limited when compared to other provider, but their servers are strategically located to make sure that users across the world can enjoy a versatile browsing experience. You can connect to servers in Canada, Netherlands and Singapore, which would allow you to bypass blocks imposed in your country and to disguise your IP. Unfortunately, if you are looking to access services that are only available in the US or the UK, BTGuard would not suit you.

Customer Support

BTGuard’s website is easy to navigate, but it lacks information and it is too simple, maybe even plain. Still, the knowledge base contains useful information and you can also submit a ticket to get in touch with the support team. Their responses may take longer than we would like, but they provide good information. While it is disappointing that BTGuard does not offer live chat, if you explore the FAQ section, it is likely that you find what you are looking for.


The strongest points for BTGuard are the no logging policy and the fact that they offer a dedicated service for torrent downloading. You can choose between two plans that adapt to your needs, allowing you to ensure that your data is not monitored (VPN) or that you can disguise your IP effectively with a proxy IP to access downloading services. The main issue is that the prices are high, specially considering that other providers give you access to a wider selection of locations as well as plans that offer full protection for the same amount of money or even less. Before choosing BTGuard as your service, keep in mind its limitations. If it works for what you need, you will enjoy a basic but overall effective solution.