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Best Coke & Popcorn alternatives to stream movies and TV shows

Sites like Coke and PopcornCoke & Popcorn is a website that offers a very convenient way to stream TV series and movies. Its interface is very simple and it offers easy access to a great variety of content, including popular shows and the latest Hollywood movies. There is always something new to watch and you just need to check the list on the website to find out what is available. While the website doesn’t host the content, it gathers it from different sources and allows you to stream it using its practical players. Coke and Popcorn is set to give users the chance to access their favorite videos in one place, and for free. However, since a lot of the videos that can be accessed through the website involve pirated content, the website has been targeted by copyright holders. In fact the original website “Coke and Popcorn” was taken down and as per the disclaimer on the new website, the team is working to continue offering the same experience to users, in spite of the pressure from copyright enforcement agencies.

The website is now known as Coke & Popcorn and it has a new domain, but it is still working so you can use it to find the content that you want to stream. There are also other similar websites that allow to find more content and that offer easy to use search options. Before we go to the list of alternatives to Coke & Popcorn, it is important to consider the possible risks of using this kind of websites. Since in most cases, the content is not obtained from authorized sources, copyright holders target these websites, trying to shut them down. They can also try to trace users so if you stream content using Coke & Popcorn and similar websites, you may end up getting warning letters from your ISP or even fines. To avoid issues, it would be better to opt for a paid, legitimate streaming service, but if you prefer to use free alternatives, make sure that you protect your identity using a VPN. VPNs can hide your real IP address, which makes it difficult for others to trace you. This technology also encrypts your traffic, meaning that others (not even your ISP) won’t see what you do on the internet. Without further ado, here are the best alternatives to Coke & Popcorn.


If you want to watch movies and TV shows for free, without contributing to online piracy, Tubi.TV is the solution. It lets you watch content from leading studios like Paramount, LIONSGATE and Starz. Tubi.TV is supported by ads, but it is a very good option to watch thousands of movies and TV shows without paying for a subscription. While the variety of the content seems limited when compared to other services, Tubi.TV is legal and it offers movies in many different genres for free. While Tubi.TV is only available in the United States, you can use a VPN to bypass the geographical restrictions.


Crackle lets you to watch TV shows and movies for free and it is also a legal streaming solution. It features original productions and content that covers a variety of categories. Crackle works on multiple platforms and it gives you the possibility of saving your favorite content.


When it comes to paid streaming services, Hulu is one of the most popular options available. It gives you access to a great deal of content including movies, documentaries, TV shows and more. Hulu has its own TV shows such as the award-winning The Handmaid’s Tale. The downside is that Hulu is only available in the United States and Japan. However, you can use a proxy o VPN to get around the restrictions.


Netflix is the leading premium online streaming platform and unlike Hulu, it is available in almost every country in the world. On Netflix, you can find movies, TV shows, Comedy specials and more. Netflix’s original productions have gained a lot of popularity. Netflix produces movies and TV series and it often updates its library of content. The issue with Netflix is that the content available varies from one region to another. In order to get around the geo-restrictions, you can use a VPN to access the US library, which generally offers more content than other countries.


If you love anime and manga, you may want to check out Crunchyroll, a solution that gives you access to an impressive library of content that can be enjoyed across different devices with an ad-free experience. Crunchyroll has been around for over a decade and it has millions of users. Since it has exclusive licensing agreements with top Japanese studios and publishing companies, Crunchyroll allows you to access content that is not available on any other platform. There is some content available for free, but to get access to everything that Crunchyroll has to offer, you need to upgrade and pay $6.95 per month.

Cartoon Crazy Net

Anime fans can also rely on Cartoon Crazy Net, a convenient solution that offers access to thousands of anime and cartoon videos. The content has been dubbed into English and the library is regularly updated. It is another good alternative to Coke & Popcorn and it also allows you to stream the content for free.

Kiss Anime

Another options that anime fans need to check is Kiss Anime, a website that offers episodes of popular shows. The website also gives you the chance to read manga online and if there is something that you can’t find, you can contact them and request them to add the content.


VUDU is Walmart’s streaming service. It gives users the chance to watch the latest episodes of some of the most popular series on TV. VUDU’s catalog also features blockbusters and great independent movies that have been recently released on DVD. Unlike other paid options, VUDU doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Instead, you can rent the content and pay only for what you really want to watch. If you bought DVDs from Walmart, the digital copies of the movies can be added to your VUDU account. Since it is not available worldwide, you can use a VPN to get around the blocks.

Popcorn Flix

This website offers a great looking interface and it allows you to stream movies smoothly. The content is organized by category and there is also a search option so you can easily find what you want to watch. There are many movies available covering genres like Comedy, Horror and Drama. Popcorn Flix is particularly good for finding classic and cult movies.


Solarmovie is a popular solution for finding great content to stream. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse movies and TV shows without hassle. The content is organized according to year, genre and IMDB rating. You can also use the search engine to find what you want to watch.


Here is another practical option to watch movies without having to pay. Vumoo offers a user-friendly interface and it offers an extensive selection of content that including classic movies and TV shows. Thanks to the regular updates, you can always find new and great entertainment at all times. There are TV shows and movies that can be watched with high audio and image quality. You can browse to look for title, category and more.


Yidio is another website that allows you to easily find any movie or TV show that you want to watch. There is an extensive list of options that you can browse through and since the content is organized according to categories, finding the movie or TV show you want to stream is simple. There is also a search option available and the website is updated in a regular basis to offer more content.

Top Documentary Films

If you want to watch high quality documentaries for free, this is the website for you. Top Documentary Films offers productions that focus on different categories including Arts, Environment, Politics and Science. There are thousands and documentaries available and you can subscribe to the email list to get updates when new content is added.


Niter.me is another great alternative to Coke & Popcorn. It gives you the chance to watch movies and TV shows for free and thanks to its well-designed interface, you will be able to find what you want in just a few seconds. There are many movies available and you can browse by genre and year, and choose the quality.

TV Series

This is another good solution to stream content for free. TVSeries.net offers not only TV shows as the name suggests, but also movies. There are many different categories available and you can find the latest productions and new episodes of popular TV series.


Viewster provides access to a varied collection of anime, movies, web-shorts and more. It features ads, but you can stream free worldwide through desktop, console and mobile apps. There is a great selection of classic anime and popular series. There is comedy, animation, gaming and more to discover on the Viewster channels.

Movie Zion

Movie Zion offers a vast online movie database and it allows you to access it without requiring you to sign up. The website is free to use and the library of content is regularly updated. It also ensures that the best versions of the movies they offer are available so that users enjoy the best possible experience.

Snag Films

If you are looking for classic films and old TV shows, Snag Films is your best bet. The website offers a varied selection of content and you can select different categories. There are historical dramas, movies based on famous athletes, thought-provoking documentaries and much more.

Classic Cinema Online

Here you will find timeless classics that left a solid mark in the history of cinema. Memorable comic duos like Abbott and Costello, stars like Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman are featured on the movies that you can find on Classic Cinema Online.

Bigstar Movies

BigStar is an app that allows you to watch movies for free, but unlike Coke & Popcorn, it is an option that doesn’t involve copyright infringement. You won’t find popular movies here, but if you want to discover international and independent films without having to pay, BigStar Movies can be a practical choice.