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Top Couchtuner Alternative Sites

Nowadays, watching television shows are no longer limited to television sets. With the rise of internet and technology, comes the comfort and the accessibility of being able to watch movies, TV shows and the like on your PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc. through online viewing.

A popular and well-known website, the Couchtuner is where most avid movie, TV shows viewers get to watch their favorite series. This site includes a list of schedules of TV shows which will make you never miss any show you like. Also, through this site, you will also be able to stream and view TV series in high quality as many as you want for free.

Though Couchtuner may sound amazing, it also has some downsides and disadvantages such as some episodes or some files are sometimes missing or there are television shows that you’d like to see that are not available on this site. However, this does not mean you will not be able to watch your shows or get frustrated when some scenes or episodes are missing as there are several alternative sites available that you could visit in case you encounter the said problems.

The following sites are recommended Couchtuner alternatives:

1. The Dare TV

The Dare TV is one of the top contenders of Couchtuner or an alternative site where you could visit to stream and watch your favorite TV series, shows or movies. Similar to Couchtuner, the Dare TV also has a TV schedule guide where you could base which timeslot and when your favorite show will be featured. If you have no idea which show you will watch, this site provides each show or movie it features a short description. Another great feature this site has is if you have no time to watch a video or a series, you could download it and watch them offline. Lastly, aside from having a wide array of videos and movies, you could send a request for movies you cannot find on the site and they will try to answer to your request.

2. Watch Series

Another website which provides and features TV shows and series, the Watch Series provides a wide array of shows. In this site, you will not have a hard time looking for the video you are interested in as they ensure each of their videos are categorized into three genres – My Shows, Popular TV Series and all TV series. The cool thing about this site is that it also offers amine and drama series and all its videos are in high quality.

3. Movie Watcher

The Movie Watcher, similar to Couchtuner offers numerous videos. Each video featured in this site could be viewed through categories such as IMDB rating, new update, most viewed and most popular and

recently released. If you want to browse through this site and able to watch their high quality videos for free, all you have to do is register and you will be given access to stream or download their videos.

4. Let Me Watch This

This website is known for featuring trending videos which ranges from latest to oldest TV shows. Not only that, aside from being able to watch your favorite shows, Let Me Watch This, allows you to download your favorite music for free.

5. Series Online

With genres ranging from drama to action to comedy to Sci-Fi, Series Online is one of the greatest alternative Couchtuner website where you could watch your favorite TV shows and series in high quality and at any time you wish to. In this site, you will be able to search videos you are interested in through categories such as by country. Series Online also allows you to request for videos you could not see in their site.

6. iO Movies

Another free site for viewing movies, TV shows and series, the iO movies has one great, simple and easy to use interface where you could find your movies easily. The site has arranged its library by categories such as latest movie, released recently and genres such as action, comedy, documentary, so on and so forth. iO Movies also allows searching videos by typing the name of the video/movie/series you are looking for.

7. Watch Series.to

This site arranges its series according to its latest’s TV series’ latest episodes. It also keeps an updated list of TV schedules where you could check from time to time. For those who do not know what to watch, Watch Series.to provides a guideline seen on its homepage or type in a title on its quick search and woolah you are ready to watch the video you are interested in. If you wish to start and stream those videos, do not forget to register and create an account.

8. Global TV

Are you in Canada and is interested to watch shows unlimitedly? If yes, then you are in luck as Global TV is available at where you are. Global TV offers streaming of live TV shows and lets you know what’s the latest news or gossips. All you have to do is type in your interest in their quick search and you are good to go or you could check the list of schedules available on their site.

9. Cucirca

Though new to the industry, Cucirca is known to be one of the best sites that could be an alternative to Couchtuner. It is easy to use and is free of charge for you to access shows you like to watch. What’s great about this site is that it keeps updating its shows and their episodes are updated most of the time.

10. TV Muse

With thousands of videos available in this site, you could not go wrong with TV Muse. This site offers not only live streaming TV but also anime movies and a lot more genres to choose from. Aside from that this site has one unique feature. It allows you to watch TV shows and movies at the same time. So for avid TV series and movie enthusiasts, this site is perfect for you.

11. Watch Free

If you want to watch videos from other countries such as China, US, Korea, Taiwan, UK, then this site is perfect for you as it offers videos coming from these countries. Its videos are offered in high definition and could be downloaded as well. If a video is not available in this site, all you have to do is to send a request to them.

12. Top TV Shows

Finding a site where you could stream and watch Netflix and TV channels such as ABC, Hulu and MTV, Top TV Show is a site to go to. It offers high quality video streaming and its TV series are updated. This site never misses a single episode uploaded in their site. So if you are one that does want to miss a single episode, this site is for you.

13. Top Hot Movie

Top Hot Movie is a free site where you could watch your favorite TV shows. It has newly released TV shows and you could find full episodes of every season of every TV series you would wish to watch here. Its library of videos is always up to date and are arranged by year, country and video quality. It also has a quick search feature to help you search your movies or series more easily.

14. 123 Movies

With topmost viewed shows featured, the 123 Movie is the best site for those who are looking for movies that are top rated or highly recommended or are all time favorites. Aside from its movie choices, this site also offers high quality TV shows streaming. If you are looking for trending movies or shows, this site would best suit you.

15. Café Movie

This site has wide array of different types and genres of movies and usually has updated uploaded TV series episodes. If you wish to find a movie or TV series, all you have to do is type in the title of movie or series you are interested in and this site will definitely provide you your choice.

16. Cartoon HD

Looking for unlimited viewing of cartoons, anime, TV series or movies? The Cartoon HD has it all. This site definitely has a large video library and offers a huge range of videos and cartoons. For those who are into anime series, this site is highly recommended for you.


This concludes our list of best sites which you could visit as an alternate to Couchtuner. All sites offer great service in providing you your favorite series, shows, movies, anime and cartoons. We hope you enjoy watching and streaming videos to your heart’s content.