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Freedom-IP Review

In the competitive world of VPNs, Freedom-IP is an option that seeks to attract customers by offering a service that is simple, and that aims to give users the chance to enjoy online freedom and security. The service’s main purpose is to ensure that users can keep their personal data protected, while being able to defeat the restrictions imposed by their network, ISP or government. With Freedom-IP, you will be able to protect your data from eavesdroppers and bypass geo-blocks and censorship. Here is more about this provider based in France.

Security and Privacy

Freedom-IP supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. Each protocol will suit different purposes, but the best option is to use OpenVPN whenever possible. This is the safest option and it is also the most reliable one. If it is not available, you can opt for L2TP, while PPTP should only be considered as the last resource. To protect your connection, Freedom-IP uses AES-256 bit encryption, which offers a high level of protection for your traffic. It is also worth noting that Freedom-IP offers anti-DDoS protection and a personal firewall that will protect you from those who try to intercept your information. The firewall doesn’t require additional setup and it is activated once you connect to the servers.

Freedom-IP doesn’t keep logs of your online communications or browsing history. However, they keep records of the start and end time of your session, the IP address used and the amount of data sent and received. The information is collected for trouble shooting purposes and to prevent misuse of the service, but it should be noted that France is part of the 9 Eyes spying alliance. As such, it is likely to cooperate with known privacy enemies like the NSA and the GCHQ.

There are guides available on the website that will help you to set up the service on a variety of platforms including Android, Windows and Mac. The tutorials are in French, although it is possible to access a version translated using Google. These tutorials will allow you to configure OpenVPN and PPTP on a variety of devices. As previously mentioned, Freedom-IP features a built-in firewall that is set to offer advanced protection. They offer unmetered bandwidth and it provides a solution specially designed for online gaming. The special mode for gamers allows you to get the best latency and a lower ping to ensure that you enjoy your favorite games without hassle. Thanks to the speed of the service, it is also a good option for streaming videos. Currently they have 40 servers available, but it is not clear if P2P is supported, although by looking at their terms of service, it is likely that it is not. Up to five simultaneous connections are allowed, but it should be noted that advanced features such as kill switch and DNS leaks protection are not supported at the moment.


The monthly plans costs €5.99, which is around $7.14 USD. You can reduce the monthly price by paying in advance for six months or one year. When you extend your subscription to 6 months, you pay €4.99 per month (around $5.95) and if you opt for one year, the monthly cost is €3.99, which is about $4.76 at the time of writing. There is a free trial that lets you test the service for up to 72 hours. Keep in mind that no refunds are granted. The good news from a privacy point of view is that Bitcoin is accepted as method of payment.

Customer Support

As previously noted, there are set up tutorial available but only in French. Still, you can use Google Translate to go through them in English. The website is fairly basic and it doesn’t offer detailed information about the service. However, there is a blog and also a forum on the website, but again, it is only in French. Customers can get help via ticket system.


Freedom-IP is designed as a simple solution, but it is too simple for its own good. It covers the main aspects of a VPN service, but it lacks helpful security features such as kill switch and protection against DNS leaks. The service is affordable and it offers good speeds, but it is probable more suited for French speakers and for those who are looking for a simple, yet effective solution.