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Gom VPN Review

Chrome has taken the lead in the world of web browsers thanks to its advanced functionality and flexibility. Chrome users who want to protect their online browsing activities can find a wide range of options, including Gom VPN, which is considered by many as the top VPN for Chrome. Ease of use and security for your browser traffic are two of the advantages that you can get from Gom VPN. While it is not a fully functional VPN, it adds encryption to your browser so that you can visit websites without compromising your anonymity. Gom VPN focuses on helping users to bypass blocks that prevent you from accessing websites. While Gom VPN is mainly known as solution for Chrome, it also works with iOS and Android. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Gom VPN, to help you decide if it is an option that suits your needs.


Unlike other VPN services, Gom VPN is not designed to protect your entire traffic. Instead, it works as a basic Chrome app that allows you to overcome some restrictions while you browse content on the web. Gom VPN encrypts only your browser traffic and there are no specific details about the level of encryption that is used in this case. The fact that only your browsing traffic is protected means that Gom VPN is not the right choice if your main concern is to bypass restrictions and keep your activities private when you are streaming or downloading media content. Gom VPN is a fairly simple VPN and you won’t find any advanced features or settings. The benefit of that simplicity is that the app is very easy to use and all you need to do in order to use it, is to click on it to open it and when you want to disconnect, you just need to click again.

After launching the Chrome app and connecting, Gom VPN will start protecting your browser with encryption and it will keep your real IP address hidden. Gom VPN is a good option if you are just looking to browse websites. The mobile app works in a similar way as the Chrome extension and once you launch it, it adds encryption to your browsing while you use your Android or iOS device. Gom VPN previously claimed that it was able to bypass the geographical restrictions implemented by Netflix, but in reality, it is not effective in this case. Although it can change your IP address, it is not capable of getting around the blocks that streaming services like Netflix or Pandora have in place. Gom VPN is basically a proxy and while it claims that it protect your traffic with encryption, it doesn’t offer any details about the level of encryption used. If security is your main concern, you should look somewhere else.

When it comes to speeds, Gom VPN is not exactly the fastest option. It may be enough to browse some websites, but the drop of speed when compared to your standard internet connection will be noticeable in most cases. Some pages take a lot of time to load, which means that if you want to access websites that feature many images or videos, you will have to deal with high latency. If Gom VPN was completely free, the slow speeds would not be a major issue, but as we will see in the next section, Gom VPN comes with a subscription and even after you upgrade to the paid service, the performance of the VPN doesn’t improve.


Initially, you can test Gom VPN without having to pay and without creating an account. It is possible to install the add-on and start using the service. However, the second time you connect, an account is required. After verifying the account, you get a 7 day trial and if you wish to continue using the service, you will need to pay $4.99 a month. If you get the yearly plan, the price is reduced to $3.99 a month. It is also possible to get a lifetime subscription for $199. The prices are reasonable, but if you compare them to other VPN services that offer more features, advanced software and better performance, you’ll understand that Gom VPN doesn’t offer the best value for money. In addition, Gom VPN charges people for becoming affiliates, while other VPNs offer this option for free.


If you just need a way to get around restrictions when you are browsing content and don’t need a high level of protection, Gom VPN may be enough for you. The service is easy to use and it is also affordable. However, it is not effective when it comes to bypassing Netflix’s restrictions, or giving you access to other apps. It doesn’t protect your entire traffic, meaning that it is not an ideal solution for torrenting or streaming securely. You won’t be able to bypass Netflix’s blocks and it is not advisable to use Gom VPN when you are handling sensitive data.