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How to bypass torrent blocking effectively

Although torrenting is a popular solution to share data, some countries have applied strict measures to block this activity due to concerns regarding copyright infringement. Apart from the restrictions implemented in countries like United Kingdom and Germany, users may face blocks when they try to download torrents from their school or from a public network. In this article, we will go through the bets ways to bypass restrictions and download torrents, no matter where you are. The below methods will allow you to defeat restrictions and download torrents in a safe manner and without exposing your identity and privacy.

Torrent Relay

Torrent Relay is one of the best options to defeat torrent blocker, regardless of your location. It is widely used thanks to its simplicity. Once you share a torrent link on Torrent Relay, it will be stored on their server. After that, a “https” link is shared, making it possible to download a specific torrent file from Torrent Relay’s server. Although it is easy to use, due to it popularity, network congestion can be a problem and you may need to put up with many requests. In addition, sometimes the download option is only available for premium users.


Also known as Xunlei, this Chinese free torrent download manager is similar to popular names like BitTorrent and uTorrent. Thunder will give you the chance to download files incredibly fast and it is also designed to help you to bypass blocks. It does this by making the file pass as a regular http download, which ensures that ISPs can’t detect it. In addition, Thunder allows users to bypass port blocking implemented by administrator. With Thunder, you can torrent easily and safely. Although the default language is Chinese, you can download the English translation and extract it into the en-US/ThunderLanguages folder.


ImageShack is recognized as an Image hosting site, but it is also a good solution to get around torrent blocker in order to be able to download torrents without hassle. ImageShack comes with a free package and it allows you to upload, store and share torrent files easily. You can then share the data with other users. It is a practical free way to bypass torrent blocker and it offers a good amount of storage space and bandwidth usage.


This personal storage service is another good option as it retrieves content and gives users the possibility to stream it. It also offers torrenting service and although it is not a free option (there is only a free trial that is available only for users with invites), it is worth considering due to its reliability. Bitcoin is accepted as method of payment.


Simplicity is one of the reasons why many people prefer txtor when it comes to evading torrent blocker. However, this simplicity also means that there are some limitation in terms of functionality. Still, it is an effective option to defeat torrent filters implemented by network admins. You just need to enter the link of the torrent file on txtor and the application will change the extension from .torrent to .txt to send a download link to user.


ZbigZ is a file hosting and cloud solution that can also help you to download torrents stored on BitTorrent network. ZbigZ works as a proxy and can create download links of a specific torrent without the need for an additional torrent client. To get started, sign up for a free account and share a torrent file. You can also paste a magnet link. The torrent file that you want to access will be retrieved and then it can be downloaded.


This is another convenient solution to download torrents. When you subscribe to Torrent2exe, you only need to to enter the specific torrent address and the service will give you a .exe file that will enable you to download and seed torrent. The downside is that you may comes across issues during the download, as .exe files may be blocked.

Use a VPN to defeat restrictions

Since ISPs monitor their user’s traffic and get access to their online activities, it is important to consider options to enhance the privacy of your connection. One of the best solutions is to use a VPN service. A VPN is also effective when it comes to bypassing restrictions and it allows you to evade monitoring, filtering and more. A VPN is a good solution to defeat torrent blocker and keep your internet activities protected from those who want to monitor them. If torrents are blocked in your location, you can connect to a VPN server outside of the country. This will allow you to defeat the restrictions and will also enhance the privacy of your connection.

There are many options available but we advise you to look for services that have a wide selection of servers, that offer fast performance and that don’t keep logs of your activities. NordVPN, ExpressVPN and PureVPN meet this criteria and are some of the most reliable and effective solutions when it comes to defeating restrictions and enjoying a high level of privacy and security. They are well-known in the industry for offering good performance and a set of features that will give you online privacy and freedom to access the content that you want.