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How to install Bob Kodi 17 Krypton

BoB is one of those Kodi add-ons that gives you unrestricted access to a online entertainment. It is in the category of popular names like Phoenix, SALTS and Exodus. Initially known as BoB Unrestricted, the add-on has been updated and its current version is known as BoB Unleashed. BoB has become a favorite of Kodi users thanks to the varied selection of content that it supports. We will take a look at the steps required to install BoB on Krypton, the current version of Kodi. We will also list the steps that you need to follow to get BoB on Jarvis, an older version of Kodi that many people are still using. The instructions work for platforms like Android, Mac, Windows and FireStick, or any other device on which you are running Kodi.

Installing BoB on Kodi Jarvis

Kodi Jarvis or Kodi 16 is a previous version of Kodi that some people are still using. If you haven’t updated to Kodi Krypton, you can follow the below steps to install BoB on Kodi Jarvis.

1. Go to System, then select File Manager
2. Select Add Source
3. Select None and then enter this path: http://nan.aftermathwizard.net/nanrepo/
4. Click Done. Then scroll down to the empty bar and enter: nanrepo
5. Click Done and then select OK.
6. Go to System, then Settings and Add-ons from the Kodi homescreen
7. Select Install from Zip file and then nanrepo
8. Choose repository.noobsandnerds-1.8.zip and start the installation process
9. Allow some time until you see the add-on enabled notification
10. Next, select Install from repository
11. Select the noobsandnerds Repository to open it
12. Select Video Add-ons, then Bob Unleashed and Install
13. Just wait for a while until the BoB Addon Enabled notification appears
14. From the Kodi homescreen, select Videos, then Addons and BoB

Installing BoB on Kodi 17

1. Open Kodi Krypton and then click on the Settings Icon, which you will see at the top left corner.
2. Go to System Settings, then Expert Mode and Addons
3. Keep in mind that Unknown Sources has to be enabled, this will allow you to intsall third-party add-ons.
4. Once you see the warning box, click Yes.
5. Then, return to the Kodi homescreen and select the Settings icon
6. Go to File Manager from there and select Add Source
7. Select None and then enter this path: http://nan.aftermathwizard.net/nanrepo/
8. Call it nanrepo and select OK
9. Select Addons from the Kodi homescreen
10. Select the Package Installer Icon, which appears at the top left corner
11. Select Install from Zip file and then select nanrepo
12. Select repository.noobsandnerds-1.8.zip and install it
13. Allow some time until the add-on enabled notification shows up
14. Then, select Install from repository
15. Select the noobsandnerds Repository and open it
16. Select on Video Add-ons, then Bob Unleashed and press install
17. Allow some time until the Bob Addon Enabled notification shows up
18. Then, go back to the Kodi homescreen and choose the Addons tab from the left hand column.
19. Now you should see all the video addons installed, including BoB Unleashed.

How to use Bob Unleashed securely

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