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How to install Cosmic Saints 4K

Cosmic Saints has reached a prominent place in the list of the Kodi add-ons that are worth installing. It is ideal for people who want to enjoy a variety of content and it works very well with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. There are sections that will appeal different users. Whether you like Movies, TV Shows or Sports, Cosmic Saints 4K is a great addition to your Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can enjoy access to live TV as well and there is also a section specially dedicated to kids. The installation process is very simple and in this guide, we will let you know how you can get Cosmic Saints Kodi add-on and enjoy all the content that it offers on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Installing Cosmic Saints

With Cosmic Saints, you will be able to enjoy an amazing world of entertainment and if you have the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you will enjoy seamless performance. As previously mentioned, there are sections for TV shows, sports, movies and much more. You just need to complete a few steps in order to get the addon on your Amazon Fire TV Stick device.

1. From the top left of the screen, click the System icon.
2. Click File Manager
3. Then Add Source on the left side of the screen.
4. Select None and then enter this URL exactly as it appears here:
http://archive.org/download/plugin.program.CSaintsWizard then click OK.
5. Now you need to enter the name cosmic in the box and click OK. Make sure that everything is correct before selecting OK.
6. Return to the Main Menu and click Add-ons
7. After that, click the Package Installer icon located at the top left side of the screen. Then select Install from zip file.
8. You will see a box that opens and you will need to select cosmic there and click.
9. Select plugin.program.CSaintsWizard.zip and then click.
10. Allow some time for the Cosmic Saints Wizard Add-on installed pop up to appear.
11. Go to the Kodi Home Screen and choose Add-ons.
12. Then, click on Cosmic Saints Wizard and scroll to Cosmic Saints Builds and click.
13. Scroll to 4K build Krypton and click on it
14. Now click Fresh Install
15. Click Yes Install and allow some time for the download & install option to appear
16. Click Force Close
17. Now you can start Kodi. You are ready now to use Cosmic Saints Build 4K and enjoy all the content that it offers.

How to get the best possible experience with Cosmic Saints

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