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How to install Opera Free VPN

Even if you don’t live in a country known for applying strict censorship on the internet, it is likely that at some stage you have come across blocks that prevent you from accessing specific content. Internet service providers around the world impose restrictions on some websites, leaving users unable to access them. If you want to bypass the blocks and access content freely, a VPN is the best solution. Since Opera is a popular browser and it offers a free VPN, we’ll tell you ho w to install it.

Although Google Chrome has taken the lead, there are still other popular options when it comes to browsers and Opera is one of them. Thanks to its flexibility and regular updates, Opera has managed to stay popular and it offers a mobile version that allows you to enjoy great features, without having a significant impact on your data plan. Opera also introduced Opera free VPN. This is a practical option for people who want to be able to bypass restrictions and enjoy a more versatile browsing experience. Before going through the steps to install it, we will check the reasons why Opera free VPN is worth considering.

Why should you use Opera Free VPN?

The free VPN solution that Opera offers is available for iOS and Android devices. The fact that the VPN is free will appeal to many people who are looking for a way to defeat the restrictions and get access to a wider selection of online content. Opera is a well-known solution and its free VPN offers many advantages.

Get access to content that is restricted

When your Internet Service Provider opts for blocking online content, they many not juts block websites that feature inappropriate content. Some legitimate websites may be affected by the filters ISPs apply. In addition, public networks such as those in schools and work places often restrict certain websites and services. With Opera VPN you can bypass the restrictions and get access to websites that are blocked in your network. The Opera free VPN solution is designed to help you to enjoy online freedom. With Opera free VPN services, it is possible to get access to the websites that you want, without having to deal with annoying restrictions. It is a useful tool to defeat censorship and geographical blocks.

Forget about adverts

Although Opera is not the only company to offer a free VPN service, it is one of the most reliable ones. Their SurfEasy powered VPN offers high quality and it help you to avoid the ad-tracking features of web browsers. You will enjoy an uncluttered and safe browsing experience. Instead of having to deal with a lot of ads on your screen that distract you from the content that you are actually interested in, you will be able to visit websites and easily see the information, free from ads.

How to set Opera Free VPN on Desktop

In order to enjoy the benefits of Opera free VPN, you just need to have Opera browser. It is not necessary to install third-party services. All you need to do is to start using the unlimited VPN straight from the Opera browser, or download the most recent version form here: http://www.opera.com/computer/features/free-vpn

Once you have updated the Opera web browser or installed the latest edition of the VPN, open it to enable the VPN. If you are a Windows users, go to Privacy, then select the Security tab. In Mac, go to Preferences, then to Privacy & Security on your Mac and check the VPN settings.

On top of the screen page you will see the VPN option showing information about the features and their purposes. Click on the empty check box that is next to Enable VPN and then you will be ready to browse without frustrating restrictions.

You will see the VPN button next to the browser URL bar. Once the unlimited Opera free VPN service is active, you will be able to select the virtual location that you prefer to access the content that you want. If the content is subject to geographical restrictions, you just need to choose a country where the content is available. Opera also shows you how much data has been transferred in a month in the browser.

How to set up Opera Free VPN on Android and iOS

In order to install Opera Free VPN on Android and iOS, you just need to click on a button and open the app. Keep in mind that it is not possible to have the VPN add-on as an extension. Instead you need to add the VPN to the mobile device using the official Opera Free VPN app. There is a feature called “Guardian”, which can block ad trackers automatically. While it is activated by default, it is possible to disable it, if preferred.

One thing to note is that while the Opera Free VPN solution will allow you to defeat restrictions while browsing and will allow you to access websites without being spammed by ads, it doesn’t secure all your traffic. If you want to disguise your streaming or torrenting activities, a full, paid VPN service would be a better option. It will also help you to protect your traffic from online surveillance, hacking and more.