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How to use Netflix Secret Codes

Netflix offers such a vast collection of entertainment that you can spend a long time trying to decide what to watch. While the movies and TV shows are organized by category to make things a bit easier, if you try to click on the categories, you may face some issues. Thankfully there is a convenient solution that will save you time and hassle and that is using Netflix’s secret codes. In this guide, we’ll discuss Netflix’s secret codes and will tell you how you can use them to take full advantage of your Netflix experience.

Netflix Secret Codes

Apart from the general categories such as Drama, Horror and Comedy there are specific sub-genres that the majority of Netflix subscribers don’t even known about. It is estimated that there are at least 70,000 micro-genres available. In order to organize its content, Netflix relies on its system and also a team of employees. Some people are in charge of watching, rating and assigning a category to all the content that is available on Netflix. Sounds like a cool job to have, don’t you think? Apparently, the people who are in charge of this task have to tag the cast in the show and create information about the plot and other aspects of a TV show or movie. Thanks to this, Netflix can offer a lot of detail about the content available on its platform. After the information is collected, a team of engineers used specific algorithms to split it into multiple sub-genres or alt-genres. The alt-genres give Netflix the chance to provide personalized content to its subscribers. If you have the secret Netflix codes, you won’t need to wait until you get recommendation based on what you have watched.

How can you access Netflix Secret Codes?

There is a specific code for each sub-genre. Knowing the code numbers for Netflix’s sub-genres will revolutionize the way in which you watch Netflix. To be able to start using the secret codes, you need to make some changes to the website URL. Follow the below steps:

1. Log into your Netflix account using your web browser.
2. Enter this URL and replace xxxx with the code: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/xxxx

In order to be able to open a specific category, you need to enter the code for that particular category of content in that URL. For instance, the code for documentaries is 6839 so to be able to access that alt-genre, you need to enter the URL like this:http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/6839
One thing to keep in mind is that Netflix is regularly changing its algorithms, meaning that the codes can change on a regular basis. Here are some of the secret codesso you take a look at all the secret categories that Netflix has to offer. If you know some more leave them below in the comments.

Action & Adventure (1365)

Asian Action Movies (77232)
Classic Action & Adventure (46576)
Action Comedies (43040)
Action Thrillers (43048)
Adventures (7442)
Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118)
Westerns (7700)
Spy Action & Adventure (10702)
Crime Action & Adventure (9584)
Foreign Action & Adventure (11828)
Martial Arts Movies (8985)
Military Action & Adventure (2125)

Anime (7424)

Adult Animation (11881)
Anime Action (2653)
Anime Comedies (9302)
Anime Dramas (452)
Anime Features (3063)
Anime Sci-Fi (2729)
Anime Horror (10695)
Anime Fantasy (11146)
Anime Series (6721)

Children & Family Movies (783)

Movies for ages 0 to 2 (6796)
Movies for ages 2 to 4 (6218)
Movies for ages 5 to 7 (5455)
Movies for ages 8 to 10 (561)
Movies for ages 11 to 12 (6962)
Education for Kids (10659)
Disney (67673)
Movies based on children’s books (10056)
Family Features (51056)
TV Cartoons (11177)
Kids’ TV (27346)
Kids Music (52843)
Animal Tales (5507)

Classic Movies (31574)

Classic Comedies (31694)
Classic Dramas (29809)
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy (47147)
Classic Thrillers (46588)
Film Noir (7687)
Classic War Movies (48744)
Epics (52858)
Classic Foreign Movies (32473)
Silent Movies (53310)
Classic Westerns (47465)

Comedies (6548)

Dark Comedies (869)
Foreign Comedies (4426)
Late Night Comedies (1402)
Mockumentaries (26)
Political Comedies (2700)
Screwball Comedies (9702)
Sports Comedies (5286)
Stand-up Comedy (11559)
Teen Comedies (3519)
Satires (4922)
Romantic Comedies (5475)
Slapstick Comedies (10256)

Cult Movies (7627)

B-Horror Movies (8195)
Campy Movies (1252)
Cult Horror Movies (10944)
Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy (4734)
Cult Comedies (9434)

Documentaries (6839)

Biographical Documentaries (3652)
Crime Documentaries (9875)
Foreign Documentaries (5161)
Historical Documentaries (5349)
Military Documentaries (4006)
Sports Documentaries (180)
Music & Concert Documentaries (90361)
Travel & Adventure Documentaries (1159)
Political Documentaries (7018)
Religious Documentaries (10005)
Science & Nature Documentaries (2595)
Social & Cultural Documentaries (3675)

Dramas (5763)

Biographical Dramas (3179)
Classic Dramas (29809)
Courtroom Dramas (528582748)
Crime Dramas (6889)
Dramas based on Books (4961)
Dramas based on real life (3653)
Tearjerkers (6384)
Foreign Dramas (2150)
Sports Dramas (7243)
Gay & Lesbian Dramas (500)
Independent Dramas (384)
Teen Dramas (9299)
Military Dramas (11)
Period Pieces (12123)
Political Dramas (6616)
Romantic Dramas (1255)
Showbiz Dramas (5012)
Social Issue Dramas (3947)

Faith & Spirituality (26835)

Faith & Spirituality Movies (52804)
Spiritual Documentaries (2760)
Kids Faith & Spirituality (751423)

Foreign Movies (7462)

Art House Movies (29764)
Foreign Action & Adventure (11828)
Classic Foreign Movies (32473)
Foreign Comedies (4426)
Foreign Documentaries (5161)
Foreign Dramas (2150)
Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies (8243)
Foreign Horror Movies (8654)
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy (6485)
Foreign Thrillers (10306)
Romantic Foreign Movies (7153)
African Movies (3761)
Australian Movies (5230)
Belgian Movies (262)
Korean Movies (5685)
Latin American Movies (1613)
Middle Eastern Movies (5875)
New Zealand Movies (63782)
Russian (11567)
Scandinavian Movies (9292)
Southeast Asian Movies (9196)
Spanish Movies (58741)
Greek Movies (61115)
German Movies (58886)
French Movies (58807)
Eastern European Movies (5254)
Dutch Movies (10606)
Irish Movies (58750)
Japanese Movies (10398)
Italian Movies (8221)
Indian Movies (10463)
Chinese Movies (3960)
British Movies (10757)

Gay & Lesbian Movies (5977)

Gay & Lesbian Comedies (7120)
Gay & Lesbian Dramas (500)
Romantic Gay & Lesbian Movies (3329)
Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies (8243)
Gay & Lesbian Documentaries (4720)
Gay & Lesbian TV Shows (65263)

Horror Movies (8711)

B-Horror Movies (8195)
Creature Features (6895)
Cult Horror Movies (10944)
Deep Sea Horror Movies (45028)
Foreign Horror Movies (8654)
Horror Comedy (89585)
Monster Movies (947)
Slasher and Serial Killer Movies (8646)
Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)
Teen Screams (52147)
Vampire Horror Movies (75804)
Werewolf Horror Movies (75930)
Zombie Horror Movies (75405)
Satanic Stories (6998)

Independent Movies (7077)

Experimental Movies (11079)
Independent Action & Adventure (11804)
Independent Thrillers (3269)
Romantic Independent Movies (9916)
Independent Comedies (4195)
Independent Dramas (384)

Music (1701)

Kids Music (52843)
Country & Western/Folk (1105)
Jazz & Easy Listening (10271)
Latin Music (10741)
Urban & Dance Concerts (9472)
World Music Concerts (2856)
Rock & Pop Concerts (3278)
Musicals (13335)
Classic Musicals (32392)
Disney Musicals (59433)
Showbiz Musicals (13573)
Stage Musicals (55774)

Romantic Movies (8883)

Romantic Favorites (502675)
Quirky Romance (36103)
Romantic Independent Movies (9916)
Romantic Foreign Movies (7153)
Romantic Dramas (1255)
Steamy Romantic Movies (35800)
Classic Romantic Movies (31273)
Romantic Comedies (5475)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1492)

Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1568)
Alien Sci-Fi (3327)
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy (47147)
Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy (4734)
Fantasy Movies (9744)
Sci-Fi Adventure (6926)
Sci-Fi Dramas (3916)
Sci-Fi Horror Movies (1694)
Sci-Fi Thrillers (11014)
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy (6485)

Sports Movies (4370)

Sports Comedies (5286)
Sports Documentaries (180)
Sports Dramas (7243)
Baseball Movies (12339)
Football Movies (12803)
Boxing Movies (12443)
Soccer Movies (12549)
Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling (6695)
Basketball Movies (12762)
Sports & Fitness (9327)

Thrillers (8933)

Action Thrillers (43048)
Classic Thrillers (46588)
Crime Thrillers (10499)
Foreign Thrillers (10306)
Independent Thrillers (3269)
Gangster Movies (31851)
Psychological Thrillers (5505)
Political Thrillers (10504)
Mysteries (9994)
Sci-Fi Thrillers (11014)
Spy Thrillers (9147)
Steamy Thrillers (972)
Supernatural Thrillers (11140)

TV Shows (83)

British TV Shows (52117)
Classic TV Shows (46553)
Crime TV Shows (26146)
Cult TV Shows (74652)
Food & Travel TV (72436)
Kids’ TV (27346)
Korean TV Shows (67879)
Miniseries (4814)
Military TV Shows (25804)
Science & Nature TV (52780)
TV Action & Adventure (10673)
TV Comedies (10375)
TV Documentaries (10105)
TV Dramas (11714)
TV Horror (83059)
TV Mysteries (4366)
TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1372)
Reality TV (9833)
Teen TV Shows (60951)

How to access American Netflix from any location

Knowing Netflix’s secret codes is just the beginning. If you want to enjoy a truly special and varied viewing experience, consider using a VPN. This is particularly recommended for subscribers outside the United States. This is because Netflix offers a wider variety and more extensive catalog in the US than in any other location. If you are in one of the smaller markets supported by Netflix, you will have a limited selection of options compared to what people in the United States can access. With the help of a VPN, you can get around geographical blocks and get access to international content, including Netflix’s catalog outside your country.

When you connect to a VPN server, your IP address is changed and what the websites you visit and the apps you use see is the IP address of that server. You may be in Portugal, but if you connect to a VPN server in the United States, you will get a US IP address that makes you appear as if you were in that country. This will enable you to gain access to content that is only supposed to be available there. This means that if you have a Netflix subscription, you can access Netflix library in the United States, by simply connecting to a VPN server in that country.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that not all VPN services are capable of defeating the restrictions. Netflix has implemented strict blocks to prevent people from accessing content that is not available in their local library. This is because Netflix has to comply with the licensing agreements that they have signed with production companies and that establish that the content can only be offered in certain regions. However, some VPN services have been able to overcome the blocks by updating their networks constantly, adding new servers and technology that can overcome the restrictions. Here is a list of the VPN services that are worth checking if you want to bypass blocks and enjoy the TV shows and movies available in the US version of Netflix.


ExpressVPN is one of the best providers in the industry. It offers an impressive network with servers in over 90 countries, including United States. ExpressVPN offers amazing speeds and it is one of the few providers that has managed to continue helping users to unblock Netflix US from any location. ExpressVPN also uses high security to protect data and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities.


NordVPN is another provider that has managed to defeat restrictions and offers its users the chance to enjoy international content, including Netflix US library from a different country. NordVPN allows you to connect to servers in over 60 countries and it is a zero logs provider, which means that it doesn’t keep any records. NordVPN offers top security and a high level of privacy.


VyprVPN is in charge of its own network of servers, which allows it to offer stable, fast speeds and also reliable performance. VyprVPN offers exclusive technology that can overcome Deep Packet Inspection and firewalls. This exclusive protocol is known as Chameleon. You can connect to servers in over 70 global locations. VyprVPN is another provider that doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it enables you to bypass geographical blocks to access US Netflix.

Additional benefits of using a VPN

Using a VPN is not only useful to overcome restrictions and enjoy content from a different Netflix library. It is an effective way to overcome online censorship in countries where the internet is controlled by the government. It also allows you to keep your information protected with the help of encryption. When data is encrypted, others are not able to understand it and won’t know what websites you visit, what data you are accessing or anything else about your online activities. In addition, the fact that your real IP address is hidden means that you can browse the internet anonymously.