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IP Chameleon Review

Your IP address can reveal your location and it can be used to track you down. If others see your IP address, your security and privacy can be compromised so it is important to look for a way to protect yourself. IP Chameleon is designed to disguise your IP address to stop others from finding out your location and identity. It will also help you to access content that is blocked in your country or local network. IP Chameleon focuses in allowing you to remain anonymous in a simple way. Here is more about this VPN service.

Privacy and Security

By changing your IP address with the help of Chameleon, you can enhance your anonymity when you are connected to the internet. Your real location remains hidden and others won’t be able to trace your online activities back to you. But that is not all, IP Chameleon also encrypts your traffic, adding true privacy to your online browsing. The providers uses L2TP/IPSec and Open VPN, which are reliable protocols. While OpenVPN is considered as the most solid option and it should be your first choice for security, L2TP/IPSec is a good alternative as it offers fast performance and a good level of protection. Unfortunately, IP Chameleon doesn’t offer specific details about the encryption used with these protocols.

In terms of privacy, IP Chameleon aims to attract customers who want a solid solution to keep their personal information safe. When you sign up, you are only required to provide your email address (you can use an anonymous one) and to create a password. In addition, their privacy policy states that no personal details are collected from customers and that the safety and anonymity of the service is guaranteed. They also state that no logs are kept, although the policy doesn’t provide specific details. Although Bitcoin is not available, they offer other payment methods that can help you to protect your identity such as Perfect Money. Although IP Chameleon appears to be committed to anonymity and security, we would like to see more information on the website and transparency about the service.


IP Chameleon is a simple solution that doesn’t include advanced features, but it is set to fulfill the main requirements for a VPN. It can change your IP address so that you can hide your real location and access content that is blocked. At the same time, it encrypts your internet traffic to protect it from snooping, hacking and other dangers. With IP Chameleon, you should have no issues accessing popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Google.

Although they don’t have their own software, the website offers guides that will help you to set up the VPN on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. IP Chameleon offers unlimited traffic and speed in all its plans. Currently, they have over 20 servers in 19 countries including United States, Ukraine, Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland, Panama, Malaysia and Canada. This selection of locations should be enough to conceal your real location and bypass restrictions.


You can subscribe to IP Chameleon for one month, six months of a full year. The price for one month is $10.99 USD. If you pay for six months in advance, the monthly price is reduced to $8.50 as the total price is $51. If you opt for a full year of service you pay $72, which means that the cost per month is reduced to $6. IP Chameleon offers average prices but compared to other providers is slightly more expensive, specially considering the lack of advanced features and the limited selection of servers.

The good thing is that they offer a free option that allows you to use the service for as long as you want, without having to pay. The free plan only gives you access to one VPN server and it comes with limited speeds, but it is a good way to test the service before purchasing a subscription. In addition, IP Chameleon has a 10-day money back guarantee that covers you in case you are not happy with the service.

Customer Support

As previously mentioned, IP Chameleon offers detailed set up guides for all the platforms supported. The instructions are easy to follow and will allow you to set up the service on any device. Unfortunately, the website is very basic and it doesn’t offer a great deal of information. There is no support section or FAQ available. However, once you register you will find an option to submit any question and get assistance from the support team.


IP Chameleon was established in 2014 so the company is still relatively new in the industry. It is likely that they are still working to expand their network and add new features to the service. At the moment, IP Chameleon is a simple option that may suit customers who want an easy way to mask their IP location and access content that is blocked in their location. It doesn’t require you to provide a lot of information when you register and it offers a no logs policy, which are also appealing features. However, the lack of a support section on the website and the limited amount of information are disappointing.