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JustFreeVPN Review

Review of: JustFreeVPN

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On June 23, 2015
Last modified:February 3, 2016


Internet users across the world have become aware of the importance of protecting the privacy and the security of their information when they are online. There is a large number of threats that can impact your browsing experience, but if you follow steps to keep your connection secure, you will be able to avoid them. A VPN is the most effective and convenient way to prevent eavesdroppers, fraudsters and government agencies from intercepting your online traffic.

With a VPN, you can also disguise your IP address in order to keep your location and identity hidden. Plus, you can bypass geo-location restrictions to access all the websites and online content that you want. There is an extensive list of VPN providers available and it is possible to find options that will suit every budget and requirements. If you are looking for the versatility and security that a VPN can provide, but don’t want to spend money, you can avail of a free service like JustFreeVPN. Here you will find more about this VPN.


JustFreeVPN is a provider that stands out for offering a reliable service free of charge, giving all users the possibility of protecting their identity and enjoying online content that is usually not available in their region. JustFreeVPN has servers in three locations: Canada, United States and United Kingdom. While this is limited compared to the wide selection that you can get from paid VPN services, the fact is that these are some of the most popular locations and will enable you to access some of the best content available. Furthermore, JustFreeVPN is a solution for which you won’t have to pay anything for.

Another advantage of using JustFreeVPN is that it is very easy to use and to set up. The website offers instructions to configure the service on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and mobile devices running Android and iOS. After following the set up guides to configure the VPN on the platform of your choice, you will be able to connect securely to internet. You will need to add the country ID whenever you want to access one of the servers. Also, since the password to access the service keeps changing you will need to visit their website on a regular basis.

While JustFreeVPN only supports PPTP, which is not considered as the safest protocol available, it is still a better option than browsing internet without any protection. Plus, PPTP works really well with mobile devices, making it an ideal solution to keep your connection secure when you are in the go and need to use Wi-Fi spots. This is a situation in which covering your identity is really important because malicious hackers are likely to try to get access to your data while you are using a public network.


In JustFreeVPN’s website you will be able to find technical information about the service they provide and the data centers in their network. According to the information provided, the Data Center in which their server in the US is hosted, runs through 100Gbps an operates 8 Tier 2 providers. Canada Data Center’s detaisl are as follows: 50Gbps, 6 Tier 2 providers and UK Data Center, 3 Tier 2 providers. However, speeds tests carried on the service showed that the average speed is actually lower than the figures published on the site.

Connecting to JustFreeVPN enables you to change your IP address and to get new DNS servers assigned. Your online traffic is redirected through a VPN network and secured with 128-bit encryption. This would prevent anyone, including your ISP to know exactly what sites you are accessing or what content you are watching, because they would only see encrypted data stream between your computer and the VPN server. This would allow you to avoid geo-location restrictions while keeping your online activity and your privacy secure.

Although the speed that you can expect from JustFreeVPN is not nearly as good as what the best VPN providers can offer, that should be the least of your concerns when using a free VPN. The truth is that a free VPN may be a practical option when you want to unblock a website, or access information without revealing your actual location, but unfortunately it is not the best way to protect your privacy. Yes, they offer features that are meant to keep your identity safe, but in reality you would get not get the level of security and anonymity that a premium VPN can offer. Furthermore, there is nothing stopping JustFreeVPN from sharing your information with third arties as they don’t have a no logs policy.

Customer Support

JustFreeVPN has a forum where users can share tips, but there is not customer support available, which is understandable since the service is free. This should not be a major issue since the service is easy to use and the website includes the necessary information to configure the VPN with any device.


A free VPN service like JustFreeVPN may be a practical way to discover what a VPN can do to change the way you connect to internet. However, if you want a highly efficient service that provides a high level of privacy, you would be better off paying for a fully functional VPN that supports advanced features and top encryption.