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Best VPN for Android

android vpn

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones offer a convenient way to access internet on the go. You can access Wi-Fi from hotels, public transport and cafes and enjoy everything that internet has to offer including your favourite social media websites and games. However, the risk that the information that you share is accessed by … Read more

Best VPN for iPad & iPhone

Apple’s leadership as an innovation force in technology remains uncontested. Their devices are known for their quality, gorgeous design and advanced features. Everything that Apple does gets into the spotlight and revolutionizes the industry. Even though Android is a strong platform in the smartphones and tablets market, Apple’s iPhone and iPad have achieved an iconic … Read more

Best VPN for Windows

Nowadays, almost everyone in the world needs to connect to internet at some stage due to work, studies or leisure. This means that we all need to be aware of the importance of using a VPN to protect the security of our information online. A VPN can also ensure that our privacy is not invaded … Read more

Best VPN for Mac

Whenever you connect to internet, your data is at risk of being accessed by others. Mac computers are no different and although true that at one time there were not many viruses being coded for the platform, its growth it popularity has come with an increase of vulnerability exploits. These third-parties may be companies that … Read more