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Perfect Privacy Review

Perfect Privacy has been providing high quality services since 2008 and its parent company is based in Switzerland. While it is a small provider, Perfect Privacy’s strong commitment to privacy and the advanced security features supported, have allowed it to become a leading solution in the industry. Perfect Privacy has a network of dedicated premium servers that offer top performance, reliability and the highest standards of security. The provider will impress experienced VPN users with its powerful functionality and it is constantly upgrading its technology and adding new features. The plans are considerably more expensive than the average, but as you will see in this review, Perfect Privacy offers sophisticated features that justify the high price tag.

Security and Privacy

Since Perfect Privacy is focused on offering a high level of protection for its customers’ online data, the provider offers AES-256 encryption in OpenVPN, a protocol known for its reliability and security. Other protocols supported are IPSec/L2TP, IPSec/IKEv2 and PPTP. This selection of protocols gives you flexibility to enjoy VPN protection on a variety of devices, platforms and for different purposes. SSH2 tunnels are also available and they can be used with specific apps. In addition, Perfect Privacy supports advanced security features that we’ll discuss later on.

Perfect Privacy doesn’t keep any logs at all, meaning that your online activities or connection details are not recorded or stored in any case. Even if Perfect Privacy is requested by law enforcement to hand over information about its customers, there won’t be any information available that could be used to trace a specific user. The company operates from Switzerland and Panama, which are privacy-friendly locations. These countries are not part of surveillance alliances like the Five Eyes and are away from the reach of known spying organizations like the NSA. Perfect Privacy also has a Warrant Canary and it accepts Bitcoin or cash as methods of payment.


Perfect Privacy has custom apps for Windows, Linux and Android, there is also a macOS solution that is currently available in BETA. It should be noted that the Android app is not available in the Google Play Store since Perfect Privacy has refused to agree to Google’s requirements, which could compromise customers’ privacy. This shows once again how seriously the provider takes privacy. For other platforms, Perfect Privacy offers detailed set up instructions. One of the things that places Perfect Privacy ahead from its competition is the fact that there are no restrictions on the number of devices that you can use. The service can be used simultaneously in as many devices as you want.

The service has evolved over the years and Perfect Privacy continues implementing top technology to suit its customers’ needs. There are server-side features that are enabled once you access the VPN network, regardless of the device or protocol that you are using. The options that are activated on the server-side are NeuroRouting, TrackStop and port forwarding. In order to talk about NeuroRouting, we should first refer to another advanced feature supported by Perfect Privacy and that is multi-hop cascade. This allows you to create custom VPN cascades using up to four servers, which adds a remarkably strong layer of security to your connection. With every hop, your traffic is re-encrypted and it gets assigned a new IP address before reaching the internet. This makes you pretty much untraceable so it is the ideal solution if you are looking for a higher level anonymity.

NeuroRouting is the next step of multi-hop VPN technology and it is an achievement that only Perfect Privacy offers. NeuroRouting is a solution that dynamically routes all traffic through the VPN network based on advanced algorithms. It allows you to use the entire VPN network to route your traffic dynamically and simultaneously. The system can identify the best route for a specific website or server, to give you the highest possible security. When you access multiple websites, you get different IP addresses and a variety of unique multi-hop configurations. It works on every device and it is enabled whenever you connect to the VPN network.

Perfect Privacy also offers TrackStop, a comprehensive blocker that prevents tracking, malware and ads. With TrackStop, you can reinforce your privacy by avoiding ads that record your browsing activities, keystrokes and more, and that then forward this information to third parties. It also helps you to protect yourself from malware, which is often included in ads, as well as ransomware, which is a growing threat that affects all internet-enabled devices. By blocking ads with TrackStop, you can also improve your device’s performance and save mobile data since ads can consume a lot of system resources and data. The filters supported by TrackStop include Fraud Filter, which blocks known malware websites, tracking and ad filter to block tracking and ad domains, as well as Parental filter, which allows parents to prevent their children from accessing content that is unsuitable for them.

Perfect Privacy also includes a kill switch, which will shut down the internet traffic if the VPN connection drops. This prevents that your real IP address becomes exposed. You also enjoy protection against DNS leaks and IP leaks protection. Thanks to the StealthVPN solution, which is is set of obfuscation features, you can hide the fact that a VPN is in use. This will allow you to defeat firewalls and networks that prevent the use of VPN, which makes it ideal for users in China and other locations with restrictive policies regarding internet access. Perfect Privacy supports port forwarding, as well as Socks5 and Squid proxies, giving you a lot of flexibility to access content and enjoy online freedom and privacy.

Unlike other providers that use virtual servers, Perfect Privacy has dedicated, physical servers that offer high quality performance. Although their network is limited when compared to what other VPNs offer, Perfect Privacy makes it up by offering stronger security, better reliability and fantastic speeds. Currently, they have servers in 24 countries including Canada, Egypt, Singapore, Israel, Norway, United States, Japan, Sweden, Czechia, Australia, Romania, Iceland and Switzerland. The Perfect Privacy network offers IPv6 support and all servers work in RAM disk mode, which means that there are no saved logs or data. The speeds are very good even if you connect to servers that are far from your real location.


Perfect Privacy’s advanced features, top security and great performance don’t come cheap and although their prices have been reduced over the last few years, they are still on the high side. One month of service costs €13.49, if you pay for three months in advance, the monthly cost is reduced to €11.98 and when you get six months, the monthly price is $10.99. You can reduce the monthly cost even further by opting for a yearly plan (€10.41 per month), o pay for two years and the price per month becomes €8.95. All you need in order to register is an email address, no other details are required and as previously mentioned, Bitcoin and cash are accepted. Although there is no free trial available, Perfect Privacy offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Support

The FAQ section on the website covers the main aspects that potential customers need to know about the service. There is also a forum in English and German where users can post their questions. Perfect Privacy also offers useful guides that will allow you to set up the service. If you need help with an issue, the best option is to contact the support team via email or ticket form.


Although Perfect Privacy is a high-end VPN and the high prices of the plans may discourage some customers, those who are looking for advanced technology and maximum security should definitely consider it. The provider continues improving its service adding new features designed to offer optimal performance and high security.