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Best unofficial and official Plex Channels for streaming

Plex is a practical way to stream content from any location and on any device. It is a versatile solution that lets you enjoy access to your media library when you are at home or on the go. With Plex, you can enjoy TV series, movies, sports, news and more. However, it is important to keep in mind that it when it comes to streaming content of traditional channels on Plex, you may come across geographical restrictions. The good news is that you can unblock these channels with the help of a VPN. This technology gives you the possibility of bypassing geo-blocks from anywhere in the world, whenever you want.

Plex Channels

The Plex Media Server and Plex app are the major elements of the Plex experience. The Media Server runs on Mac, Windows, Linux and other platforms. The Plex app works on mobile devices. In order to run Plex, you have to install Plex channels. Here we will go through the channels that give you the chance to enjoy TV shows, live sports, movies and more. To be able to install Plex channels on the Plex Media Server, you need to install plugins. Here are the steps that will allow you to install Plex plugins.

1. Go to https://github.com/plexinc-plugins?page=1. There you will see an extensive list of plugins for Plex.

2. Now you can choose the Plex channel that you want to install and click on it. Next, you will be redirected to another page. There you will need to click on “Clone or Download” at the upper right corner in green.

3. Next, click on Download zip and extract the zip file, once the download has been completed.

4. Now you need to copy the extracted file and right click on Plex Media Server so that you can paste it onto Plex Plugin folder on the system.

5. The original name of the file extracted is CBC.bundle-master, but you will need to change it to CBC.bundle, if you are installing the CBC plugin, for instance. After you change the name, the installation process for the plugin is completed.

Best Official Plex Channels

BBC iPlayer

The BBC is known for producing top quality TV series and interesting documentaries. With the official Plex channel, you can access outstanding content from this company. Go to Channels in the sidebar and then click on “Install Channels” to get the BBC iPLayer Plex channel.


This official channel lets you access content from one of the most popular networks in the United States, CBS. This will allow you to watch popular TV series, as well as sports events and exclusive special events. The official CBS channel can be added to Plex from its sidebar. Keep in mind that a premium subscription of CBS is needed to get access to the content that it offers.

Best Unofficial Plex Channels


Spotify is a very popular online streaming solution that allows music fans to access their favorite tunes and listen to full albums, or discover new artists. While there is no official Plex channel for Spotify, you can use the unofficial version to listen to tracks online. You can find the channel on github, but keep in mind that a Premium Apsotify is needed to be able to get all the benefits and features supported.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds works as an aggregator that gathers information from multiple websites so that you can easily get access to information and stay up to date. With this unofficial Plex channel, you can enjoy content from a variety of RSS Feeds. When you add RSS Feeds to Plex, you get the chance to enjoy a great variety of videos and audio tracks form many different sources.

Best Plex Channels for Roku


IceFilms is a great option to watch TV shows and movies on Roku. This channel enables you to find the latest media content available in just a matter of minutes. It is possible to search by release date and to find content that is part of the most-watched list, or that is listed in alphabetical order.

Let Me Watch This

If you are looking for a good solution to watch movies, Let Me Watch This is another solution that you need to consider. You can watch movies using Plex channels and enjoy a great selection of content. It offers such a vast selection of content that if there is something that you can’t find on other channels, it will probably be here.

Best Plex Channels for Sports

cCloud TV

cCloud TV lets you find multiple community streams from all over the world. This channel is great for sports fans since it offers access to an extensive selection of live sports events. Although you may find some broken links, in general cCloud TV is great and it is a solution that you need to consider.


Users in Canada know that CBC is a comprehensive source for sports, news and other good content. With the CBC Plex channels, you can stream your favorite sports events, as well as the latest news, with high quality. This add-on allows you to access live events and TV shows on your device at any moment.


Those who are subscribed to the NHL GameCenter can enjoy live hockey matches and all the great content from the NHL on their devices. You can also watch replays on-demand and view previous classic matches with the help of this channel.

Best Plex Channels for Android

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a fantastic source of content and it offers free access to books, movies and software. You can also look for content that was previously available online. This library will also enrich your Plex experience.


Trakt.TV is another option for users who want to watch movies and TV shows. It works not only on Android, bit also on iOS and Windows Phone. One of the most interesting aspects of Trakt.TV is that it syncs data from popular streaming solutions like Netflix and Kodi.


While this isn’t an official add-on from Facebook, it offers good performance and allows you to access videos and photos on the popular social media platform. Check media on Facebook on the News Feed of your Plex server at a glance.

Best Plex Channels for popular content

MTV Shows

MTV may not be the music hub that it once was, but it still offers popular TV shows and exclusive events. Fans of reality shows and original MTV series definitely need to check this channel.


VH1 offers some documentaries and TV series that will appeal to music fans. You can watch VH1 shows and search for content in alphabetical order or using the options available.

Reddit Videos

Reddit is known for being a versatile source of content and the Plex add-on allows you to access videos from multiple sources in one place. It is possible to access a vast selection of subreddits that bring you a lot of media content. You can browse through the options available to find what you want.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a classic and new generations can discover that education can be fun thanks to the amusing characters introduced by this popular TV series. Sesame Street is a great tool to teach kids basic concepts of Geography, Language and Math, just to mention a few.

FMovies Plus

FMovies Plus is a must-have for movie lovers. It allows you to watch 1080p content videos and it offers many active, working links, giving you many options to find great content. FMovies also offers TV shows and it allows you to gather metadata about the content available.