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PureVPN Review

Review of: Purevpn

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On July 16, 2014
Last modified:January 21, 2019


PureVPN is a trusted VPN provider that offers outstanding features, enhanced security and a user-friendly interface. They give you peace of mind by protecting your connection and securing your data against eavesdropping. They also ensure that you can fully enjoy all the applications and websites that internet can offer. You can get access to content from your favourite websites regardless of your location.

PureVPN customers can expect a great service and all the convenience of their large variety of options in terms of servers and IP addresses. They generously have a money back guarantee in case you aren’t entirely satisfied. Even though it only covers three days, most PureVPN users love their services and stay on with company.



PureVPN is compatible with the main operating systems: Mac, Windows and Linux. It also works with mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones or tablets. Installing and using their service is pretty simple. They also provide detailed information and instructions on their website to help you with every step of the setting up process.

They support highly secure protocols such as OpenVPN and SSTP, as well as L2PT/IPsec and PPTP.

One of the best things about PureVPN is that their proxy software allows you to select the server you want to connect to. With their “Use Intelligence” feature you can connect automatically to a server chosen by PureVPN based on what would suit you best. Whether you want to enjoy your favourite game online or watch your favourite TV shows, the Use Intelligence feature identifies the right server for you.

Advanced features like split tunnelling, allow you to use a determined connection for certain websites, while keeping your local connection for other applications. This is very helpful, particularly when banking abroad. You can choose a server located in your home country to access your bank while out of the country.


Location and performance

Choosing PureVPN means that you can avail yourself of their varied network of servers. There’s over 500 located in 140+┬ácountries. Some examples are Bulgaria, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Panama, Singapore, Sweden and Taiwan. You can also count on over 40000 IP addresses to ensure that your connections remains anonymous and secure.

Your identity and your data are protected, thanks to the wide availability of servers . On top of that, you can change your location at will. That’s going to allow you to access all the content available on websites like YouTube and Hulu, no matter where you live.

Speed is another aspect that makes PureVPN stand out. Usually, you may experience a slow down in your connection when using a VPN. PureVPN on the other hand, manages and hosts their own network. This allows them to provide a service that is fast and reliable.

Customer support

PureVPN is noted for their fantastic customer support, which is evident the moment you reach out to them with questions. Their Live Chat is always available and their service is responsive, helpful and very professional. You can also contact them through the Ticket Support system or visit the Forum and FAQ section where you will find useful information.

Their website also includes easy to follow tutorials that will guide you through every step of the installation process for any device and OS they support. If you require a fix, Remote Support is available in a timely and effective manner.


With excellent customer support and an impressive service, PureVPN has gained their reputation as a leading VPN provider that offers security, speed and flexibility.

Their ease of use guarantees a great experience even for those new to the VPN technology. Yet they’re also a great option for more experienced users thanks to their advanced features. Their exclusive split tunnelling feature is one of the things that separates PureVPN from the competition. Finally, their selection of servers and high quality service continues to keep PureVPN on the list of best VPN providers.