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Ra4W VPN Review

Originally launched in 2013, Ra4W is a VPN solution that has grown to become the preferred choice for thousands of users around the world. You can get access to over 20 servers in more than 20 countries. While it is not exactly new, chances are that not many people have heard about Ra4W VPNyet. If you are considering this or any other provider, there are some aspects that you need to check. We will focus on all the information that you need to keep in mind before you decide is Ra4W is the best solution for your needs. Check our review to find out if Ra4W really is a VPN service that deserves your attention.

Privacy and Security

Ra4W VPN provides a high level of safety through its high encryption and solid VPN protocols. The first thing to note is that they support OpenVPN, a protocol that is well-known for being secure and reliable. In addition, the provider uses AES 256-bit encryption, which is a high standard that is used by financial institutions and even the government. It is pretty much impossible to get around this security and so far, it hasn’t been compromised. Many VPN companies use this combination to ensure that the information of its customers remains protected, so it is good to see that Ra4W VPN adheres to the industry standards.

Ra4WVPN states that it doesn’t keep logs of the online activities of its customers. They say that no logs are kept on their servers. This is a statement that many VPN services offer since the main reason why people use a VPN is to keep their information private and enjoy anonymity. It is very important that before you get a VPN, you check the privacy policies to confirm that they don’t put your privacy at risk by logging your information. It is good to see that the only data that they keep is your email address. Their privacy policy also mentions that there is no content logged or monitored on its VPN tunnels. The only downside is that Ra4W VPN is based in the United States, which is part of the Five Eyes spying alliance. Although they claim that no data is logged at all, the problem is that they are within the jurisdiction of the NSA, meaning that they could be forced to log data, or at least asked to hand over any information that they may have.


Ra4W only has dedicated software for Windows, but the installation is pretty simple. The only confusing thing is that the username and password that is used to sign into the application is not the same that you use to access the account on the website. Your VPN login information is available on your dashboard on the website. While the VPN can also be used on Linux, Mac, routers, iOS and Android, you will need to set these up manually. However, there are no clear instructions to complete the manual setup and it is not even possible to find manuals on the website, which is very disappointing.

Apart from the limited compatibility, Ra4W VPN doesn’t support a built-in kill switch. This is a feature that can add protection to your privacy as it shuts down all applications in case the VPN connection suddenly drops. This prevents that your real IP address becomes visible to others. Since there are some connection issues with Ra4W VPN, the fact that a kill switch is not available is more than disappointing. Although Ra4W VPN passed most tests, some DNS leaks were detected. To make things worse, a potential malicious file was detected. It is likely that if you want to use a VPN, your main concern is security so getting this kind of results will raise many concerns.

As previously mentioned, there are over 30 servers available and they are distributed across more than 20 countries. Ra4W VPN allows you to use as many connections as you want. The thing is that each connection on your account must use a different server. Still, the fact that you can use as many connections as you want, gives Ra4W VPN an advantage over most competitors, which only support up to five connections. In terms of speeds, Ra4W VPN disappoints again as the connections are not fast enough to support a seamless streaming experience. Speaking of streaming, Ra4W VPN won’t help you to unblock Netflix’s US library. However, it will allow you to download torrents, but as we previously mentioned, the speeds are not the best, so you may have to wait a while before you can actually get the files that you want.


Ra4W VPN offers convenient prices and there are different subscription lengths to choose from. One month of service costs $3.49, which is quite low when compared to what you pay for many of its competitors. You can save even more with a yearly subscription, which costs only $15.99. That means that you only pay $1.33 per month. If you want to get the best value for money, you can opt for the lifetime subscription, available for only $19.99. This will allow you to use the service for as much time as you want and you can pay using PayPal, Stripe and BitCoin. Although they offer refunds, this option is only available in case the service is not working or there are major technical issues. If you experience any problem, you have to report it within 7 days of using the service and you need to prove that the service is not working so make sure that you take screenshots. Keep in mind that if you paid using Bitcoin or if you break their terms, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

Customer Support

This is an area in which Ra4W VPN exceeds as it offers fast and efficient responses. Although you can only contact them via email, you can expect a reply within a few minutes. The responses are helpful and detailed so we have to give high points to Ra4W VPN in this category.


Ra4W VPN is a solution that is very appealing due to its low price and strong encryption. Unfortunately, the service lacks advanced features and it doesn’t offer good speeds, which means that if you are mainly interested in streaming content or playing games, you will be better off with a different choice.