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Radmin VPN Review

Individual users have discovered the advantages of VPN services relatively recently, but businesses have relied on this technology for many years. We usually focus on VPNs designed for people who want to protect their internet traffic from eavesdroppers when they are at home or on the go, or bypass restrictions that prevent them from accessing the content that they want. However, today we will talk about Radmim, a free VPN that aims to offer businesses a solution to connect their computers securely. The software promises to be user-friendly and it helps users to create virtual private networks in an easy way. Radmin VPN was created by Famatech, a company funded in 199 and that is based in Moscow, Russia. Famatech that has gained recognition for creating remote control and network management software. Radmin, which was originally launched in 2016 is their most popular product to date. We’ll find out more about Radmin VPN here.

Is Radmin VPN the right choice for you?

Before we take a closer look at the main aspects of Radmin, it is important to help you understand if this provider is suitable for your needs, or even worth considering. As we mentioned before, Radmin VPN’s main goal is to give business customers the possibility of setting up secure connections within its network and to support remote workers. With Radmin VPN, businesses can connect distributed teams in an easy way, regardless of the distance between users. Radmin VPN gives users the chance to connect to remote computers and it is even capable of overcoming external firewalls. Radmin VPN also supports remote desktop access, allowing you to access and work at your remote computer from any location. If you are travelling for business or are not at the office and need to access your work files, Radmin VPN can help you to connect from anywhere so that you can access your files, emails and everything else. 

Radmin VPN enables to teams to work as if they were connected over a LAN. This feature also makes it useful for gamers, in fact, it is the only case in which Radmin VPN offers its service as a solution for individual users. With Radmin VPN, it is possible to play LAN games with your friends and family online. There are no limits imposed on the amount of players and the fast speeds offered enable to enjoy the game to the max, just as if you were playing in the LAN. That being said, Redmin VPN is not a solution to redirect your entire traffic and bypass restrictions that prevent you from accessing streaming apps and other content, and it is not a software intended for online privacy protection. Redmin can be considered as a secure, encrypted LAN, rather than a VPN in that sense. It should also be noted that Radmin VPN only offers support for Windows. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be apps for other platforms or browser extensions available.
Radmin VPN can be integrated with Radmin, Famatech’s flagship software that is designed as a remote support solution for IT experts. In summary, while Radmin VPN offers some functionality that can be useful for individual users, it is not the most convenient solution if what you want is a VPN to protect your internet traffic and defeat online restrictions. It can be used to set up local networks, but it is not a tool for online privacy or to unblock popular apps like Netflix and Hulu. If that is what you are looking for, you should consider other options like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Security and privacy

Although we mentioned that Radmin VPN is not the ideal solution to protect your privacy, it does have security features. After all, it is used by businesses that need to ensure that their data can be accessed in a secure manner. This is why it uses AES-156 encryption, which has become the standard in the VPN industry. Now, just because the service encrypts data, it doesn’t mean that it will keep your activities protected from prying eyes. The privacy policy mentions that the website collects information such as domain, IP address, browser type and operating system, for maintenance and statistics related purposes. Your email address and other personal data is meant to be only used internally, but if a request is received from authorities, Radmin will hand over information. 

In this section, we also need to highlight the fact that Famatech is based in Moscow, Russia. Although Russia is not part of spying alliances like the Five Eyes, it is not exactly a privacy-friendly location. Russia has strict data retention laws that are mandatory and that require telecom companies to store information of their users’ communication and to give Russian government agencies access to this data whenever requested. This means that the information collected by Famatech can be accessed by the Russian government at any time. If you are concerned about your privacy, you may want to avoid this VPN, but as we mentioned before, Radmin VPN is intended mainly for businesses and it is set to be a complement to Radmin. As such, individual users would be better off choosing other services in any case. 


One of the main benefits of Radmin VPN is that is available for free. This makes it an appealing choice for businesses and it is an excellent extra feature for the Radmin software.

Customer support

There is a Support section on the website where you can find an online form to enter your contact details and query. Unfortunately, there is no live chat available and the responses to the questions sent can take a while. However, there is also a community section where you can find useful information. 


Radmin VPN is a good choice if you are looking for encrypted virtual LAN. It is a practical connectivity and remote desktop access solution for businesses and it is even available for free. Although there is no dedicated support provided by chat, the community forum offers a good deal of information and you can also reach out to them via the contact form. Just bear in mind that Radmin VPN is not meant to be a privacy tool for individual users and it is not recommended if you want to keep your information private.