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Sites like Rainierland

Rainierland is a website where you can watch movies and TV shows for free and access it anywhere as long as you have internet. Amazing movie experience is in the palms of your hands as this site ensures easy access and provides convenience. It, in fact, supports most devices which could be accessed by anyone at any time. It has numerous genres such as action, animation, biography, adventure, crime, mystery, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. you could choose from and even watch any movie you like in a max screen resolution.

Though Rainierland is a great platform where you could get to watch your desired movies, like other websites, it also has its strengths, advantages, weaknesses and disadvantages. Some people love Rainierland but some has reservations. As this is the case, we have decided to feature a list of top sites that are similar to Rainierland that you could check as an alternative.

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is well known for providing great movie experience to its users. With its easy and free access to its website, you will never be disappointed and frustrated in choosing Popcornflix. Moreover, Popcornflix assures its users that they will have an enjoyable experience by providing full maximum usage of its features even without registering. You will also be impressed with their huge variety of movies and categories as they often update their site which means you will get to access to new movies once in a while.

Popcornflix is compatible with android and iOS devices.

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion, similar to Rainierland, allows its users to have an enjoyable watching experience through streaming videos wherever and whenever they want through internet. Not only they provide a wide range of videos, they also update their site with new videos constantly. They also allow their users to share videos which means you will not run out of videos to watch in this site. Furthermore, Dailymotion offers movies and videos not only from where you are but also from other countries.

3. YouTube

Of course YouTube will always be included in every list when it comes to videos or movies. Don’t you agree? To those who doesn’t know, YouTube is a popular video sharing site where its users are allowed to upload their own videos. This site has one of the largest video libraries which includes videos, movies, TV shows, music videos, vlogs, tutorials, dramas, etc. Every minute you will find new uploaded videos in this site due to its billions of users worldwide. No internet connection? No worries, this site allows its users to access movies and videos offline as well,

though, it is highly recommended to watch online for easier, uninterrupted and enjoyable watching experience.

4. Viewster

One could find thousands of free online videos in Viewster. From anime to gaming videos to documentary to Sci-fi to fantasy, etc., you will find everything here. Though they update not as frequent as the other sites in this article, its videos are well organized that you will not have a hard time finding videos that you’d like to watch.

Viewster can be watched and viewed through PC, Android or any Apple device.

5. Crackle

Crakle is a platform where you could watch any Sony Pictures’ movies unlimitedly. One could find popular, award winning movies, videos and TV shows in this site and could watch it whenever and wherever you are. Their site has a user-friendly interface and their movies are categorized and organized to make selection of movies easier to find.

6. TubiTV

TubiTV is known for providing interesting documentaries. Watching through TubiTV is truly a wonderful and interesting experience. With its interactive tools and automatic smooth video player, one could not go wrong. Furthermore, TubiTV promises its users interrupt-free watching experience with zero advertisements.

7. Free Movie Cinema

Free Movie Cinema could offer a feeling of watching movies in a movie house at the comfort of one’s home. Their videos and movies are of high quality, Bluray and High-definition 720p to 1080p max screen resolution. Also, they have a huge video, movie library which provides its users numerous options and choices. Movies are not cut or are not interrupted by any advertisements which means you will get to enjoy your movies just like you are in a movie house.

8. Movie Night

Movie Night allows its users to stream videos, movies and TV series of any genre. What makes Movie Night unique from other sites in this article, is that is more mobile- friendly. iOS or Android phone? No problem, you could access Movie Night anytime, anywhere and with ease.

9. Housemovie

Housemovie has most of movies, TV shows or series that one would look for. They frequently add new movies and videos which makes their library one of the largest. Another thing with Housemovie, their loading is much faster compared to others which makes watching more highly anticipated.

10. Geeker

Geeker could be categorized as a platform which has it all. Aside from a collection of videos and movies, Geeker comes with PFF files and ebooks as well. To be able to access everything Geeker has to offer, one has to register as a member. A small deed to do for a great watching experience. We say, not bad at all, go register and enjoy the privileges that comes with it.

Screen Grabber Pro

Most websites listed in this article requires internet to access and watch movies. However, through Screen Grabber Pro, one could record, capture videos and movies and watch offline. All you have to do is:

  1. Download and install the program to your device.
  2. Configure the settings – set the recording mode and adjust according to your needs.
  3. Play the movie and start recording.
  4. Enjoy watching your movie offline anytime.


Sites such as Rainierland are very helpful and provides joy to all movie lovers. Through these sites, one could watch movies for free and at the convenience of one’s home. One could watch it online or offline and could watch and share wonderful, amazing watching experience to one’s loveones, friends, etc. We hope we are able to provide our readers useful information in finding the best site that would suit your tastes and needs.