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Turbo VPN Review

Android is still a leading platform thanks to the flexibility that it offers when it comes to customization and compatibility. Many people rely only on their Android smartphones and tablets to get access to online entertainment, to find information and to communicate with friends and family. While using your Android device to connect to public WiFi hotspots can be very convenient, it can also be risky. Unfortunately, security is not a strength of public networks. Malicious users can try to exploit the vulnerabilities of public WiFi hotspots in order to steal your data. To avoid this, it is crucial that you protect yourself with a VPN. Adding a VPN to your Android device allows you to keep your data private and it also enables you to overcome online restrictions. Turbo VPN is a free VPN proxy that focuses on offering Android users a better chance to protect their data and to overcome restrictions. With millions of downloads and a soaring popularity, Turbo VPN is a solution that many people will want to consider. Let’s find out more about what it offers.

Privacy and security

Turbo VPN promises to offer fast security and it uses OpenVPN (UDP and TCP) to encrypt your data. OpenVPN is the considered by many as the protocol available. However, there are not many details about the level of encryption used. Besides, when it comes to free services, it is better to be cautious since they are unlikely to offer the high level of security that a premium service can offer. Turbo VPN may make your data slightly safer, but don’t expect it to protect your information completely. If you need to handle sensitive information, we advise you to opt for a different service.

In terms of privacy, Turbo VPN has a policy that states that it doesn’t keep logs of the websites you visit or the IP addresses that are assigned to your while you use the service. In addition, they claim that that don’t collect any data stored on or sent from your device. According to the policy, only a small amount of data is collected, but there is not enough clarity or specific information about this. They mention that while some data is logged during sessions, any information related to your online activities is deleted after the VPN session is finished. The issue is that they also say that when you use the service, you agree to the fact that they collect statistics about users’ behavior and location. This leaves the door open for logging anything.

While some statistics may be useful for the developers, many users won’t feel comfortable knowing that their location, and other details that could help to identify them, are being recorded. There is also a risk that your data is sold to third parties, after all Turbo VPN is a free service and it is easy to imagine that one of the ways in which it can make money, is by selling data to advertising partners, for example. In the end, even with paid VPNs, you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to trust the developers. It is also important to keep in mind that when you install Turbo VPN, many permissions are required. Apart from asking for permission to access in-app purchases and WiFi connections, you are also required to provide your device and app history, identity, photos, media, files and more.


Turbo VPN is mainly designed to help you to overcome restrictions that may prevent you from accessing websites or media. If you want to watch a video or access a website, but the content is not available in your country, you can use Turbo VPN to get around the blocks. Turbo VPN can be useful when you are at home or school because usually, network administrators implement restrictions to prevent students and employees to access popular websites like Facebook and YouTube. Turbo VPN can also offer some protection for your connection, particularly when you use public WiFi. It also adds privacy and anonymity so that you can browse the internet without exposing your identity.

Turbo VPN owrks with WiFi, 3G, LTE and it is compatible with all mobile data carriers. You can get access to servers in 9 countries including India, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, France and Netherlands. While there is not a huge variety of options, the servers are distributed in a way that will allow you to find an option that lets you defeat restrictions, no matter where you are. Plus, there are no bandwidth limits or restrictions imposed. It should also be noted that the app features ads, but since it is free, this is to be expected. It is possible to upgrade so that you can enjoy better speeds, access more servers and remove the ads. Furthermore, you can connect up to five devices. However, the monthly plan is quite expensive. One month costs nearly $14 USD, but if you go for the yearly plan, the costs is reduced to $3.45 per month. Still, considering that there are VPN services that are compatible with more platforms apart from Android and that offer many more features and stronger security, Turbo VPN is not an option that could be considered as good value for money.

How does it work?

The installation process is simple, but as previously mentioned, there are is a long list of permissions requested. Once you start using the app, you will need to deal with ads and they appear quite often. While it is possible to close the ads or get around them, it can be difficult to find out how to do it. In some cases, you have no choice but to wait until the ad closes automatically after a while. That being said, the ads don’t affect your use of the app and Turbo VPN is very easy to use. You just need to click Connect and the app will connect you to a server within seconds. When you want to close the session, you just need to click the red Close button.

You can select the server that you want to connect to, but the app doesn’t offer a smart feature to connect you automatically to the best server available. You get connected to a server fast, but it may not be the option that you want. The app is very simple and it lacks advanced functionality. All you can do is connect to a server automatically once Turbo VPN is launched. The speeds are not consistent and while some servers are quite efficient, others leave a lot to be desired. You may be able to stream videos in some cases, but it is likely that you experience some lag. Some users have reported unexpected connection drops, or issues when they try to establish a connection, but overall, the service offers good performance.


Turbo VPN offers a practical and easy solution to bypass restrictions and enjoy access to more content when using your Android device. However, it comes with some privacy and security concerns, considering the fact that it requests more permissions than needed. If you only want a simple way to bypass blocks to browse the internet or watch videos, Turbo VPN may work well for you, but if you want high level protection, you should look somewhere else.