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Best VPN for Free Internet

Online freedom is threatened every day as government agencies, large corporations, media services and local networks place restrictions on the content that we can get access to. Censorship and geo-blocks prevent internet users from enjoying all the content that they want, and the problem is not only affecting those who live in countries where oppressive rulers and political parties control the internet and the entire media. These restrictions are implemented, even in countries that pride themselves of offering people freedom to express themselves and to access the information that they want.

There is hope though. You can get around the restrictions with a VPN service. This is a technology that can bypass the blocks to enable you to access great media content from around the world, as well as information that may be censored in your location. Entertainment and information are at your reach with the help of a VPN. While we recommend that you consider a paid service because it offers a more reliable performance, as well as higher security and better speeds, there are free VPNs that you can consider. They are practical as they don’t require you to get a subscription and allow you to discover what a VPN can do.

That being said, if you really want to enjoy online freedom, you need a reliable solution that lets you to get around restrictions and add a strong layer of privacy for your information. Free VPNs are not capable of overcoming all restrictions (for instance, they won’t work for Netflix) and they don’t protect your traffic with the high level of encryption that paid services offer. That is why in order to get a truly free Internet experience, you need effective VPNs that can defeat any blocks.

What do we mean by free Internet and how can a VPN help?

In most cases, a free VPN means that you can forget about bandwidth throttling attempts by ISP providers. Bandwidth is a practice of many ISP providers that aim to slow down certain apps or websites, favoring others. This is an attack on net neutrality, which is the principle of equal opportunity for people to get access to all the content they want with the same speeds and without throttling. With a VPN, you can avoid throttling since your ISP won’t be able to identify the data that you are accessing so it won’t know what to block. You can enjoy better speeds and will also have the freedom to access all the content that you want.

Internet freedom can also be compromised by government agencies that stop you from getting access to certain websites or apps, due to political or religious reasons. In cases where the government places restrictions on the internet, it is usually to shut down those who question or criticize its policies. In these cases, a VPN can also help since it lets you mask your IP, hiding your real location and giving you access to content beyond your borders.

Can you get free internet with a VPN?

A VPN is designed to secure your online traffic and keep your valuable data protected from prying eyes. It uses high encryption and it masks your IP address, giving you security and anonymity. Your IP address is re-directed through a different server in another destination. This hides your real IP address and location, preventing others from tracing you and finding out where you are.

In addition, when you use a VPN, your data is encrypted and it is transferred using a secure protocol. The protocol prevents others from getting access to your data packet. AES 256 military grade encryption has become the industry standard. It provides high security and it hasn’t been compromised. Encryption scrambles your data, making it practically impossible for others to see what you are doing.

On top of what we mentioned above, a good VPN protects your privacy by not keeping any logs. This means that they don’t keep any records that could put your privacy at risk, because even if they were asked to hand over information about you, they wouldn’t have anything to provide. There are providers with a great, solid reputation in this category as even when they have been approached by government organizations and third-parties, they haven’t been able to provide any data since they didn’t have anything on record. It is possible to enjoy online freedom with a VPN on any devices. Most services have apps for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. There are also extensions for popular browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Free internet VPN for Android

Unblocking censored and geo-restricted websites and apps on your Android device lets you enjoy internet freedom on the go. This is all you have to do:

1. Sign up with a VPN and then select a plan
2. Once you have paid and selected the login details, you can download the Android app and install it on your device.
3. Enter your login details when asked
4. Select a server to connect to. The selection depends on the content you want t get access to. For instance, if you want to access apps or websites that are only available in the United States, you need to connect to a server in that country.
5. That is all. Now you should be able to bypass the restrictions and enjoy online content with freedom, and securely.

Free Internet VPN for iOS

THe majority of VPN providers have apps specifically designed for iOS. You have the chance to manually set up your VPN on the protocol you prefer, including L2TP. Follow the below steps:

1. Go to your VPN provider and purchase a subscription plan
2. Get the login details, which are usually sent via email. They can be changed at a later stage.
3. Get the IPSec pre-shared key to continue. In most cases, the key can be found in the manual configuration option, but this depends on the provider.
4. On your iOS device, go to settings, General setting, VPN, Add VPN Configuration. Then select Setup VPN configuration and a new prompt will appear.
5. Select L2TP from the tabs in this prompt and enter the information required as follows:
Description – You can choose any name
Server – Enter the preferred server address available
Provider account – Username
RSA SecurID – Disable this
Password – Enter your VPN password
Secret – Enter thhe Pre-shared IPSec Key.
Send All Traffic – Disable this and then press Save
6. Return and enable the VPN in the General Settings

Best VPNs for Internet freedom


With over 2000 servers in over 90 countries, ExpressVPN is a powerful solution to unblock content that is not available in your country. Regardless of the censorship and geographical blocks, ExpressVPN can overcome the restrictions and give you access to streaming services, apps and much more. It doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it uses high encryption to protect your data. Although the price of the plans is higher than what you pay with other providers.


NordVPN protects your internet traffic with high encryption and since it is a zero logs provider, it doesn’t keep any logs at all. Furthermore, NordVPN has over 5000 ultra fast servers that let you stream content from around the world. You can enjoy security, speed and privacy, as well as advanced features and high quality customer support. NordVPN is designed to help you overcome restrictions and it has affordable plans.


Surfshark has been independently audited, meaning that its security and privacy have been confirmed. That is not all, this provider offers excellent quality software and advanced features that help you to get around the restrictions that prevent you from accessing the content that you want. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it lets you have as many devices connected as you want at the same time.


CyberGhost also has a strong commitment to privacy and security, but it doesn’t leave speed aside. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries and enjoy access to a vast collection of TV shows, movies, live events and more. CyberGhost doesn’t keep logs and it is committed to help users to overcome restrictions. It is a reliable and effective VPN that lets you enjoy online freedom anywhere.

Private Internet Access

If you are looking for a VPN that works and that doesn’t break the bank, take a look at PIA. This provider has affordable plans and it offers all the features needed to overcome restrictions. You can enjoy fast performance, as well as high security for your information. No logs are kept of your activities and you can connect to servers in over 30 countries.

Keep in mind

VPNs are privacy tools that let you defeat censorship and blocks, which makes them ideal for users in countries like China, UAE or Iran. However, it is important to keep in mind that the governments in these countries are aware of the fact that VPNs are used to overcome blocks, which is why they aim to prevent people from using them.