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VPN Makers Review

Review of: VPN Makers

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On December 3, 2014
Last modified:February 2, 2016


VPN Makers is a provider that has established itself as a reliable solution that aims to offer security and freedom online. The company is based in Istanbul, Turkey and it is focused on offering a simple and effective tool that will allow you to protect your privacy in internet, while enjoying access to popular websites like YouTube and Facebook without restrictions. VPN Makers started in 2009 and while they are not as well-known as other providers, they have a solid customer base that continues growing. With their service, you will be able to use internet freely and without exposing your information. Furthermore, the company aims to offer a service that offers top speed and performance. The team behind VPN makers offer a great customer experience for all their users. If you have not heard about VPN Makers yet, this is your chance to discover what the company has to offer.



When visiting their website, you will notice that VPN Makers has created a simple, yet appealing image. The site is easy to navigate and while the information is very basic, it covers the main aspects of their service. They offer a good selection of guides to help you through the installation and configuration process. VPN Makers offers browsing security for operating systems like OSX, Windows, iOS, Linux and Android. The protocols supported include PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and SSTP. While the installation guides are very useful and the level of device compatibility is satisfactory, the lack of OpenVPN support is disappointing since this open source protocol is generally considered as the most reliable option.

PPTP is fast and works well with mobile platforms, but it is not very secure. L2TP/IPSec is easy to configure and while it is generally secure, it is also vulnerable to third-party infiltration and it is likely to be compromised by government organizations like the NSA. SSTP provides more security and can bypass most firewalls. However, its proprietary standard is owned by Microsoft, meaning that it only works well for Windows. Since it is not an independent protocol and cannot be audited by third-parties, it is also prone to infiltration from government agencies that want to extend their surveillance over internet traffic.

If you mainly want to enjoy access to websites that are blocked in your region or to keep your connection secure from ISP monitoring or eavesdropping while you are using public Wi-Fi, the protocols offered by VPN Makers would suffice. However, if you want a high level of protection that can stand against government surveillance, you really need a solution that supports OpenVPN and it is a pity that VPN Makers does not offer this option. Still, they provide 128-256 bit encryption and the level of security that is available, would suit most users.

VPN Makers offers unlimited bandwidth and speed, meaning that users that wish to stream media content or download files can enjoy a great experience. Their speeds are generally good and you would not experience major delays when using services like Skype or when playing your favourite online game. P2P downloading is supported on servers located in Hong Kong.

They have competitive prices in all their plans, which are organized according to the length of the subscription. VPN Maker’s monthly plan is available for $4.95 USD. A three month subscription costs $13.35 USD, meaning that the price per month is reduced to $4.45. For six months, you pay $23.10 ($3.85 per month) and for one year the cost is $41.40 USD, meaning that you would only pay $3.45 USD per month. All their plans offer full access to their network of servers and you can switch between them without restrictions. The prices are very affordable and compared to other options VPN Makers offer good value for money.

Unfortunately, in terms of privacy, VPN Makers is not the strong solution that many users look for. The Privacy Policy is not very clear and does not provide much detail, but it is likely that they keep logs of your activity. Furthermore, they keep record of your personal details such as your name, email address and IP address used during registration.


Location and Performance

VPN Makers has 23 servers located in 11 countries including Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, United States, Netherlands, Turkey and Ukraine. Even if the range of servers is limited, the variety of locations would be enough to ensure that customers across the world can access content from any website, regardless of geo-location restrictions.

Customer Support

If there is an aspect in which VPN Makers really stands out that is Customer Support. Their team is skilled and helpful and you can expect effective assistance. They can be contacted through email based ticket system and live chat, which is available during business hours. When contacting them using the ticketing system, you can expect replies within a few hours or sometimes less. Even if the availability of the customer support is not as extensive as what bigger companies offer, the reason why VPN Makers deserves recognition for their customer support is the high quality of their responses. The company can also be reached out by phone or via Skype if required.


Even if they are not very popular at the moment, the combination of good quality service, affordability and excellent customer support are bound to help VPN Makers to gain recognition in the VPN industry, but it’s still hard to justify paying the same price for less coverage. Their service is basic and simple, but that is what would attract many customers that are looking for a service that is easy to use and that works well. However, those who require advanced features would find the lack of options disappointing. Additionally, the weak privacy policy and the fact that OpenVPN is not supported, will discourage users whose top priority is anonymity and security. In spite of that, the reasonable prices and solid service will suit many people.