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VPN Tunnel Review

VPN Tunnel is one of the VPNs managed by Edeline Commerce, a company that is based in Seychelles and that focuses on offering online privacy and security solutions. Originally, VPNTunnel was operating from Sweden, but since it was acquired by Edelino Commerce, its headquarters were changed and the service was revamped. In this review, we will find out what are the main aspects of VPNTunnel.

Privacy and Security

VPNTunnel supports various protocols, which gives you flexibility to manage your connection according to your needs. The options available are SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP. If your main concern is security, the best option is OpenVPN since it provides a high level of protection and stable performance. VPNTunnel uses 2048-bit encryption in OpenVPN and PPTP uses 128-bit encryption, which should be enough for general browsing. Since VPNTunnel is based in Seychelles, there are no strict data retention laws to worry about. They don’t keep logs of users’ online activities in any case, but only their Swedish servers are also free from connection logs. This means that when you connect to VPNTunnel’s servers in Sweden, your IP addresses, the connection time and other related details are not logged. When you register for the service, you are only asked to provide your email address. Another good point to consider in terms of how VPNTunnel can help you to protect your privacy is that they accept Bitcoin as method of payment.


Like other VPN services, VPNTunnel is set to add security to your online traffic by encrypting it, plus it allows you to bypass censorship and geographical restrictions effectively. You can use the service on different platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The VPN client is easy to use and during the sign up process you will be asked to select a plan and to provide your email address to create an account. After purchasing a plan, you will be able to access the Control Panel with your account login details.

The installation guides will allow you to set up the service on the platform of your choice. There are no bandwidth restrictions applied and the speeds of the service will allow you to download content effectively and since P2P is allowed, you won’y have any hassle using the VPN for this purpose. They have over 80 servers in 22 countries including Sweden, Netherlands, Panama, Iceland, Singapore, Russia, United Kingdom and United States. VPNTunnel supports up to five simultaneous connections.


VPNTunnel offers reasonable prices, which is one of its main appeals. You can subscribe for a month and pay $9.99, but the best value for money comes when you extend the length of your subscription. If you pay in advance for three months, the monthly cost is reduced to $6.66 and if you go for the yearly plan, your monthly price is just $2.99.

Customer Support

The support section features answers to the most frequent questions about the service and there is also information about VPN technology in general. However, we believe that they should focus on VPNTunnel since there are not enough specific details about their own service. There are also some inconsistencies on the website and it is only possible to contact the support team via email. It would be good to see additional channels of communication, such as a live chat.


Since Edelino acquired VPNTunnel, there have been some positive changes that have allowed the service to gain new customers. The network of servers has grown and the performance of the VPN is good overall. However, the customer support can be improved and there have been reports from customers regarding unexpected charges. We hope that VPNTunnel address these issues in order to become a reliable solution.