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VPNTraffic Review

Review of: VPNTraffic

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On December 1, 2014
Last modified:February 2, 2016


Choosing a VPN service can be challenging since there is a legion of providers available in the market. At the same time, the fact that users have so many options available means that anyone can find the VPN to suits their needs. Most providers will aim to attract customers with good value and top quality features. VPN Traffic is looking to gain customers’ attention with low prices and a service that is easy to use and that promises to offer all the features that you need to make the most out of your online browsing. The company has been offering VPN services since 2010, but it doesn’t have the recognition that other providers enjoy. While VPNTraffic has years of experience and has established itself as an affordable solution, their service may not meet the high standard that other companies have set. But before we emit any verdict about VPNTraffic, let’s see what this provider offers.



VPNTraffic works with a wide range or operating systems and devices. You can use their service with Windows, OSX, Linux, Ubuntu, iOS, Android and Symbian. It is compatible with PCs, Mac, iDevices, Xbox, DD-WRT routers, Boxee Box and more. They offer dedicated VPN clients for Mac, Android and Windows, but you can set up the VPN on any other system manually, following the guides that are available on their website. The instructions are easy and will allow you to configure the service in just a few minutes.

The protocols supported are PPTP and L2TP/IPSec (in some servers), which may be practical options in some cases but are not the most secure solutions available. While PPTP is easy to configure in mobile devices and offers a good speed, it is not exactly known for offering security for your connection. OpenVPN provides a high level of protection, but unfortunately it is not supported by VPNTraffic. Still, it may be a convenient option while you are using Wi-Fi hotspots and want to enjoy a versatile and safer (although not highly secure) internet browsing experience.

There are no restrictions in terms of bandwidth or speed and VPNTraffic allows P2P downloading in its network, allowing users to encrypt their data while using this service. The speed should be satisfactory for anyone that wants to stream content online or enjoy their favourite multiplayer game. However, the service is not reliable and even though the company states that they can offer a 99% uptime guarantee, in reality there are many instances in which the service simply doesn’t work. Many customers have complained about some servers being down most of the time, meaning that they cannot watch the TV shows or access the websites that they need.

The main selling point of VPNTraffic is the convenience of its prices and the company makes sure to highlight the fact that you can get VPN services for as low as $5 USD per month. In fact, if you choose to subscribe for 12 months, the monthly price is reduced to less than $3 per month, as the total cost is $35 USD. You can also choose a plan for three months and pay just $10 USD. VPNTraffic also offers a trial for three days for a cost of $1.99 USD. If you want to give VPNTraffic a chance, it is advisable that you choose the $1.99 trial. This would allow you to check what the service offers without risking too much. If you are concerned about protecting your privacy, keep in mind that even though they do not keep activity logs, there is not a clear privacy policy. Furthermore, you need to use personal details to register and they do not accept anonymous payment options like Bitcoin.

Location and Performance

Even though VPNTraffic is cheaper than many competitors, they offer a vast selection of servers. located in over 60 countries. The network covers every continent and you can connect and switch between servers in New Zealand, Kenya, Chile, Canada, Japan, Qatar, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Colombia, Mexico, Ireland, Finland and Czech Republic. As previously mentioned, servers availability seems to be one of the issues when using VPNTraffic as some servers seem to be down quite often.


Customer Support

The website is quite simple and offers basic information about the service and the benefits of using VPNTraffic. There are important sections missing, including Terms and Conditions. Although the FAQ section does provide some details that will help you to understand more about VPNTraffic, in general there are many gaps and the website does not look as professional as it should. It is no wonder why many potential customers feel obliged to contact the customer support to clarify many doubts before purchasing a plan. The issue is that the support is not really there and usually the responses range from unhelpful to rude. That may not happen in every case, but if the company cannot offer a consistently good customer experience, it is unlikely that it ever gets a good name in the VPN industry.


A cheap VPN service is what attracts many users to VPNTraffic, but it is important to remember that in the majority of cases, you get what you pay for and sometimes, even less than that. To be fair, it seems like VPNTraffic’s service started on the right track but over the last few years, the quality has significantly declined. The customer support is disappointing and the service does not provide the security and good performance that you need from a VPN. Even if many users want to consider VPNTraffic based on their prices, the truth is that there are many companies that offer better value for money. Unless VPNTraffic steps up their game, it is hard to see them standing out in the competitive VPN industry.