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Asus RT-AC66U Dual-band Gigabit Flashed with DD-WRT

While the Asus RTAC66U is not new in the market, it still is a very powerful option to consider since it offers advanced functionality. The 802.11ac wireless standard it supports is faster and the unit can transmit on 2.4GHz frequency and on 5 GHz ate the same time. The wireless transfer speeds reach up to 1.75Gbs and the unit comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports that allow you to enjoy impressive transfer speeds for wired connections. In terms of memory, it offers 256 MB RAM and 128 MB Flash and the processor speed is 600MHz.

While the speed of the internet connection depends on your ISP plan, the router is capable of handling traffic through your home or office network seamlessly. If you have an internet connection that supports good speeds, you can expect incredibly fast connectivity. The router features two USB ports so you will be able to connect hard drive for NAS devices, meaning that streaming files across your home or office network won’t be a problem. It is also possible to connect a printer that can be shared wirelessly by everyone in a household or small business.


The RT-AC66U has a slim, elegant design and its three powerful and independently adjustable antennas can be removed or you can replace them with advanced options. In order to get the best coverage, you may need to move the router around until you find the ideal location, adjusting the frequency bands and the antennas in order to get the best results. You can place the router vertically using the included stand or it can be wall mounted for convenience.


The RT-AC66U is by default a very powerful solution, but you can get even more from it once it has been flashed with DD-WRT. For convenience, you can get a unit that has been already flashed. FlashRouters.com offers flashed Asus RT-AC66U routers for less than $300 and this unit is ready to go. You just need to plug the router into your modem, turn it on and that is all. Once you have connected to a computer, you will need to go to the router configuration page, type: in your internet browser and update the passwords and network names.

Additionally, FlashRouters has a configuration guide that takes you through every part of the process. Since the RT-AC66U is a dual-band router, it is possible to run two separate networks using the same device. Just keep in mind that you will need to setup different names and passwords for the two networks.


In general, the RT-ACU66U offers consistent performance and it is capable of maxing out your broadband. As previously mentioned, in order to get the best coverage, you may need to move around the unit for a while. You may also note that the range changes so the results in that sense, are not very stable. The router is designed to cover a wide range, but you may need to play around with the settings and the position of the device to get optimal coverage. One thing that can help is to use N-Only mode, instead of the Mixed settings.

Asus RT-AC66U and VPN

With a flashed Asus RT-AC66U router, you will be able to run a VPN to secure all your devices. Setting up the VPN on the router is easy. There is a built-in VPN client, but it only supports PPTP and L2TP. Adding DD-WRT to the device, allows you to use OpenVPN, which provides a better level of security. This router provides good speeds and allows you to take full advantage of your VPN service. Running a VPN takes a lot of processing power and fortunately, the RT-AC66U is capable of handling the task without issues.


Overall, the flashed RT-ACU66U router is an impressive device that will allow you to enjoy security and speed across your network. While the router by default offers great performance and it even includes a VPN client, flashing it with DD-WRT lets you increase the functionality of the unit. The router is set to offer great coverage and it supports a wide selection of useful features. Although it may be pricey, it is worth considering due to its powerful performance.