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Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents

Torrent fans suffered a significant loss when Kickass Torrents (KAT) was shut down on 2016, after his owner, Artem Vaulin was arrested on July 20th. While many are still missing KAT, there are alternatives that will also help you to enjoy access to a wide selection of torrents. Here you will find a list of options that can replace Kickass Torrent. But first, it is important that you remember that torrenting can lead to legal issues and you need to consider the risks. When you use torrent services, you are downloading and uploading data and others can see what you are doing. Your IP address may be exposed and this would allow copyright enforcer and other parties to locate you. If you access content subject to copyright, you may face DMCA notices, fines and more.

In order to keep your identity protected, it is advisable that you use a VPN whenever you connect to internet. This is particularly important if you decide to use P2P to access copyrighted content. With a VPN, your IP address will be disguised and all your traffic will be routed through an encrypted tunnel so not even your ISP will see what you are doing. Although a VPN is handy for this purpose, it should be noted that it is a valuable tool that goes beyond covering torrenting activities. VPN services will help you to protect your privacy from eavesdropping. They will help you to defend your right to keep your online conversations and activities to yourself.

KAT mirror sites

We will focus on the best Kickass Torrents alternatives, but before we start, we will mention a list of KAT mirror sites that you may also want to check. Just keep in mind that they are just clones of the original and don’t offer the same quality or reliability of KAT. They should accessed with caution.

  • Kat.am
  • Dxtorrent
  • Kickasstorrent.to
  • kickasstorrentsan.com

The Pirate Bay

Popularly known as TPB, this website is currently the leading solution for torrenting as it offers access to a vast selection of torrents. While The Pirate Bay has also faced shut downs and domain seizures, the website has managed to survive. It is very popular, specially now that KAT is no longer available.


isoHunt is also very popular in the world of torrenting and it has many loyal users thanks to its easy browsing features and good selection of content. You will be able to download and upload content in a wide range of categories.


ExtraTorrent lets you find the torrent files you are looking for in an easy way. The website offers a simpre interface and it lists options in different categories including music, books, movies, TV series and games. The user comments can give you helpful information about the torrents available.


Although LimeTorrents has some restrictions in terms of the torrents that can be added (for instance, adult content is not allowed), it is another alternative for users of Kickass Torrents. The site is constantly updated and it also features magnet links to make things easier when you want to download content.


Formerly known as Mybittorrent, this torrent indexing website started its story in 2003, making it one of the oldest solutions available. It gives you the chance to find torrents in multiple categories, including software, TV series, movies and music.


For almost a decade, RARBG has been offering the most popular torrents that cover different categories. You can find comments about the torrents available, which will help you to find out more about the quality of the content. While RARBG also faced issues in the past and has been subject to blocks, the site has a huge following and it features the latest torrent files.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is not like the other options on the list. This platform works with BitTorrent protocol, but it focuses on streaming. It has an appealing design and it is easy to use, allowing you to enjoy access to great entertainment. With Popcorn Time, you can watch TV shows and movie in high quality without experiencing significant buffering delays. While the first version of Popcorn Time was shut down, it is possible to find projects that are based on the original code.


TorrentDownloads is another website that can take KAT’s place since it provides several torrents, along with magnet files for easy download. They have content in a variety of categories including movies, TV shows, games, software and more.


After a long time escaping from the attempts of the entertainment industry and the authorities to shut it down, Kickass Torrents finally succumbed and it is now gone. Its owner was arrested in Poland under charges that include criminal copyright infringement. The news were a devastating blow for the torrenting community, but that doesn’t mean that there are no other options available for downloading torrents. Regardless of the website you choose, it is important that you use a VPN that doesn’t keep logs and that allows P2P. This will help you to keep your online traffic secure and private, while protecting you from DMCA notices and other issues.