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Best Cloud Backup for iPhone

Although iCloud is a good cloud solution for the iPhone, it is not perfect and due to some security issues, many people are looking for alternatives. A few years ago, iCloud was in the eye of the storm due to some leaked celebrity pictures that showed that Apple’s cloud app was not the strongest in terms of privacy. The weaknesses of iCloud and the fact that it is slightly more expensive than other options, have prompted iPhone users to wonder if there are better solution to protect their data. The answer is yes, and in this article, we will list the best iCloud alternatives to back up you iPhone data.

Why iCloud can’t be considered as a safe solution

While Apple states that it is committed to protect the privacy of its customers and it has even rejected FBI’s requests to break its own security (https://www.apple.com/customer-letter/), that doesn’t mean that your data is completely safe when it is stored on iCloud. The encryption used by iCloud is 128-bit AES encryption and while the company aims to upgrade its level of security, this hasn’t been yet implemented. It should be noted that Apple doesn’t support zero-knowledge security and it hasn’t extended two-factor authentication. This is why, the below options could be considered as alternatives that will allow you to step up the security of your data.

SOS Online Backup

This is a solution that stands out thanks to its speed. In addition, it offers user-friendly mobile apps and unlimited file versioning. With SOS Online Backup iOS app, you can access your backed up data through your computer. However, options like video uploading are not available. The data that you have backed up can be accessed and shared without issues, but it is not possible to share files directly to other apps. You can only send them via email. Your contacts and photos can be secured using the iOS app, but it is not possible to backup video manually or automatically. Backed up data can be accessed via Content and in Protect, data can be uploaded. The search option is easy to use.


Although SugarSync focuses, as the name suggests, on syncing, it also supports backup and file sharing. You get 5GB of free storage and you can increase this by inviting friends to use the service. The iOS app offers great design and it is also very easy to use. Once you install it, you are given the option to upload photos automatically. You can see the photos and videos uploaded to SugarSync using the app. The camera backup can be enabled or disabled in Settings. It is possible to upload data directly to one of SugarSync’s folders, but the downside is that you can’t backup notes, calendar, notes or other data. One of the best things about SugarSync is that you can see the folders and files that you need to have available offline, in public links or shared folders.


IDrive is a feature-rich solution that gives you 5GB of storage for free. The service supports backup and file syncing, and it is also known as an affordable option that offers a lot of flexibility. IDrive protects data with high encryption and it allows you to backup data from Facebook and Instagram. It also allows you to play music and videos. With IDrive, you can access backed up messages, contacts, calendar reminders and more. If you have a lot of data that you need to back up, you can request a drive that you can then send back to IDrive. The installation process is simple and you get unlimited backup and syncing for your devices. There is also a private encryption option available.


Dropbox is a very popular choice and many iPhone users have chosen it over iCloud due to the enhanced privacy features available. Still, Dropbox is not exactly the safest option around, although it may be one of the most practical ones. The iOS app allows you to view files, access them offline, rename them or move them to different folders. It is possible to edit document as well, although you need to have Microsoft Office installed separately. It is only possible to send links to photos, instead of the actual pictures and you also should keep in mind that the photos in Dropbox can’t be directly transferred to Facebook or Instagram. In spite of the flaws, the iOS app offers great design and Dropbox gives you up to 2GB of free storage.


With CrashPlan you get unlimited storage space and there are no limits on the type of files that you can upload. iOS users can create an archive with their favorite music artists and enjoy many convenient extras and features. CrashPlan has earned a lot of popularity and that is easy to understand, after all, the service offers convenient functionality and the apps allow you to access your desktop data from any location. If you are on the go and need to access a file, CrashPlan’s mobile apps will allow you to do it, without issues. The downside is that CrashPlan doesn’t let you backup photos or any other app data. In addition, the options to share and sync are not available.