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Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming

When playing PC games with friends, one way to do it is through hooking up to a LAN router. That is, if you and your friends are at the same place. However, if you are away from each other the only way you will be able to play together is by hooking up on an online public server which might not be the best option, although, there is another way where you could achieve playing with your friends even though you are not at the same place and that is creating your own server.

One popular virtual LAN that gamers use is Hamachi. Though it is the usual choice of gamers, Hamachi, comes with downsides such as if you are subscribed to a free account, you will be allowed to have up to five players only including the host, plus lag and latency spikes experiences. With this, if you wish to find something that would address some issues you have or might have with Hamachi, there are a few alternatives which you could choose from.

1. ZeroTier

ZeroTier is one of the best Hamachi alternatives. It is open source, could be used for free in Android and iOS apps and is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS and Linux. It has the competencies of VPNs, SD-WAN and SDN in one system. It is user-friendly and does not require any port forwarding. Though ZeroTier is one of the simplest LAN creators, its performance exceeds expectations and is highly recommended for gamers.

2. Evolve

One of the first and leading choice of gamers, Evolve comes with and offers extra tunneling drivers and network adapters. Through it, this LAN creator is able to facilitate communication with each other. Evolve has a stream-like process or approach which connects and works through numerous games. One proof of this, is its collaboration with Green Man Gaming where one could purchase games.

Evolve, aside from being known as stated above, it is also known for its party mode, matchmaking and live streaming features.

3. GameRanger

One of the most trustworthy LAN creators/ gaming solutions, GameRanger comes with high level of security which no LAN creator could ever come close to. It also has low rate pings and while other LAN games could be accessed through internet, GameRanger only allows games to be played through its list of games. This is due to its feature of allowing its users to add games.

4. NetOverNet

Looking for a LAN to host private gaming sessions, NetOverNet is your best bet. NetOverNet is a VPN emulator for gaming purposes.

NetOverNet comes with login and password security feature for one to be able to get a connection. It could be access through an IP address in a specific private area. NetOverNet allows its users to access through remote.

Take note, this host does not work for public sharing.

5. Wippien

Wippien is simple to use and user-friendly. It uses WeOnlyDO wodVPN which is used to establish P2P connection and VPN. This app is free and open source. It could be used and work with Gmail and Jabber accounts.

Wippien comes with 2 MB and is one of the lightest VPN creator.

6. FreeLAN

FreeLAN is one of the most popular application for creating virtual private network. It is open source and allows customization in creating networks such as hybrid, client-server and peer to peer.

FreeLAN does not have GUI and you will need configure it for it to run the application. Moreover, it has a great support service in case you have concerns and ensures there are no lags or sudden ping spikes.

7. SoftEther

SoftEther- short for Soft Ethernet is a very easy to use VPN software. It is compatible with Windows, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris. It is open source and is flexible. It uses SSL-VPN tunneling on HTTPS. It also comes with AES 256-bit and RSA 4096-bit encryptions which makes your gaming experience private.

8. Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is known for its high speed which is up to 100MBPS. It also comes with secure VPN tunnel which enables your connection encrypted. It is also easy to use and easy to setup. This VPN is one of the most recommended VPN alternative which you could use as a substitute for Hamachi.


P2PVPN comes with a simple interface and offers basic features of creating VPN. It is easy to use and does not require a central server. It is open source and a bit old school as it is written in Java. Though with its simplicity, this VPN creator is one of the most effective VPN creators.

10. Port Forwarding

One of the best method to simulate Virtual LAN, Port Forwarding allows unlimited users to connect to a system for Virtual LAN. Using this method might be a bit difficult, tedious and different from the list above but it is recommended for its best speed and enabling numerous users features.


Though Hamachi has been in the industry for a time and has made a name in the gaming industry, there a few limitations and disadvantages which one could find it a bit frustrating. However, this does not mean there are no other solutions to get that multi-player gaming experience one is looking for. Through the alternatives listed above, we hope you’ll be able to find a best and close substitute for Hamachi and have that great multi-player gaming experience.