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How to connect iPhone 6 to your TV with USB or wirelessly

Connecting your iPhone 6 to your TV using the Lightning Digital AV Adapter is fairly simple. You can use a USB cable or opt for the wireless method and here we will show you how these two solutions work.

Option 1 – Connect iPhone to TV using USB cable

The majority of iPhone apps including Netflix and Hulu allow the use of a USB cable setup. However, other popular apps such as HBO Go don’t support this option effectively. In order to connect your iPhone to your TV and enjoy all the content you want in the big screen, you can use a USB cable. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Connect the Digital AV adapter to iPhone 6
  2. Connect the HDMI cable between the Digital TV and the adapter
  3. After connecting the HDMI cable, the video will be mirrored on the TV screen and the audio will be routed to the TV as well.

Option 2 – Connect iPhone to TV wirelessly via AirPlay

1. Open “video” or “photo” on your iPhone, depending on the kind of content that you want to watch on the TV.
2. Select the “AirPlay” icon.
3. Select Apple TV from the list. Keep in mind that this option will be available only if your devices are in the same network.
4. That’s it. Now you can start streaming from iPhone to your TV.