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How to play Fallout 76 with the help of a VPN

Fallout 76 is an online game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and it can be played on different platforms such as PS4, Xbox and PC. The game is set to be officially released on November 14, 2018, but it is already possible to pre-order its Beta version. While Fallout 76 is the ninth title in the series, it is actually a prequel. It is gaining a lot of interest, which is why it is likely that lag issues, slow connectivity and other problems become common. The most convenient way to address these issues and get them solve is to use a VPN service. With a VPN, you can change your IP address and appear as if you were in a different location. By connecting to a VPN server that is near the location of the gaming server you want to use, you can significantly reduce lag and connectivity problems. This is because your traffic is directed through a more efficient route to the game server. In addition, a VPN can protect you against DDoS attacks because this technology uses encryption to hide your data, giving you even more safety.

Before we talk about the way in which a VPN can help you to get the most out of Fallout 76, let’s focus back on the game. Since Fallout 76 is a prequel, you will play as one of the first people to leave the volts and your mission is to work as a team with others, in order to rebuild the country. This is a challenging task in the aftermath of the nuclear fallout and you will need to fight dangerous creatures to protect your home. While you can team up with others to increase your chances of survival, you will find hostile neighbors so it is important that you are always in alert. It is also possible to play on your own, but this makes things more difficult. The best option is to build alliances and avoid making enemies. There are nuclear missiles that can have devastating effect and they can be used by anyone who gets access to the code so you need to obtain it and defend it.

In Fallout 76, your unique abilities and strengths will allow you not only to make it through the game alive, but also to thrive. The skills that you can obtain include Charisma, Endurance, Perception and Agility. Each of the skills will help you to achieve different rewards. It is expected that Fallout 76 becomes a hugely popular game and fans are already enjoying the Beta version and preparing for the official release in November. The game comes with a new area featuring name monsters and biomes. As previously mentioned, using a VPN can really improve your experience with Fallout 76, by helping you to reduce lag and enjoy a more efficient experience. You just need to connect top a server that is located close to the game’s server. VPNs also allow you to prevent DDoS attacks and to bypass geographical restrictions. You will be able to play from any location and enjoy Fallout 76, no matter where you are. VPNs can be used on multiple devices and platforms and most provides offer applications that support popular platforms like Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. It is also possible to run a VPN on gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4, but in these cases, you will need a router flashed with Tomato or D-WRT first.

Using a VPN to play Fallout 76

The first step is to choose a VPN service to overcome the restrictions. It is important to go for a high quality VPN that can really help you to overcome restriction and to protect your internet traffic at the same time. We’ll present a list of the best VPN services available to enjoy the best possible experience with Fallout 76. In general, all VPN services work in the same way. After you select the VPN that you want to use, you need to download and install the software on your device. VPNs generally offer software that is suitable for a wide variety of platforms.

Once you have installed the VPN client, you will be able to connect to the server of your choice. For instance, you can connect to a VPN in the United States, which will give you a US IP address that will allow you to overcome restrictions and access content that is only available there. You will also need to choose a protocol to protect your connection with encryption. OpenVPN is the option recommended since it is secure and reliable. For gaming the best solution is to use OpenVPN with UDP, because it is faster. Now, without further ado, here is the list of the VPNs that we recommend for Fallout 76.


ExpressVPN is hugely popular and with good reason. This provider offers remarkable speeds and high security, ensuring that your online traffic is protected from all threats. ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries, which gives you freedom to access more content than you are used to. You can overcome geographical restrictions and discover new websites, apps and more. ExpressVPN also offers Smart DNS, a practical solution for gaming. It can be easily set up on game consoles and it lets you bypass restrictions, hide your real IP address and enjoy great speeds. No logs are kept of your online activities.


VyprVPN is an excellent choice for gamers since it provides fast speeds, high security and great reliability, since this provider is in charge of its own network of servers. You can connect to servers in over 70 global locations and thanks to the unique technology that VyprVPN supports, you will overcome firewalls and restrictions without hassle. VyprVPN’s Chameleon protocol enables you to get around Deep Packet Inspection and it hides the fact that a VPN is being used, which will prevent websites and apps from blocking you. VyprVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities.


IPVanish is a well-established solution and it also offers amazing speeds. This is due to the fact that it is in control of its own network of servers, which allows it to provide a service that is fast and stable. IPVanish is known for its no logs policy, meaning that no aspect of your connection or activities is recorded or monitored. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries and thanks to the fast performance of the service, you will be able to enjoy Fallout without hassle. IPVanish also offers excellent software.