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How to unblock Pinterest in China

Pinterest is an appealing way to find information online, because it is mainly focused on images. It is a practical solution to find inspiration for home design, handcrafts, fashion, skin care and much more. There are many reasons why you may want to check Pinterest, but if you are in China, you will find that this popular app and its website are blocked. That doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have the chance to access Pinterest from China because there is a method that will help you to overcome the restrictions. A VPN is an effective way to bypass restrictions, even the Great Firewall of China so that you can enjoy a more extensive and varied selection of content from all over the world.

Pinterest gives users the chance to share images. Apart from the website, there are mobile apps available. They feature images, as well as GIFs and videos and although a high percentage of Pinterest focuses on lifestyle, design and fashion, there are also quotes, news and other subjects covered. Due to the fact that Pinterest is a platform where information can be shared in a fast and effective manner, the Chinese government opted for blocking it completely. This allows Chinese authorities to prevent that Pinterest is used to spread news and information that could go against their policies. Pinterest is another of the many websites and apps that have been blocked in China as part of the government’s efforts to control access to information. The government fears that any content that criticizes it may lead to civil unrest, which is why many sites and services are unavailable in China.

How can you unblock Pinterest in China with the help of a VPN

The Great Firewall is an advanced system used by the government in China to control the internet in China. However, it is not impossible to bypass it and one of the most effective ways to get around it is using a VPN service. When you connect to an internet service, you can change your IP address. Instead of appearing as if you were in China, your IP address will show that you are in a different location. This will allow you to get around blocks and enjoy access to content that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy with a Chinese IP address. VPNs establish an encrypted tunnel through which your data is routed. Your online activities are secured and protected from prying eyes. Not even your ISP will see what you are doing.

A VPN enables you to get around geographical restrictions and censorship thanks to the encrypting technology and its capacity to mask your real location, granting you a different virtual location. Thanks to this, you can overcome restrictions because even if you are physically in China, your IP address will show that you are somewhere else. For example, you can connect to a VPN server in the United States and get a US IP address that will grant you access not only to Pinterest, but also to any website and service that is only available in that location, including popular streaming services like Hulu and Pandora. Here are the steps that you can follow to unblock Pinterest in China.

The steps to unblock Pinterest in China with a VPN are pretty much the same, no matter what service you choose. However, it is important to select a VPN that really works in China because the government there has found ways to block VPN to prevent people from using them to bypass the Great Firewall. We have included a list of recommended options, but before we check it, let’s take a look at the steps needed to start using a VPN.

1. Select a VPN service and get a subscription. Keep in mind that while there are free services, these don’t offer as good performance, speed or security as a paid solution.
2. Download and install the VPN app on your device. The majority of VPNs support all the leading platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.
3. Once you have installed the software, open it and access your account.
4. Then you can connect to a server in a country where Pinterest is not blocked. That is all, now you can forget about the blocks and enjoy Pinterest in China.


ExpressVPN is considered by many as the best solution since it is fast and highly secure. This provider is based in The British Virgin Island and it is recommended due to its amazing speed and the top quality of its software. There are servers in over 90 countries, so you have many options to get around the restrictions and enjoy Pinterest in China. If you want to connect to a server in the United States, we recommend a server in San Francisco or Los Angeles, since they will work better for users in China. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your traffic activities and it offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


Since IPVanish is in charge of its own network, you enjoy fast speeds that allow you to enjoy a great browsing or streaming experience. The service is also very secure and a high standard of security is used to keep your internet traffic safe. With IPVanish, you can easily overcome restrictions since this provider has a varied selection of servers and it covers more than 60 countries. IPVanish’s privacy policy states that no logs are collected at all, which is another reason to prefer this provider, if your main concern is privacy. IPVanish also has excellent apps that support different platforms.


VyprVPN has gained a place in this list thanks to its exclusive Chameleon technology, which allows you to get around blocks, even if they target VPN services. Chameleon disguises your VPN traffic as regular HTTP traffic, which makes it almost impossible to block. After all, blocking this kind of traffic will pretty much block the internet. VyprVPN is a fast solution and it is very reliable as well because the provider is in charge of its own network. You can connect to servers in over 70 locations around the world. VyprVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and it has high quality software. .