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How to use uTorrent anonymously

uTorrent is a leading torrent client that provides many benefits. In order to download torrents without compromising your identity, it is important to use a tool designed to keep you anonymous. With a proxy server or a VPN you can disguise your IP address. Unless you take the necessary measures to protect your torrent activity, others will be able to see what you are doing online and will be able to trace the activity back to you. If your real IP address is exposed, it is possible to find information that can be used to identify you. When you join a torrent swarm, your IP address can be seen by all peers. There is a list that shows the full IP address of every peer.

Since your IP address is a unique number that identifies your computer, device or connection, if others can see it, they can easily find out your ISP and location. To check your current IP address, you can go to whatismyipaddress.com or any other website that allows you to see this information. uTorrent users can see a list of all the peers (computers) connected to the swarm and the information available includes IP address, download/upload speed and client software. If you want to use uTorrent anonymously, it is important to use a VPN service or a proxy server that hides your real IP address.

Although VPNs and proxy servers can help you to change your IP address, they are different technologies with their own advantages and downsides. A VPN applies strong encryption that keeps your online activities protected from eavesdroppers. All your data is scrambled, which means that others won’t be able to make sense of it and won’t know what you are up to. However, this encryption can slow down your connection. While proxy servers can provide faster performance, they don’t protect your traffic with encryption which means that others will be able to see what you do on the internet.

Using a VPN with uTorrent

If you opt for a VPN, your online traffic will be secured with high encryption and if you choose a VPN provider that offers its own software, the set up process is very simple. Once you sign up for a VPN service, you just need to install the software on your computer and once it is ready, you can connect to a VPN server. When you connect to a VPN server, all your internet traffic is encrypted, including torrents. In order to fully enjoy the advantages that a VPN offers when it comes to torrenting anonymously, it is important to choose a VPN provider that doesn’t keep logs of your activities. Make sure that the service allows P2P/torrenting. It is also advisable to go for an option that supports features like kill switch, which ensure that your real IP address is not revealed, even if the VPN connection fails for some reason. Below you will find some of the best VPN servers for uTorrent.

Private Internet Access

PIA is the favorite provider of many people due to its low prices, but that is not the only reason to choose this service. PIA has servers in 25 countries at the moment, but there are over 3000 servers in their network and they are strategically distributed so you won’t have any issues finding an options that is right for your needs. With PIA, you can enjoy great speeds and its privacy policy establishes that no activity logs are kept. They accept Bitcoin, as well as gift cards as methods of payment so you can pay anonymously.


ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands and it is an excellent option that will keep your online data secure, and that also allows you to enjoy fantastic downloading speeds. At the moment, they have servers in 94 countries and its customer support is available 24/7. They don’t monitor or log your online activities, and Bitcoin is accepted as method of payment. They have a good record helping customers to protect their privacy and their VPN client offers high quality and ease of use.


PureVPN has an extensive selection of servers and the high level of encryption that it offers will keep your data secure. There are servers in 141 countries so no matter where you live, you are likely to find a server that provides optimal speed. PureVPN allows torrenting and its client offers useful features such as internet kill switch and DNS leak protection. PureVPN accepts Bitcoin and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activity.

Using a Proxy with uTorrent

Although it is possible to set up a proxy server manually on uTorrent, the easiest way to use this technology on your favorite torrent client is to get a service that supports its own version of uTorrent with all the necessary settings already configured. There are many options available, but the below providers (that also offer highly secure VPN services) are worth considering due to their reliability and high quality.


TorGuard gives you flexibility to protect your anonymity as it offers both VPN and proxy services. The provider is focused on helping torrent users to secure their connection and to keep their identity hidden. Their proxy service offers speed and it can be easily set up on uTorrent. Their software allows you to select from custom options and all the settings are automatically applied to the torrent client of your choice, with just one click. TorGuard’s VPN service is also an excellent option and it features kill switch, DNS leaks protection and much more. They don’t keep any logs, which is another reason to consider them.


BTGuard is a Canadian provider that also has both proxy and VPN services available. They don’t keep logs and offer fast performance. BTGuard also makes the uTorrent setup very easy and when you sign up for your account, you get the chance to download a version of uTorrent that is already configured and that comes with all the necessary settings. The easy install option allows you to get everything ready within minutes. Although BTGuard only has servers in Canada, Netherlands and Singapore, you can enjoy good performance.