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How to watch TVB online from outside Hong Kong

TVB VPNOne of the most popular commercial TV stations in Hong Kong is TVB, which stands for Television Broadcasting Limited. The company is known for creating a wide range of programs in Cantonese and its exclusive productions are enjoyed by a large audience in Hong Kong. TVB launches new series regularly and it also offers the latest information about financial markets, news and more. Multiple channels are part of the network, including TVB Pearl and TVB Jade. MyTV SUPEr is TVB’s online streaming service and it is a practical option to access TVB’s content on the go.

Anyone who tries to watch myTV SUPER from outside Hong Kong will get nothing but an error message that states that the streaming service is not available to them. TVB has licensing agreements with specific providers in different worldwide locations. Due to these exclusive deals, the company has implemented geo-blocks to prevent people from outside Hong Kong from accessing myTV SUPER. It would seem like the only solution for international viewers that want to watch TVB productions is to pay for a TV subscription that offers this content. However, nowadays many people prefer to stream content on their mobile devices, while others don’t want to pay for premium subscriptions.

Luckily, there is an alternative that allows you to get access to TVB shows, regardless of your location and without having to look for a TV subscription that may not even be available in your country. With a VPN, you can forget about the geographical restrictions implemented on the myTV SUPER platform. Connecting to a VPN with servers in Hong Kong will give you the possibility of disguising your IP address so that you appear as if you were connecting from that country. Once you connect to a VPN server in Hong Kong, you will be able to bypass geo-blocks and access a wide selection of content on TVB’s myTV SUPER. Productions like Fashion War, K9 Cop and Speed of Life will be available to you within a few minutes.

Through the online streaming service you can also stay up to date with the latest news in Hong Kong. myTV SUPER also broadcasts special events and it offers documentaries, shows for children and a varied selection of content. Apart from giving you the chance to defeat the restrictions that stop you from watching TVB’s content on myTV SUPER, a VPN also has the benefit of protecting your connection from security threats such as hackers and online spies. When you connect to a VPN, your traffic is encrypted and your data can#t be read by third parties. They simply won’t know what you do when you are on the internet. In order to unblock myTV SUPER and watch TVB’s shows from anywhere, you just need to sign up for a VPN that has servers in Hong Kong and that offers a reliable performance. To help you to save time looking for a VPN service, we have prepared a list of the best services that you can select for this purpose.


ExpressVPN is not the cheapest option in the VPN industry, but it is certainly one of the best. Apart from being very fast, it offers strong security and high quality software that supports all the main platforms. ExpressVPN lets you watch content from TVB and many other sources with high quality and without interruptions or delays. The service is known for its fast performance and reliability that is ideal for streaming and other activities that demand a lot of bandwidth. They have over 1500 servers in 94 countries, including Hong Kong. This is another provider that doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and you can enjoy up to three simultaneous connections.


Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN is one of the major VPN providers and it stands out thanks to the large number of global locations that it supports. They have servers in over 140 countries so no matter where you are located, you are likely to find an option that lets you bypass restrictions without hassle. You can connect to their servers in Hong Kong to watch TVB shows online. The speeds of the service are good enough for streaming, playing online games or downloading content. PureVPN doesn’t keep logs of what you do on the internet and it offers affordable plans.

Private Internet Access

PIA has become a favorite for many users due to its affordability, ease of use and a set of features that will help you to keep your information protected from eavesdroppers and other online threats. When you use PIA, your connection is secured with a high level of encryption. The VPN client includes kill switch and DNS leak protection. There are servers in 25 countries, including of course, Hong Kong. PIA supports over five simultaneous connections and it is one of the most reliable options to bypass online restrictions. No logs of your online activities are kept.


One of the best things about VyprVPN is its unique Chameleon technology that ensures that your VPN traffic remains secure and undetected. Thanks to Chameleon, you will be able to bypass firewalls effectively. VyprVPN is another great option to unblock TVB’s myTV SUPER from outside Hong Kong as it has servers in that country and in more than 70 locations around the world. No logs are kept of your online activities and you can enjoy fantastic speeds for streaming, or gaming. VyprVPN has its own network of servers, which allows it to offer reliable performance.