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Set Up Your New Mac To Be Secure In 2022

A new device requires protection from cyber threats, and built-in security settings are not enough for that. The number of threats targeting mac security grows continuously, so how to keep your computer safe? We prepared tips on how to protect your device and data easily when you set up your new Mac. Let’s explore what security apps to install to increase your computer’s safety. 

6 Best Mac Security Apps

These applications are essential for Mac owners who care about the security of their new devices and private data. Checking your macOS settings isn’t enough today, as only powerful tools can protect you from modern cyber threats. And snipping on Mac will help you capture any bugs and errors to consult with a specialist. Move on and explore top privacy and security apps for mac.

Antivirus Apps

Security software will protect you from viruses awaiting you at every step. Trojans and Malware can make your computer useless and challenging to set up. So it’s vital to find your Mac antivirus program that will protect you from threats, filter websites, and update automatically.

With so many high-quality tools, it’s challenging to find the best Mac antivirus software. Choosing your app, consider its interface, impact on system performance, a feature set like a password manager and VPN, and price. Good software is not free, so use a trial period and be ready to pay for your security. Decent mac antivirus apps include Avast, Norton 360 Standard, Intego, Bitdefender, etc. 

VPN Apps

VPN services are needed for secure browsing. It may be a feature of antivirus software but if you seek powerful protection, consider the best VPN tools. You can turn your Mac into a VPN WiFi router for a safe internet connection. Virtual Private Network helps you get access to blocked services and websites in your area as it changes your IP address. No one will track or find your location with a high-quality VPN app. 

If you’re looking for the best VPN for Mac, pay attention to its functionalities. Solid encryption, high-speed connection, strong feature set, lots of locations to choose from, and connection to different devices are among the main VPN features. You can install ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Hotspot Shield, or HMA, benefit from their trial periods, and buy a full version if you are completely satisfied with the app. 

Password Managers

It’s vital to keep your passwords updated and know they are safe. Locking your Mac with a secure password is essential, but you will also have to log into social media accounts and create accounts on different websites. A free password manager can help you with that. This tool enables users to save their passwords securely, instantly create secure passwords, store card details for secure online shopping, and save time when logging into their accounts. 

When you look for a high-quality Mac password manager, it’s not enough to rely on Apple’s iCloud Keychain. But you can use it only for Apple products, like Safari. There are many other good password managers for Mac, including 1Password, Dashlane, LogmeOnce, Keeper, LastPass, and more. 

Secure Browsers 

Having a secure browser is a must for the effective protection of your privacy. Today, even the most popular browsers simply collect data for companies. But your browser contains huge amounts of your private information, and it’s unacceptable that someone tracks your online behavior and has access to your usernames and passwords. In order to avoid such risks, it’s essential to use a secure browser.

You know Safari is a pre-installed Mac browsing application that is quite secure and convenient. Here are some Safari tips to enhance your browsing experience. But you can also choose other privacy-focused browser such as Firefox, Brave, Tor browser, Ungoogled Chromium, etc. 

Spam Reduction Apps

Searching the Internet, you will encounter massive amounts of spam. The security software will help you avoid bots, spiders, junk mail, inappropriate ads, and popups. macOS has a built-in firewall that is disabled by default. You can turn it on by setting your security & privacy in the firewall tab. 

However, the default firewall can not be enough for complete protection from cyberattacks. There are many great tools that will help you cover your security needs. Top firewalls with outbound protection combat inbound threats and prevent malicious programs on your Mac from calling out to the Internet. Reliable two-way firewalls include Intego NetBarrier, Little Snitch, Lulu, and Murus. 

Tips on How to Keep Your Mac Safe

Additionally to installing the best security and privacy apps, you should not neglect rules for hardening your Mac security. Let’s find what every macOS user should do to protect their device from cyber threats. 

  • You should keep your operating system and programs updated. This precaution measure will help you safeguard your Mac from cybersecurity attacks. Outdated software is an easy target as they have many vulnerabilities. Set an automatic update check and enjoy a safe user experience. 
  • Avoid installing pirated software and illegal file sharing. It puts your private data at risk. Getting free tools, you may unintentionally install on your computer malware-laden software. 
  • Use two-factor authentication when logging into your accounts. It will protect your data even if hackers know your password. But firstly, secure your iCloud account and then set up 2FA on your accounts. 
  • Consider encrypting and backing up your files. Once your data is protected by the password and all files have copies, you do not have to be afraid of any threats. 


Now you can effectively protect your Mac and data from cyber threats with these tip apps and security setting tips. Be ready to pay for a good privacy and security Mac app and be attentive to updates and malware.