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Best 4K Kodi Addons for TV shows, movies and more

It has taken a while, but 4K has finally managed to become a widely available format. This means that nowadays, you can find most movies not only in HD, but also in 4K. In spite of the growing popularity of 4K, there is still some confusion surrounding this technology. First of all, it is important to mention that 4K is not supported on all devices. 4K is the highest resolution available at the moment and it offers 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. It is four times better than full HD resolution and the screen on modern devices that work with this technology, are capable of providing extremely clear image with sharply defined picture. The result is clear texture that allows you to note even small details. The main difference between ultra HD resolutions and 4K is that the former are slightly smaller than the latter. That being said, it should be noted that most large screens come with the 16.9 ratio, meaning that they support a resolution that is between 4K and Ultra HD.

Kodi users are probably wondering if this leading media platform is capable of supporting 4K. It is possible to configure Kodi to display at 2160p (full 4K) and Kodi can upgrade its interface to match the format. The problem is that there are not 4K skins available for Kodi at the moment, that can be customized. Since they will upscale from full HD and the clarity may be lost. To avoid issues, it is advisable to run Kodi at full HD and play 4K movies with the help of 4K Kodi addons. Before we check the list of the best 4K Kodi addons, we need to mention the importance of using a VPN with Kodi. While Kodi itself is legal, some addons provide access to content that is subject to copyright. Accessing this content through an unauthorized source can get you in trouble as it is illegal in many countries.

The best way of avoiding issues is not using such third-party Kodi addons that provide access to pirated content. However, if you choose to use such addons, you need to keep in mind the risks. Your ISP can monitor your content and if they are contacted by copyright enforcement agencies (which can track you using your IP address), you will end up receiving warnings. This is why it is necessary to protect your identity using a VPN service. This technology encrypts your data and it masks your real IP address, making it practically impossible for others to trace you. In addition, a VPN also lets you overcome geographical restrictions.

This is very useful when it comes to streaming since come popular content sources are blocked in some locations. With a VPN, you can easily access international content and enjoy a versatile streaming experience. There are several services available in the market, but we highly recommend ExpressVPN and NordVPN as they offer a high level of protection for your privacy and they are also fast and easy to use. One more thing to say before we go through the list is that by default, Kodi doesn’t support addons installed from third-party sources. The good news is that this can be changed by visiting the application’s Settings and making the necessary changes.


SkyNet is one of the best options when it comes to streaming content on 4K. It has a library with a wide selection of 4K that can be streamed with just a few clicks. In order to get to the list of 4K movies, simply go to Maverick 4K UHD Movies. There, you will find a varied selection of movies. There are newly released titles, as well as classic films. You can also browse the titles available by going to SkyNet 4K UHD. There are two options available there, one is Maverick 4K UDH and the other is Supremacy 4k UHD. At the moment there are more titles in the second option, but the library is regularly updated so you can expect more titles to be added.

Monster Munch

Monster Munch is a well-established addon and it offers a wide variety of content, including an appealing library of 4K movies. You just need to go to the Movies section from the home screen of Monster Munch. After that, you will be able to see the 23 sub-categories that are based on different movie themes. One of the categories that you will find is 4K, which features hundreds of titles. In order to use Monster Munch, you need to get it from a repository that supports it. This is one of the URLs where you can find it: http://steptoesplace.net/repo.


Deceit is a comprehensive entertainment solution that offers movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports events, podcasts and more. It features a 4K library, but you will need Real Debrid in order to get access to it. If you have a subscription, you can pair your account from the app’s main screen. After that, go to Movies, select 4K Movies so that you can see the full list. For those who already have Real Debrid, Deceit is a good choice as it gives you the chance to take full advantage of RD’s features. You can get Deceit from the One Nation Repo here: http://onenation.info/Repo. You can use this URL and add it to Kodi, then go ahead and install the addon.

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is a great alternative to The Pyramid, a popular Kodi addon that unfortunately stopped working a while ago. Like The Pyramid, The Magic Dragon offers a great selection of content. In fact, The Magic Dragon uses the same code as The Pyramid and they have the same design. You will find movies, TV shows, music, documentaries and more. There is a section dedicated to movies and there, you will find 4K movies. There are hundreds of options to watch, which means that this is one of the mos extensive libraries available.


Nemesis is also a popular name due to the vast list of content that it features. There are two main types of content, the first is Scanner Zone and the second is known as Air Traffic Control Zone, which allow you to access radio frequencies online. Nemesis can be found in multiple builds for Kodi. You can access 4K content, by going to Movie Zone, then select 4K Movies and choose between the titles that are available there. In this case, you will also need to provide your login details for your Real Debrid account. Nemesis supports the latest movies available, but you can also find classics that have been remastered.