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Best Alternatives to Plex

Plex is a media server solution that allows you to enjoy your favorite content on the go. It supports popular platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as FreeBSD and NAS. With Plex, you can manage media from different sources and devices in a simple and efficient way. It gives you access to videos, photos and music in a single, practical interface. Plex also offers add-ons that let you stream content from services like YouTube and if you are subscribed to Netflix, you can also enjoy content from it. Plex is an excellent choice for organizing your media, as it lets you manage everything from a centralized system that offers great quality and convenience. Plex is available for free, although there is also a paid subscription that gives you even more flexibility to manage your photos, videos, music and streams. If you want to try other options that work in the same way, try the alternatives below.


This impressive home entertainment solution is designed to give you a more flexible and versatile streaming experience. Kodi is an open source software that works with a wide variety of platforms and that offers advanced functionality. There is a large number of add-ons available that will give you the possibility of accessing and managing media content without hassle. With Kodi, you can play videos, listen to music, access photos and more.


With Emby, you will be able to manage all your media content from the same place. It is a convenient solution to get access to your music, videos, photos and other content, form everywhere and at any time. It stands out for offering parental controls that allow you to restrict the media that children can access. It also allows parents to keep an eye on what their kids stream to make sure that they don’t access content that is not suitable for them.

Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server can bring audio tracks, videos and photos to any DLNA enabled device. The software is free and new updates are implemented on a regular basis. Apart from offering a great selection of features, its compatibility is remarkable since it allows you to stream content to gaming consoles like PSĀ£, PS$, Xbox One, 360, as well as Smart TVs, Android, iOS devices and more. It also offers many customization options.


Mezzmo stands out for its ease of use and for the great quality and convenience of its mobile apps. It gives you the possibility of streaming TV series, movies, watch photos slideshows or listening to radio stations. It supports smart TVs, Chromecast, web browsers and DLNA devices. Mezzmo is a great solution for Android, Windows and Kindle Fire users. The Pro and Download Studio edition provides advanced features and is available for less than $40.

JRiver Media Center

This media software offers a comprehensive solution to manage all your media content and it lets you enjoy vidoes, streams, music and more, from different devices and platforms. You can access content from streaming services, organize your photos, enjoy high quality audio and more. It gives you greater control over your content, in a simple and effective way.


This Media Server enables you to stream media from your own library, as well as content from streaming platforms, from your computer to your Smart TV and mobile devices. TVersity offers a solution called Screen Server, which allows you to mirror your computer’s screen so that you can get full-screen games, videos and other content on your TV and mobile, with great quality. Both the Media Server and the Screen Server options work via DLNA/Web.


Serviio is a free media server that allows you to stream media content to your smart TV, gaming console or mobile device within your local network. Serviio works with multiple platforms and devices and it uses Java technology that enhances its compatibility. There is a paid version that gives you a wider selection of sharing options within your network.


MediaPortal is an easy to use solution that can be connected directly to your TV so that you can watch your favorite content. This open source media center transforms your computer into a complete media platform that allows you to watch and record live TV, stream music, pr watch your own DVDs. It has practical mobile apps to access content on the go, as well as a user-friendly web interface.


Infuse is another practical solution to get access to content from a variety of devices and platforms. It is not only a media player, but also has media server capabilities. Infuse gives you the option of adding program schedules, subtitles, metadata and more. You can access and manage media in one place and you don’t have to worry about converting files so that they are compatible with different platforms.


TVMOBiLi has a fantastic interface and it offers convenient functionality, allowing you to access and manage your media files across the devices connected to your home network. It supports advanced features and its performance is reliable. TVMOBiLi works on Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as Smart TVs and other internet-enabled devices. It is easy to set up and to use.


MediaTomb combines a user-friendly interface and remarkable functionality that allows you to stream media files through your home network. You can access content on a wide selection of devices that support UPnP. MediaTomb works with multiple platforms including Mac, Linux and FreeBSD. It features media format transcoding, automatic directory scans, as well as metadata extraction from several formats including mp3, jpeg and ogg.