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Best Alternatives to TorrentHounds

TorrentHounds is a great option for finding the best torrents available and it also has a large community of users. TorrentHounds gives you the possibility of getting the latest applications, movies, TV shows, games and more. You just need to download the free client and provide your email address to be able to access all the benefits that this platform provides. TorrentHounds has experienced some issues in the past and it doesn’t offer torrent files anymore. However, when you join the community, you can find and download the torrents available on every torrent trackers that is being seeded by the TorrentHounds spider. If you want to try some alternatives to TorrentHounds, you can find the best ones in this list. Just keep in mind that if you use these websites, you should consider using a VPN to keep your IP address disguised and to protect your online traffic from third-parties.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent websites available and although it has faced takedown attempt and legal issues, it has managed to remain active. The website is the preferred option for millions of users thanks to the extensive selection of torrents that you can find thanks to it. With the help of the comments from the community of users, you can decide if a torrent is worth downloading.


Another website that is widely used by torrent fans is ExtraTorrent. It is known for the vast collection of torrent links that it provides and it also has a solid community that shares feedback and comments that come pretty handy when you want to choose the best and most reliable torrents to download.


EZTV is another well-known website and it is one of the best options when it comes to finding episodes of your favorite TV shows. They are constantly updating the content available so you can find the latest episodes of popular TV shows. You can easily download torrents using the magnet links. The website also offers RSS feed and the content is organized in a way that makes it very easy for you to find what you want to download.


Many users have chosen isoHunt as their favorite source of torrents since it offers easy browsing features and gives you access to a great selection of torrents. There are many categories available including games, software, movies, anime, books and TV series. You have the option of uploading or downloading torrents.

Sumo Torrent

Sumo Torrent provides high quality in every aspect. It starts with a well-designed, efficient interface that allows you to find what you need without any hassle. Apart from looking very professional, Sumo Torrent provides fast performance and safety. It is an extensive platform for BitTorrent and it is a powerful solution to manage your torrenting.


This website has been operating for almost a decade and it is popular thanks to the extensive library of torrents that it provides. The simplicity and convenience that 1337x provides makes it another great choice for anyone who wants to download torrents in a practical way. Thanks to the magnet links, you will be able to add the torrent file to your client and download without hassle.


YTS.ag is very easy to use and it focuses on giving you access to a wide collection of movies. The website gives you the possibility of choosing the quality of the movie that you want and it supports 720p, 1080p, as well as 3D movies. This is a practical way to select the option that is more suitable for your bandwidth.


BitSnoop will seem familiar for users of The Pirate Bay since it also offers a simple search option that works very well when it comes to finding the best torrent files. Users can browse different categories such as software, videos, games, music and more. BitSnoop allows you to add torrents to your client easily, using the magnet links.


LimeTorrents also offers a great library of torrents, as well as magnet links that make the download process easier. Like other options in the list, LimeTorrents doesn’t provide the content itself but it offers a convenient way to look for the torrent files that you want to download.


This is another practical option to find high quality torrents. Zooqle offers an easy to use search function and it allows you to browse content without hassle. You can find information about the movies and TV series available. It also enables you to find the most popular torrents, as well as new episodes of TV shows that have become a global phenomenon.


If you love anime, Nyaa is the best place to find great TV series and movies in this beloved genre. Apart from anime, you can also find manga, games, audio files, software and other options. Regardless of the type of anime that you are looking for, Nyaa offers you the chance of getting access to the best content available.


Yourbittorrent was previously called Mybittorrent and it has been available for many years. It has managed to get the attention from torrent fans thanks to its convenient functionality and the fact that it is regularly updated. It provides access to many movies, games, TV shows, comics and much more.


Mininova has also been available for many years and it is known for its excellent search engine that allows you to find movies, TV series and music easily. The content is well-organized and you can browse different categories to find the torrents that you want to get. The bad news is that the website will close down in the near future and once it does, content distributions will not be seeded anymore. If you have uploaded content on the website, make sure that you make copies before they shut it down.