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Best Alternatives to Speakeasy Speed Test

Speakeasy allows users to check the upload and download speeds of their connection. This bandwidth speed testing solution lets you verify how fast and good your connection is. With a solution like Speakeasy, you will be able to confirm if your broadband provider is actually giving you the speeds that it claims to offer. Speakeasy focuses on offering the chance to test speeds on servers in the United States. You will need to have Adobe Flash installed in order to run the internet speed test. Although Speakeasy can be a convenient option in many cases, if you don’t have Adobe Flash or want other features that Speakeasy doesn’t support, you can try any of the alternatives listed below.


This is one of the most popular options to put the speed of your internet connection to the test. With Speedtest.net, you will be able to check different global locations and get access to advanced aspects including inactivity and connection information rate and inactivity. Speedtest.net monitors the data transfer capacity and it offers clear results in an appealing interface.


Speedof.me is a speed testing solution based on HTML and it is not only accurate, but also lightweight so it won’t affect the performance of your system. You can test the speed of your connection multiple times throughout the day if required. Flash or Java are not required in order to run tests and you can get advanced information about your connection. It is compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS.


With TestMy.net you can get fast and accurate results that will help you to find out how efficient your internet connection really is. TestMyNet is an option that offers all the information that you need to discover the real speed of your bandwidth. There are multiple tests run to ensure that you get all the details to confirm if your speed is as fast as your ISP claims. You can opt for the automatic speed test to find out very fast if your provider lives up to its promises.


Nirsoft offers another convenient option to test the download speed of your internet connection. You can check results across different global locations and discover what is the download speed that your connection offers when you access your favorite websites. DownTester is compatible with Windows and it testes every URL for a few seconds, progressing continuously.


Just as the name suggests, Fast.com provides quick results that will allow you to find out the real download speed of your internet connection. The interface of the website is simple, yet appealing and it gives you clear results in a matter of seconds. If you are streaming, downloading content or completing other tasks, you can rely on Fast.com to find out if your connection is performing well.

Bandwidth Place

This is another convenient option to test the speed of your internet connection and it works on a variety of devices. Bandwidth Place allows you to check download, upload and ping speeds, as well as HTML5 speeds. You can rely on this solution to test the spped of your broadband connection or your mobile data. The results are displayed in a clear manner and they will allow you to confirm if your current internet service plan is really the bets option for you.


OpenSpeedTest supports any browser and it claims to be the most efficient HTML5 Internet Speed Test option. In order to use OpenSpeedTest, you don’t need to have Java or Flash installed on your system. You can use OpenSpeedtest to check the speed of different applications and it works on multiple platforms including Windows, Android, Linux and iOS.

MySpeed Visualware

Although this connection assessment testing offered by Visualware is more complex than other options available, it is the right choice if you are looking for advanced results. MySpeed works fast and it delivers precise results that will allow you to check different details about your connection. You can check TCP settings, inactivity and more.


Another great option to check the speed of your connection is nPerf, a website that provides accurate information. nPerf doesn’t require flash and it tests the speed of your connection in an efficient and fast way. Your connection is rated and you can create and account to save all the scores obtained. In addition, nPerf offers advice that ensures that you get precise information about the speeds of your connection.


Cloudcheck is designed to help you to identify and resolve connectivity issues. If you are experiencing slow performance when streaming or downloading media, or you can’t even complete these tasks, you can rely on Cloudcheck to give you a clear overview of the issues that are affecting your connection and to fix them. It offers practical apps for Android and iOS.


Speed.io allows you to test the speed of your online connection and it delivers reliable results. It is really easy to use and it gives you the possibility of checking speeds across servers in multiple global locations. Speed.io has a user friendly interface and it allows you to test speeds within seconds.


Visualware offers another option to test the speeds of your internet connection and to check its quality. MyConnectionPC lets you find out if your connection is truly delivering an efficient performance with the applications that you use. It allows you to keep an eye on the network route performance and to find possible connection issues. Keep in mind that MyConnectionPC is not a free option and it is designed for advanced requirements.