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Best browsers for Windows

Internet offers a wide range of services and users can benefit from this technology in many different ways. Some people use internet mostly for work, others for education, communication or mainly for entertainment purposes. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your online surfing experience, it is important to choose a browser that is ideal for your needs. Although all browsers cover the same basic functionality, they offer different features. When choosing a browser, it is important to think about your priorities. Is privacy your main concern? or are you more interested on a browser that uses a small amount of resources? Regardless of what you needs, in this list, you will find a choice that suits you.

Google Chrome

It is difficult to think about internet without thinking about Google. If you are looking for a versatile solution that covers advanced features, Google Chrome is the right choice. When using Google services such as Gmail and YouTube, Chrome delivers a better experience than any other browser. It supports a wide range of security and privacy features and it also supports functionality that makes things simple for everyday users. In terms of speed, Google Chrome stands out for delivering faster performance than other browser, although it also consumes a higher amount of system resources. With Google Chrome, you can set up as many profiles as needed for your businesses or household and each of them keeps its own data. For users who want to enhance their privacy, the incognito feature is a practical solution. You can also use Google Now to perform searches using your voice. In addition, there is a large number of apps and extensions that can enhance your browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge

With Edge, Microsoft aims to offer though competition for Google Chrome. Previously known as Project Spartan, this browser is included with Windows 10 and it delivers seamless performance in this platform. It also integrates Microsoft services including Cortana and OneDrive. You can perform searches using your voice with the help of Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant. The User Interface is easy to use and thanks to features like Reading Mode and Reading List, your browsing experience will be more convenient. You can keep all your bookmarks and favorites in the same centralized location known as Hub. Apart from its practical features and usability, the design of the browser is modern and appealing. Microsoft is also set to ensure that Edge is continuously being improved, adding new functions and upgrading every aspect of the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is another popular and free browser that supports multiple platforms. It is an open source solution that offers many advantages in terms of security, as well as strong support and an increasing number of extensions. Mozilla Firefox has become the preferred solution for developers thanks to tools such as Error Console and Firebug. Compared to Google Chrome, Firefox is a more reliable option in terms of privacy because you are less likely to be tracked when using it. Firefox supports a variety of features that can enhance your privacy including Do Not Track, Private Browsing through a specific window and Forget button, which removes sites from your history. This browser is also known for its advanced customization options that allows you to suit Firefox to your own style. There are many add-ons available, as well as themes that allow you to enjoy a personalized browsing experience. Thanks to Firefox Sync, you can get your data available across multiple devices and platforms.

Torch browser

Torch is not your typical browser. This free solution based on Chromium is ideal for internet users who download data on a regular basis. If you spent most of your time on the internet, Torch will be a fantastic choice thanks to the wide variety of convenient features that it supports. The functionality of Torch is focused on allowing users to enjoy a great experience accessing and managing media. You can download audio and videos files from the internet with the download audio and videos files. It also comes with a built-in BitTorrent client that will allow you to manage your torrent downloads without hassle. Torch also comes with a media player so you can check the content downloaded at any stage. Other great options available are Torch Music and Torch Games.


Opera combines some of the features found on Firefox and Chrome, but it is more basic since it doesn’t offer include any service, or functions that are specifically designed for developers. Its simplicity make it a good choice for everyday users who want a browser that works well for standard browsing. Opera is very easy to set up and to launch, and it doesn’t consume a large amount of resources. With an Opera account, it is possible to save your bookmarks and other information synced across your devices. The browser also stands out for its variety of customization options. You can set up your own custom keyboard shortcuts and change the looks of the browser thanks to the selection of themes available. Opera also offers security features such as Private Browsing and auto-upgrade to enhance the protection to your data. Other notable features are the Visual bookmark, the Discover section and the unlimited Speed Dial.