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Best VPN for Call of Duty

Originally launched in 2003, Call of Duty ( COD ) is a hugely successful first-person shooter game franchise published by Activision. The game supports is compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. You can play the game on your own, or battle against real players online, which will make the game even more entertaining. Call of Duty is popular all over the world, but like with other games, there are restrictions that prevent you from switching regions. This is annoying when you want to test your skills against the best international players, or challenge friends who live in a different location, away from you.

Call of Duty is not the only case in which you will come across geographical restrictions. Many companies have implemented regional blocks in order to comply with licensing agreements and different regulations in the countries in which they operate. This means that in some cases, the version of the game available in a location is not the same as the one that players in another country have. In some cases, games are completely banned in a specific location. Other situation in which geographical blocks can spoil your experience with the game is when you travel abroad. You may try to join the local server only to find out that you can understand the language and are not able to communicate.

If you try to change regions and get access to a server in a different location, you will meet blocks that stop you from doing so. This is when a VPN can come handy as it allows you to disguise your IP address and location, making you appear as if you were in the country that supports the server you want to connect to. When you use a VPN, all your data is encrypted, which helps to maintain the privacy of your connection. In addition, since your IP address is replaced with the address of the VPN server you are connected to, Xbox Live will see that address instead of your real one. You just need to select a VPN that is located in the same country as the Call of Duty server that you want to play in.

Although there are many VPN services available, you need to choose wisely to be able to unblock the CoD region that you want and enjoy a flexible experience with the game. If you play through Xbox Live, it is important to note that they don’t allow circumvention tools and have a system in place to detect them. Thankfully, there are high quality VPNs that are able to get around these detection systems. We have listed the best VPN services to defeat geographical restrictions and play Call of Duty securely, on the region you want. While in general, VPNs can slow down your connection due to the encryption applied, when you use the services in this list, you can still enjoy good speeds that allow you to enjoy the game.


ExpressVPN enjoys a prominent place in the VPN industry due to its advanced technology that combines high security and incredible speed. The provider offers high quality desktop software and mobile apps, as well as excellent customer support available at any time of the day. Thanks to the ultra fast servers that ExpressVPN offers, you will be able to play Call of Duty without issues. ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries and it is capable of defeating blocks and systems that may detect the use of a VPN.


VPNArea allows you to enjoy a high level of protection for your privacy, but at the same time, it allows you to enjoy good speeds. The service is fast and it includes top security features like Kill Switch, Anti-WebRTC, anti-DNS leaks and anti-iPv6 leaks protection. They have servers in 69 countries and their network is consonantly growing. You can have up to 6 simultaneous connections. VPNArea protects traffic with AES-256 encryption and with the speed test feature, you can easily locate the fastest server for CoD.


VyprVPN is known as one of the best options for online gamers thanks to the fact that offers unique technology designed to bypass firewalls. With the Chameleon protocol, it is possible to disguise OpenVPN traffic and defeat restrictions. VyprVPN has over 700 servers in 70 global locations. Since they manage their own network of servers, VyprVPN allows you to enjoy reliable performance and stable, fast speeds. VyprVPN also offers strong security to protect your online traffic. It is another good solution to defeat geographical blocks and enjoy a versatile CoD experience.


NordVPN also allows you to have up to six connections at the same time, giving you the chance to enjoy the VPN on all your devices. In fact, you can even share your account with your family or friends, which allows you to split the cost. Apart from offering great value for money, NordVPN is a very secure solution that supports features like Double VPN and Tor over VPN. They are a zero logs VPN provider, which also shows their high commitment to privacy. NordVPN has servers that allow you to enjoy great speeds and defeat blocks to access Call of Duty.