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Best VPN for Slovenia

Slovenia is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Its beautiful lands invite locals and visitors to experience unique adventures. The country also offers charming architecture and delicious traditional dishes. Its strategic location, solid infrastructure and highly educated population have allowed the country to become one of the most stable economies in South central Europe. Slovenia enjoys a stable political situation and freedom of expression is overall respected. Over 72% of the population has access to the internet according to recent stats and the government doesn’t impose restrictions on the web.

In addition, there are no strong indicators of internet surveillance being carried by the government. At least there is nothing that suggests that the government monitors online communications and activities of citizens without any legal reason to do so. Freedom of speech is protected by the constitution and people in Slovenia can generally share their view without facing censorship. However, hate speech, incitement to intolerance and defamation are against the law and could result in severe penalties. The law that targets defamation is particularly harsh and it could lead to self-censorship cases in the press, as journalists may fear the possible consequences of their reports.

Why do you need a VPN in Slovenia?

In general, Slovenia enjoys unrestricted access to the internet, in spite of the laws that could place some limits on freedom of the press. However, it is still advisable to use a VPN in order to truly enjoy the internet without barriers and to protect your online privacy at all times. Even if the Slovenian government is not running massive surveillance programs like in other countries, in order to ensure that your online communications and activities are not monitored or intercepted by third parties, using a VPN is the most convenient solution. Apart from helping you to keep your internet traffic protected from snooping and hacking, a VPN gives you the chance to bypass geo-location restrictions.

Some of the most popular content in the world is hosted in the United States and if you try to access it from Slovenia, you will come across restrictions. In most cases, you will see an error message letting you know that the website or service is only available in the United States. In order to unlock the content, you can connect to a VPN server in the US. This will allow you to get a US IP address, which will trick websites into thinking that you are in that country. VPN services open a world of possibilities and in this list, you will find the best options to secure your online traffic and enjoy access to a wider selection of content.


If you want to ensure that your privacy is protected against online threats, NordVPN is a name that you must remember. This Panama-based VPN provider is committed to privacy and it doesn’t keep any logs of your activities or of your connection. Thanks to their location, NordVPN is away from the jurisdiction of the NSA and it is not subject to mandatory data retention laws. You can connect to servers in 58 countries, including Slovenia and neighboring countries like Austria and Italy. NordVPN offers advanced security features and it offers great guides and customer support.


VPNArea is gaining popularity in the VPN industry thanks to the high quality and great speeds of the service. Currently, they have servers in 68 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Hungary and Austria. If you prefer not to change your location, but want to add security to your traffic, you can connect to VPNArea’s encrypted server in Slovenia. VPNArea is a comprehensive solution that allows you to enjoy speed for streaming or gaming, and it also allows you to bypass restrictions securely. They don’t keep logs.


ExpressVPN combines security, speed and the advanced technology to bypass censorship and geographical restrictions. This provider based in the British Virgin Islands is very popular thanks to the fantastic speeds that it offers. It lets you access streaming services seamlessly and you can connect to servers in over 90 countries, including Slovenia. If you are in Slovenia and just need to add an extra layer of security and privacy to your connection without changing your location, you can connect to ExpressVPN’s server there. ExpressVPN also has servers in many other European locations and around the world.


PureVPN is one of the providers with the most extensive global coverage. This Hong Kong-based provider has servers in 141 countries, including Slovenia. You can connect to servers in Ljubljana, but if you need to change your location, you have many options in neighboring countries or across the world. PureVPN also offers high encryption and it doesn’t keep logs of your online traffic. Their plans are affordable and the service comes with many practical features.