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Best VPN with ad blocking

There are multiple threats that could compromise your privacy when you connect to the internet. Everyday we face new dangers and we are now aware that the safety and anonymity that we once thought that internet could offer, were nothing but an illusion. However, quitting internet for good is not the option given all the advantages that it offers. Besides, technology offers a beacon of hope through an array of applications that can help us to protect our privacy and to improve the security of our online traffic. VPN services are one of the solutions that help internet users to protect themselves from security threats.

Thew encryption that a VPN provides will keep your traffic private because third-parties won’t be able to see what you online. The data is scrambled so even if someone manages to intercept your connection to check your information, they won’t be able to make any sense of it. For years, cyber crime has been a major concern for internet users and fraudsters have come up with several ways to steal our personal and financial details. The risk of becoming a target of cyber crime is not the only thing that can cause worries when we connect to the internet. In recent years, the invasion to privacy carried out by government organizations around the world, has come to public light.

Not only that, large corporations willingly provide information about their customers to the government. They also use consumer data to make money by selling advertising. All your online movements are being tracked with the purpose of profiting from the information that is gathered. While a VPN can defend your privacy from eavesdroppers, Ad-blocking solutions are designed to keep your browsing free from annoying ads that clutter the websites that you visit. There are different applications that can filter out ads so that you can focus on the content that you really want to see. Using a VPN along with an ad-blocker software will enable you to protect your data and to avoid being targeted by ads.

While most browsers include an option that allows you to block ads, it is also possible to find a large selection of third-party plugins, extensions and applications that are specifically designed to help you to avoid ads. One of the most popular third-party ad-blocking applications is AdBlocker. However, if you prefer privacy solutions that cover multiple fronts, you can opt for a VPN that features ad blocking. This is a practical way to stop online advertising and enjoy a secure, versatile and smooth online experience. A VPN service with ad-blocking features is a comprehensive solution to keep your online privacy protected.

One thing to note is that from a digital marketing perspective, ad-blocking can have a negative impact. Advertisement is essential for the existence of many websites and the use of ad-blockers can have an impact on your favorite websites. While ads can be annoying, you may want to support the websites you like by allowing them to use ads so that they can stay in business. If you enjoy a website’s content, you can whitelist it, which will give them the possibility of using ads, even if you don’t click on them. Without further ado, here is the list of the best VPN services with ad blocking.

Private Internet Access

PIA is widely known for its affordability and convenience, and it is a provider with a good track record when it comes to privacy protection. In spite of the low prices of its plans, PIA’s VPN client includes advanced features like Kill Switch and ad blocking functionality. Their MACE technology can block ads, malware and trackers, allowing customers to enjoy solid protection for their privacy. MACE is designed to be easy to use and to work seamlessly with multiple browsers. Private Internet Access VPN and its MACE ad blocking solution will help you to enjoy browsing securely and without annoying ads.


Apart from encrypting your online activities, Windscribe is another VPN provider that blocks ads, helping you to enjoy a more efficient browsing experience. It offers fast performance, ease of use and strong protection for your online traffic. Since most ads and trackers are blocked, you will be able to enjoy faster performance while browsing the internet. Although the provider is relatively new, it is a promising service thanks to its good selection of features and strong commitment to privacy. They have servers in nearly 30 countries and offer a convenient free service, apart from their premium solution.


Spotflux is a New York based VPN provider that offers low prices and a wide selection of features, including ad blocking. In order to ensure that you can enjoy faster browsing, Spotflux gets rid of ads and blocks trackers. Spotflux is designed to be an easy to use solution to encrypt your data and to bypass restrictions. Thanks to its mobile data compression, you can avoid going over your data cap. The Spotflux Premium VPN works efficiently to remove tracking cookies and ads, keeping things safer and less cluttered when you are on the internet.


PureVPN is another popular VPN provider that offers a variety of features that ensure that your online traffic is safe. Their browser extension offers the high privacy protection that you can expect from a VPN, as well as ad blocker, tracker blocker, malware protection and WebRTC protection. You can enjoy strong privacy protection and browse without hassle. PureVPN is a trusted provider that offers advanced technology and access to fast servers in over 140 countries.