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Best Cloud Storage for Windows

Windows still holds an important position in the world of operating systems, but unfortunately, this popular platform is very likely to be affected by security issues, failures and other problems. In spite of many years of leadership in the industry, Windows is not exactly recognized for its efficiency, speed, stability, or security. For Windows users, backing up their files is essential since there are many bugs and frequent issues that could lead to loss of data. Cloud storage is the most convenient solution to protect data against accidents and system failure.

It is important to consider that the fuller the hard drive becomes, the slower the performance of Windows gets. Over time, the system will get slower and will take longer to complete basic tasks. In order to improve the performance and speed of your Windows computer, you would need to clean it up from large files such as videos and music tracks. This is when a cloud storage service will be very handy. While Windows offers its own cloud solution (OneDrive), there are a few thing to consider before choosing this option. At first sight, OneDrive may seem like the most fitting cloud solution for Windows, since it was designed by Microsoft. However, in terms of security and privacy, there are many reasons to stay away from this service.

The fact that Microsoft has an open door policy with the NSA means that users’ data can be easily accessed by this government organization. Microsoft is known for cooperating with the NSA through different projects and it has gone as far as installing back-doors into its services and handing over encrypted keys and data. Furthermore, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are designed to gather information by default and to forward it to the Microsoft servers. Details of your usage, activities and location are gathered and stored on the company’s servers. Given the risks to privacy, OneDrive should not be used to store confidential information. If you decide to rely on this cloud service, keep in mind that your privacy is likely to be compromised.

Opting for an independent alternative to OneDrive will not only help you to avoid the privacy breaches that Microsoft is known for. It can also help you to enjoy better performance across different platforms. While OneDrive and iCloud can be used with different operating systems, they are set to work better with Windows and Mac respectively. On the other hand, independent cloud storage services can provide a more balanced approach to cross-platform support, offering good results when it comes to file syncing and data sharing. You can also find many cloud storage services that support a web interface that doesn’t rely on an operating system only. Here are the most convenient cloud storage solutions that you can find for Windows in 2017.


IDrive is ideal if you are looking for a solution that is easy to use, but that also supports advanced functionality. While the service focuses on backup, it will help you to prevent loss of data due to Windows failures. You can easily share files using links that can be sent via social media. IDrive stands apart thanks to the fact that it offers customers the possibility of requesting hard copies of their backups to be sent by post. With IDrive you can also sync files across a variety of devices and the service is very affordable.


This cloud storage provider aims to offer top security and great speeds for an affordable price. The company is gaining recognition for its comprehensive cloud storage solution. Since Sync.com is based in Canada, it is less likely to be compromised by the NSA and thanks to their end-to-end encryption, you can keep your data protected against eavesdropping and hacking. Apart from offering syncing functionality, Sync.com supports continuous backups, meaning that it takes care of the process for you. You can try the service for free using their 5GB of storage, with access to all the features available.


Norwegian provider Jottacloud is ideal for users who want unlimited cloud storage and ease of use. While Jottacloud doesn’t offer local encryption, the company is not under the jurisdiction of the NSA, which will peace of mind to many users. The unlimited storage plan is available for less than $10 per month and there is also a free plan that gives you up to 5GB of storage space. Jottacloud offers file syncing, cloud storage and backup features. Their mobile apps offers great quality and the file transfer speeds are satisfactory.


In terms of ease of use and convenience, Dropbox has managed to maintain a leading position. However, it is not the strongest option when it comes to security as it doesn’t offer zero-knowledge encryption and it has been compromised in the past. Still, if you need an effective solution for collaborating in projects, Dropbox is an excellent choice. Windows users can use 2GB of free storage, which can be increased to 16GB by completing referral tasks. You can sync data across as many devices as you want and if you need higher storage capacity, you can get 1TB for $9.99 per month. Copies of files are kept for up to 30 days so you will be able to recover files, even if you accidentally deleted them.


SugarSync provides great backup options and while it doesn’t provide the strongest level of security, it is a very solid cloud storage solution. It supports collaboration and file syncing services. The service works well across different platforms and it is possible to sync data to as many devices as you want. The mobile apps are very convenient and the collaboration functionality gives you flexibility to work across different platforms. The main downside is probably the fact that SugarSync doesn’t offer zero-knowledge security, meaning that you won’t get control over your own encryption keys. Still, the standard of security is acceptable and the service is reliable.